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2002-01-08 04:06:12 PM  
ha ha ha!
2002-01-08 04:06:15 PM  
Dufus clearly doesn't have much of a vocabulary.
2002-01-08 04:06:56 PM  
Should be marked follow-up. These are obviously the two people who are now waiting in line for Star Wars: Episode II.
2002-01-08 04:08:19 PM  
Google: Best search engine ever.
2002-01-08 04:08:29 PM  
The guy isn't trying very hard... the first three word thing I tried had zero pages: orangutan juggernaut fishwife
2002-01-08 04:10:56 PM  
2002-01-08 04:11:00 PM  
Alright, now that I've actually read the article that is pretty funny. Couldn't find any two word combination that didn't have at least one result. That includes "ambidextrous ibon"
2002-01-08 04:11:14 PM  
"pencil cheeseburger"

Zero hits. Ha!
2002-01-08 04:12:35 PM  
found a two word one: necrophilia fishwives
2002-01-08 04:13:27 PM  
"blackhead legwarmers"

0 hits.
2002-01-08 04:13:55 PM  
pencil cheeseburger has over 2000 hits :P
2002-01-08 04:14:37 PM  
Screw this. What I can't understand is why does the rap album cover showing the buildings exploding (ala The World Trade Center) show up on almost every search I do on GIS?

2002-01-08 04:14:43 PM  
Orange goat krotch
2002-01-08 04:15:24 PM  
Damn. "Amish penguin fart" has 53.
2002-01-08 04:16:08 PM  
I get about 2500 for pencil cheeseburger
2002-01-08 04:18:11 PM  
orangutan popcorn fishwife does get 1 hit (no not fark yet):

2002-01-08 04:18:55 PM  
Vibr:Yeah, but "necrophilia fishwife" gets 9. I suggest ruling out plurals.
2002-01-08 04:19:11 PM  
you can't put quotes around it, otherwise it doesn't count, maybe I'll write a program that does this for you once I get home ;)
2002-01-08 04:19:12 PM  
fishwife decathlete = 0

Hey, if fishwife is a common word, so is decathlete.

There are, however, 6 pages with fiswife decathlon, but apparently, those decathlons had no entrants.
2002-01-08 04:20:00 PM  
"avalanche testicles"

zero, zip, nada
2002-01-08 04:20:41 PM  
Try this one: "google-related posting lameasses". Oh...damn...100000 results.
2002-01-08 04:20:41 PM  
2002-01-08 04:21:19 PM  
Are these terms being searched as phrases? Cuz it makes a difference.

"drainage triangle" yields 2 results.
drainage + triange yields over 30,000.
2002-01-08 04:21:55 PM  
Obvoiusy I went plural to get the zero hits, but what's wrong with plurals? Still a legal word--you must be a bear to play in scrabble ;)
2002-01-08 04:22:09 PM  
OK... so how much does it cost Fark to have the Google AdWord link come up on the orangutan popcorn fishwife search?
2002-01-08 04:23:07 PM  
autoerotic kumquat
2002-01-08 04:23:17 PM  
tuba meatwagon

no quotes, no hits
2002-01-08 04:23:36 PM  
avalanche testicles has 538. stop using quotes around the words.
2002-01-08 04:25:05 PM  
No, searching as phrases doesn't count. Two words, no plurals, no quotes. This is a fun challenge!
2002-01-08 04:25:11 PM  
blithering ruminant

two words, no hits.
2002-01-08 04:25:43 PM  

See my latest- no quotes. What are you anyhow? Some kind of fanatic fact-checker?
2002-01-08 04:25:43 PM  
google suggests tuba meatwagon should be tuba meat wagon
2002-01-08 04:27:36 PM  
antidisestablishmentarianistic basket

yields none. And yes, it's a word.
2002-01-08 04:27:37 PM  
flyswatter salad
2002-01-08 04:28:40 PM  
Yeah, "meatwagon" doesn't fly as a word on dictionary.com or Merriam-Webster
2002-01-08 04:29:04 PM  
flovak = no hits
2002-01-08 04:29:14 PM  
Though not inspired by gobo, I've found a two-word search that yields only one result:

cumquat lederhosen
2002-01-08 04:29:54 PM  
Somewhere, someone is jotting these phrases down to use one as the name of their new band.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for ........
2002-01-08 04:30:04 PM  
i think hizzout is the winner... remove the quotes, still zero hits.
2002-01-08 04:30:39 PM  
flovak isn't a word. But it could pass for one.
2002-01-08 04:31:07 PM  
You must have a different way of searching. What the guy means is that the words don't show up next to each other, I think. Like "Granulated Frisbee" has 48 results, but not witht the words side-by-side.
2002-01-08 04:31:22 PM  
ism not ic
2002-01-08 04:31:40 PM  
blasphemous uncompiled
2002-01-08 04:32:23 PM  
I dont want to burst this ladies bubble - but - fishwife?? I don't believe I've ever heard of the word fishwife
2002-01-08 04:32:42 PM  
Bigpeeler: You're absolutely right, but I'm trying to only suggest the ones I made up to my bandmates. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that "gimcrack" was already the name of a band (found their Geocities site; bah!).
2002-01-08 04:33:28 PM  

"didgeridoo chrysanthemum legwarmers"

Zero results
2002-01-08 04:34:16 PM  
Hizzout's blackhead legwarmers has zero hits as non-plural blackhead legwarmer. necrophiliac blackhead also works as non-plural no hits.
2002-01-08 04:34:19 PM  
apheresis jetliner

aphersis=taking blood from someone

Search yields no results. BOOYAH!
2002-01-08 04:34:38 PM  
Tegro: Nice one. Unfortunately, that's if you use the variant spelling. If you use both with
lederhosen (cumquat OR kumquat)
as your search term, you get more.
Good one, Statusquo