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(WSIL-TV Carterville)   Woman stabs man repeatedly, then goes out to eat   ( divider line
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10413 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 May 2004 at 3:53 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-05-17 3:36:26 PM  
I'm guessing that she was the one against the sexual relationship.
2004-05-17 3:39:45 PM  
My guess is stabbing is some hard work. She needed to regain her strength!

On a more serious note, control yourself! Geez, I can't think of one single reason that would be enough to enrage me to violence (well maybe a couple, but it has nothing to do with sex).
2004-05-17 3:40:04 PM  
Brutal murder...

Side effect of hunger?

/snickers commercial
2004-05-17 3:44:34 PM  
Friends don't ask friends for the buttsex.
2004-05-17 3:44:38 PM  
My, isn't she just a bit of a braggard... "stabbed him to death"... hah! Amateur.
2004-05-17 3:45:50 PM  
Works up an appetite.
2004-05-17 3:55:54 PM  
so I stabbed him and stabbed, can you pass the salt?
2004-05-17 3:56:18 PM  
Now THAT'S my kind of woman!
2004-05-17 3:56:58 PM  
i grew up around there... wierd
2004-05-17 3:57:18 PM  
They make it sound as if psychos never get hungry.
2004-05-17 3:57:53 PM  
AHH, my hood, Anyone know the restaurant? Could it be "Roys Place"?
2004-05-17 3:58:22 PM  
No means No!
2004-05-17 3:58:25 PM  
NICE photo!
2004-05-17 3:58:28 PM  
I'd be hungry too. All that exercise can really work up an appetite.

of cours, if she were a cannibal also, then she wouldn't have to go OUT to eat...

/chomp chomp...mmmm, brains...
2004-05-17 3:58:29 PM  
She should have went to White Castle?

2004-05-17 3:58:34 PM  
/snickers commercial

followed, of course, by "Not going anywhere for a while?..."
2004-05-17 3:58:53 PM  
These pictures they're using are cracking me up...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-17 3:59:19 PM  
I'd read it the other way, woman scorned = seriously bad juju.
2004-05-17 3:59:23 PM  
I bet her meal of fava beans and a nice Chianti must've tasted damn good too. FFFFFFfffffffFFFfffffffFFFFFffffTTTT !!!

[image from too old to be available]

2004-05-17 4:00:05 PM  
What's even weirder is that her name is Ndjatominomiklowoski. I totally went to school with a Ndjatominomiklowoski.
2004-05-17 4:00:25 PM  
Well, she already had the knife...I mean, what the hell would you do?
2004-05-17 4:00:44 PM  
Her and OJ should hook up.

/got nothin
2004-05-17 4:00:45 PM  
Can you pass the ketchup? Oh, that reminds me . . .
2004-05-17 4:00:57 PM  
If she were a man, she'd know that the stabbee is supposed to get the food after the stabbing. Then clean up the dishes while the stabber naps.
2004-05-17 4:01:12 PM  
could be roy's place... i think thats on east diamond

is east diamond the one that turns into clopper?

meh... if i am goin out around there i hit up summit station for their awsome home brews
2004-05-17 4:01:32 PM  
She must have left her meds at home in Vegas.

She definitely has more than a couple of screws loose!
2004-05-17 4:02:00 PM  
Sometimes when I'm stabbin my victims I need a quick energy boost to help plunge the knife deeper to cut an artery or two. So the next time I'm hacking a person to bits I'll reach for Mentos! The fresh maker.
2004-05-17 4:03:50 PM  
I love the article clip art - just in case, you know, if you don't know what "stabbing" means, here's a picture of a knife in a hand!
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-17 4:04:50 PM  
the distorted screaming face near the knife is priceless
2004-05-17 4:05:50 PM  
I've considered killing my roommate when I get really hungry (I get rather moody when I'm hungry). Normally I eat first and the desire to kill him goes away. Maybe this lady should try eating first next time.
2004-05-17 4:08:29 PM  

Wow, I hadn't even noticed the face. I figured it was just supposed to look like fire or something.
2004-05-17 4:09:23 PM  
i didn't notice it until i had looked at it a few times
2004-05-17 4:11:39 PM  
Your killer wants steak?
2004-05-17 4:14:35 PM  
Here's the real part of the article...the poll to the right.

"So.......seen any cicadas yet?

-One or Two
-A few
-Thousands" farkers know which one to choose.
2004-05-17 4:16:31 PM  
Stabbing shmabing--who voted for the cicada poll??

/love votin'
2004-05-17 4:16:38 PM  
"Investigators believe she had been a long-time friend of the victim, but stabbed him after they argued about having a sexual relationship. "

So, I am guessing he wouldnt give her any sex?
2004-05-17 4:17:54 PM  
I submitted this with the "COOL" tag.

/okay, I didn't
2004-05-17 4:22:10 PM  
no cannibal taq yet?
2004-05-17 4:23:09 PM  
I submitted this, but I couldn't come up with a funnier headline than the actual one
2004-05-17 4:24:43 PM  
What's even weirder is that her name is Ndjatominomiklowoski. I totally went to school with a Ndjatominomiklowoski.

Um, what story did you read?
2004-05-17 4:25:57 PM  
HoChiWaWa - and lobster tuesdays!
2004-05-17 4:26:27 PM  
No, she wouldn't give him any sex, and he forced her, and she stabbed him in self-defense and then went into a fugue state, caused by the trauma, where she couldn't remember what had happened!

--Her defense attorney
2004-05-17 4:26:51 PM  
The first rule of committing a crime is to NOT TELL ANYONE!! Geez. Amateurs. How do you think I've gotten away with it for so......oops.
2004-05-17 4:27:47 PM  
gte, talking about summit station?... because i'm all about 2$ pints and free chicken wings on wendsdays
2004-05-17 4:28:39 PM  
HoChiWaWa - yeah summit station.. they have $12 lobster on tuesdays... free chicken wings?
2004-05-17 4:30:01 PM  
ya.. every wendsday they put out free wings, crawdaddys, gumbo, and red beans and rice at 9:00... 2$ house drafts all night.... mmmm i should go out there this wendsday
2004-05-17 4:30:09 PM  
Aren't you supposed to take her out to eat first, then take her home and stab her (with el penis)?

2004-05-17 4:33:56 PM  
i'm so there.. is this upstairs or downstairs?
2004-05-17 4:35:51 PM  

we should have a mini fark get together... although if you want a table you gotta get there a little early... but 2$ pints can kill plenty of time
2004-05-17 4:38:43 PM  
i'll be the drunk guy with an adidas visor on
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