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2004-05-14 01:53:26 PM  
With Jimmy's new Advil "condition" the two might pass for brothers...
wil [TotalFark]
2004-05-14 02:00:03 PM  
Better greenlight this, so the writers can be "inspired" by the comments.
2004-05-14 02:08:58 PM  
Well put, wil
2004-05-14 02:09:20 PM  
please switch the tag.

as if they'll listen.
2004-05-14 02:09:46 PM  
His 15 minutes of fame is no extended to 25 minutes.
2004-05-14 02:10:48 PM  
Who's the hero?

Tron guy, for having the balls to go on the show again?
Jimmy for getting the guy on the show again?
Or us, for watching the show again?

I'll go with #3.
2004-05-14 02:11:03 PM  
I think I'll watch Conan
2004-05-14 02:11:30 PM  
Said before, so I'll say it again:

[image from virtualstapler.com too old to be available]

/I'm going to burn the place down
2004-05-14 02:11:36 PM  
Does anyone else here hate Jimmy Kimmel? He's the typical ugly frat dough boy IMO.
2004-05-14 02:12:03 PM  
The big controversy is: Will he again wear a "dance" belt.

2004-05-14 02:12:15 PM  
Will he wear the suit on the show?

otherwise, who the fark cares?
2004-05-14 02:12:52 PM  

He's funny, but I can't think of any reason to watch his show when Conan is on at the same time.

At least he's better than Craig Kilborn.
2004-05-14 02:15:54 PM  
Jimmy that close to be cancelled eh?
2004-05-14 02:16:15 PM  
Jimmy should have stayed on with his homosexual lover, Ben Stein.

Have you SEEN the guy they have on that show now? Peter North wishes he was that wooden. At least Nancy was a hot Portugese!
2004-05-14 02:16:32 PM  
In more significant Kimmel show news, Bill Simmons is leaving the show to get back to his day job on ESPN.com!
2004-05-14 02:17:08 PM  

are we allowed to love him for the same reason?
as a typical frat dough boy myself i must say
quite admire his success
2004-05-14 02:17:13 PM  
Wait, I dont get it. So he publishes unflattering (and funny) pictures of himself, biatches when people make fun of it, then goes on TV twice to give it more publicity? My theory is that he was the guy that cut off Bergs head.

/combining threads for efficiency.
2004-05-14 02:17:20 PM  
2004-05-14 02:18:19 PM  
Will the Tron Guy eventually be a recurring character on Crank Yankers?

/kimmel not funny anymore
2004-05-14 02:21:38 PM  
It seems that a couple of idiot photographers have managed to piss off many of the hardcore faire community - specifically, the female contingent - by posting pictures of women in period clothing to a porn/fetish site. In particular, they took advantage of the fact that, for many faire women, "period clothing" includes tightly laced bodices designed to maximize the cleavage.

What kind of blog would post a statement like this without a link? He should have his blog license revoked.
2004-05-14 02:22:13 PM  
The Kimmel Show live in person was also very lame. However, he still beats Kilborn. Which isn't saying much.
2004-05-14 02:24:05 PM  
It seems that a couple of idiot photographers have managed to piss off many of the hardcore faire community - specifically, the female contingent - by posting pictures of women in period clothing to a porn/fetish site. In particular, they took advantage of the fact that, for many faire women, "period clothing" includes tightly laced bodices designed to maximize the cleavage.

why else would you go to a ren-faire?
the leather mugs?
2004-05-14 02:24:06 PM  
tron guy = pregnant camel toe guy, right?
2004-05-14 02:25:59 PM  


(great day)
2004-05-14 02:28:00 PM  
regardless of the fact that most of you hate or dislike Jimmy Kimmel... i however find him and his show quite entertaining!!

and Jimmy.. if you are reading this... i'm kissing your ass so i can be the next guest on your show. feel free to email me or have your people call my people!! i'd love to do lunch!!

/cheers! (and no i'm not british)... i just love the suds!!
2004-05-14 02:30:01 PM  
Who is this Tron guy? Are there pictures?
2004-05-14 02:31:29 PM  
Can someone please 'splain who this Tron guy is?

Oh, and post a photo, too!
2004-05-14 02:34:30 PM  
Will he be bringing his girlfriend?
2004-05-14 02:37:14 PM  
Old and busted: Jimmy Kimmel
Really old and busted: Tron Guy.
2004-05-14 02:38:21 PM  
Tron Guy:
2004-05-14 02:39:06 PM  
Geez, this country needs a hero...
Cool idea and all, great work-but damn. I've seen better costumes for Halloween on 6th street here in Austin and none of them ended up being on TV. I blame those lightstick ass shoving soldado's in Iraq for forcing us all to look at this fat man in spandex and think 'cool'.
2004-05-14 02:39:31 PM  
This Tron guy's blog is boring as hell. Who is this guy?
2004-05-14 02:42:09 PM  
OK, we've all seen the beans. What the hell happened to the frank? Maybe Jimmy can find out.
2004-05-14 02:44:39 PM  
The Tron guy was on the Don&Mike show first. Not two weeks later he made his appearence on Jimmy Kimmel.
I've never watched his show. Why, when Conan is the King?
2004-05-14 02:45:25 PM  
I second that, astrahl. I don't think he's remotely funny at all.
Also, why does this get a "Hero" tag?
2004-05-14 02:46:46 PM  
Talk show hierarchy:

Stewart > O'Brien > Leno > Letterman > Kimmel > Kilborn > Daly > Any daytime talkshow > Bullard (, eh).

Does that explain it well enough? Kimmel should have stuck with the man show, which was actually half entertaining.
2004-05-14 02:48:15 PM  
But what we found out is that each
one of us is a brain...
...and an athlete...
...and a basket case...
...a princess...
...and a criminal...
...and a Tron Guy...
Does that answer your question?
Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.
2004-05-14 02:49:08 PM  
Tron guys a whiny asshole, not a hero.
2004-05-14 02:49:41 PM  
dupper, I only disagree with Leno/Letternan, I think they should switch places on the hierarchy. Just my opinion though, I don't find Leno very funny, but Letterman still makes me laugh from time to time. Otherwise you put it basically in the order I would.

Didn't like the Man Show though, only because of Adam Carolla, that guy's annoying.
2004-05-14 02:52:18 PM  
the man show kicked ass

JK-Live isn't too hot.
2004-05-14 02:58:04 PM  
Max Reax in houston kimmel comes on long before Conan. We're the only city in America that does not air Conan right after Leno.

Conan did a bit from here one time and almost no one he talked to knew who he was because his show came on at 2:45 in the morning after double repeats of ricky lake and jenny jones.
2004-05-14 02:59:10 PM  
The week that I decide to quit taping Jimmy Kimmel is the week that he does a Violet Beauregarde on the air. Probably the most interesting thing that he has done to date, however accidental.

He should have a cage match between the Tron Guy and the Star Wars Kid.
2004-05-14 02:59:41 PM  
I love this bit:

1531 - The great codpiece debate
One of the biggest issues in the whole TRON costume thing - and possibly the big issue that catapulted me to prominence, in whatever form you choose to take that - was "Jay, wear a codpiece!"

I'd considered this during the construction of the costume, and looked at the movie and press kit, and decided that they didn't wear anything. The cover of the issue of Rolling Stone magazine with Jeff Bridges, about the making of the movie, is quite obvious that Bridges isn't wearing a darned thing. I decided that accuracy called for my not wearing anything either.

I finally got the 20th Anniversary Edition of the DVD, complete with supplemental disc with a making of feature (and a LOT of other stuff) on it. Of course, after poking through the pictures and such, I ran the making of video.

It turns out I was wrong. Not only did the men wear dance belts, they were a running joke on the set. "How's your dance belt today?" "A little tight." It seems the dance belts were a little undersized, and made sitting painful - so the actors didn't sit very much while in costume. (For those of you not familiar with the concept, a dance belt is a cross between a jockstrap and a thong. The idea is that it provides support and, hopefully, a bit of concealment, while being comfortable even in extremes of motion and having no visible lines when worn under tights. Properly sized and worn, it's quite comfortable, but it can be irritating, to say the least, if it's not just right.)

Had I known that, I would have worn a dance belt - after getting one made in the proper size, that is - from the beginning. (I did wear one for the Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.) I refuse to speculate on how that would have changed the course of history, or even how that would have changed the course of my personal history.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-05-14 03:00:28 PM  
Who here would have ever believed they'd want to throw up their lunch after looking at the tightly spandexed nuts of a fat doofus in a Tron suit?

This intarweb thingy is great, ain't it?
2004-05-14 03:00:34 PM  
The "Hero" tag is for what? We need a "15min Fame" tag or something. This guys 15 was up weeks ago by the way.
2004-05-14 03:01:46 PM  
If you don't know who Tron Guy is, go here:

2004-05-14 03:07:05 PM  
fish500 and bsuboy,

Thanks for the link. Now, I'm sorry I asked.
2004-05-14 03:12:54 PM  
I can't wait to see Kimmel's "I Can't Believe We Have This Idiot On Again" face

/Sports Guy = :)
2004-05-14 03:15:21 PM  
This tub o butter is besmirching the glorious memory I have of Tron - a movie so ahead of its time we have yet to catch it up. Or something.

Seriously, chumpy, go back obscurity and take your minute of fame and minute peepee with you.
2004-05-14 03:16:07 PM  
Had I known that, I would have worn a dance belt - after getting one made in the proper size, that is - from the beginning.

sums it all up right there
2004-05-14 03:17:41 PM  
Maybe they should involve him in a cross-over series.

Tron guys on Jimmy Kimmel gets Extreme Makeover
2004-05-14 03:17:45 PM  
I can't believe no one with html skills has gotten the pic up of Jimmy's "Night of the Living Dead" face. It's seriously disturbing. Almost as disturbing as the Bachelor repeats they played in place of his show last night.
2004-05-14 03:19:59 PM  
I'm just wondering whose rooster did JK suck to get all this undeserved fame.
Did anybody ever see the home remodel show that he did with his wife? His house is like estrogen on estrogen. I'm a chick and I could take all the feminity.
Typical. Macho "i'd hit that" on the outside, totally whipped creampuff on the inside.
2004-05-14 03:21:01 PM  
Dear Tron Costume Guy:
You now owe me one new pair of eyes, as I have gouged them out after viewing your male pregnant camel toe.
Love always,
2004-05-14 03:25:56 PM  
Current mood? Old and busted.
2004-05-14 03:31:46 PM  
tron guy:
[image from chaosderivative.com too old to be available]
2004-05-14 03:38:50 PM  
What a fat bastard!
2004-05-14 03:39:31 PM  
Tron Guy is shot Jack Ruby.
2004-05-14 03:40:24 PM  

[image from orallo.com too old to be available]
2004-05-14 03:44:34 PM  
The poor fat-tard still hasn't figured out that Jimmy Kimmel is laughing AT him, not WITH him?
2004-05-14 03:51:17 PM  
Tron looks like he's taken a fashion tip from the "Dynasty" gals. Unfortunately the neon shoulder-pads failed to draw my eyes away from the twisted and chewed beef flap that constitutes this man's genitalia.
2004-05-14 03:57:30 PM  
Every time I see this guy I can't help but think he's Humpty Dumpty dressed up for Easter.
2004-05-14 03:57:44 PM  
In other news, Amanda, the new SBB girl is making me feel all tingly:

[image from radfordparty.com too old to be available]
2004-05-14 04:03:36 PM  
Screw Tron Guy, we need more articles about Wedding Dress guy. That guy's funny, AND he's not showing off his package.
2004-05-14 04:22:39 PM  
After seeing the photos and reading his little diatribe on the wonders of the "dance belt," I decided to think of a way to commit suicide that would still generate less pain than what I experienced during the seeing and reading.

Everything I came up with, from brushing my teeth with a straight razor to jamming a white-hot BBQ skewer in my eye to listening to the complete works of Celine Dion still fell short of what this man has done.
2004-05-14 04:34:51 PM  
[image from bellsouthpwp.net too old to be available]
2004-05-14 04:40:48 PM  
Anybody care to tell me who Wil Wheaton is exactly? What does/did he do?
2004-05-14 04:44:21 PM  
[image from moviepropking.com too old to be available]
His outfit is teh suxor. Satin roxors.
2004-05-14 04:46:24 PM  
2004-05-14 04:54:15 PM  
Wow, looking at Wil's film career makes me feel so old. He and I are the same age, yet his acting career is already over 20 years! Yikes!!!
2004-05-14 04:56:22 PM  
I think this tag will take care of it.

[image from iownjoo.com too old to be available]
2004-05-14 04:59:34 PM  
I see my crappy timing has struck again. The 14:59 tag, of course, refers to Tron Guy, and not the esteemed Mr. Wheaton.
2004-05-14 05:04:56 PM  
[image from home.columbus.rr.com too old to be available]

/A cod piece made with a real life Ninja Monkey.
2004-05-14 05:06:11 PM  

Same here, only I still look 15...
2004-05-14 05:22:32 PM  
Why is the submitter monitoring the guys website, and wtf is up with the "current mood" indicator? Who cares about your stinking mood. Freekin gay crap. The only thing you (tron guy) have going is hanging with the ladies in the tightly laced bodices. Do some situps, lay off the Doritos and ice cream, you may get to unlace one of them. Wanker

Well, wtf is up with me reading the link and posting a response? Gotta go, the weekend is upon me. Maybe I'll lose the bitterness.
2004-05-14 05:34:43 PM  
Click to his personal website, then scoll down.

My (and Sheila's) furry code is FG[Warner]fp3amw A- C D+ H++ M+ P+++ R-- T+++ W Z+ Sf++ RLCT a++ cblmouv+++$ d- e+ f h+++ iwf+++ j p- sm+. You can decode it by clicking on the link.

...he's a furry. He deserves to fail at everything in life.
2004-05-14 06:25:30 PM  
Hate to even post this... but I've seen this pop-up over and over... his 15 mins is getting expanded thanks to people replying period!
2004-05-14 07:32:02 PM  
Decyphering the Furry Code of Tron Guy:
(from http://captainpackrat.com/furry/furcode.htm)

FG[Warner]: Furry Species, Generic [I'm thinking he's into the Animaniacs. *shudder*]
[Also: *shudder*]

fp3: "Funny Animal" (toon); Polymorph (can change shape); Anthropomorphic animal

amw: Just a general "alter ego"; online MU* character; someone to write stories about

A-: Art: tried a few sketches in my own home.

C: Conventions: I've been to one [!!!]

D+: Dressing Up: I'll wear a fursuit for Halloween/masquerades (where costumes are expected) [Hi, kids! I'm Nipples the Bear! Let's go trick-or-treating!]

H++: Hugs: I'll hug anyone I know, given a faint excuse [watch out, ladies!]

M+: Mucking and Mudding: I'm a regular on at least one furry MU*

P+++: Plush Critters: I collect every one I find of a certain species (or two, or three...) [Wow. Just, wow.]

R--: Realism vs. Tooniness: The toonier the better. [So... Animaniacs, huh?]

T+++: Transformation: Definitely! (as long as I get to choose the species) [Because he's really Wacko, just trapped in Tron Guy's body.]

W: Writing: I've written a story that somebody else has read

Z+: Zines: I have a few furry zines [Funny, I thought they'd be sticky by now. Ba-zing!]

Sf++: Furry Sex: [Here's where we enter the heart of dorkness, folks]
First, indicate which sex your furry persona is:
Sf : Female [HOLY CRAP! He doesn't wish he was Whacko Warner! He wishes he was DOT Warner! Aaaugh! Can't get clean! Can't! get! Clean!]
Then add a modifier to indicate what your furry persona's sex life is like:
S++ : Ready, willing, and able

: Real Life: Computers/information technology

a++: age: 40-49 years

cblmouv+++$: Computers: Hey, if there was anything else to life, there'd be a newsgroup about it; Tron Guy also uses BSD Unix, Linux, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix (commercial), VMS. [every non-MS option in the code--sorry, I meant 'M$'! ha-HA! Also, WTF does this or any of the IT crap have to do with fursuits?! FOCUS, people!]

d-: Doom/Quake: I've played the game and really didn't think it was all that impressive

e+: Education: Some tertiary education [Good ol' Coney Island Tech. Go Whitefish!]

f: Real-Life Furriness factor: I make an occasional reference to my furriness

h+++: Housing: Married, or shacked up with your SO on a long-term basis [Mate, but no furlets.]

iwf+++: Internet: I'm a Webmaster/site administrator; Tron Guy also has his own site [natch], that he claims mentions furries [someone track this down!]

j Anime: Seen it, might think about seeing it again some time

p-: pets: No pets currently, but I may enrich my life in the future
[He could get a hamster/guinea pig, and mod one of those plexi balls to look like a Bit! God, I hope I'm not helping him. No gerbil jokes, please. Think of Dot's feelings.]

sm+: Human sex: [no thanks, we're furries] sm : Male; Tron guy's '+' indicates "I've had real, live sex."

Why is there so much evil in this world?
2004-05-14 11:26:21 PM  
Anybody care to tell me who Wil Wheaton is exactly? What does/did he do?

Showbiz fame summarised in two sentences

/wonders if Wesley wore a cup?
2004-05-15 01:39:51 AM  

I got banninated a week ago for "trolling a fellow Farker in a NASCAR thread." Stupid that I was, I thought it was the Dale Earnhardt Day thread and only this afternoon realized it was my first Photoshop from a month ago where I thought it was a laff riot to put your Tiger Beat foto on "unlikely NASCAR sponsors." It was pulled, and something that lame deserved to be. (Did I mention I didn't know you were a Farker at the time)

In any case, sorry, my bad, here's a beer.

/pretending Wil's still reading this thread or even cares
2004-05-15 03:03:52 AM  
Anyone else notice in the "Media Scorecard so far" post on his site he lists that he's going to be in "Nuts Magazine"? Appropriate on multiple levels, but you couldn't pay me to click the damn link to find out what that's all about.
2004-05-15 06:14:08 PM  
Next time you groan and kvetch about crossdressers, just remember: it could be worse...
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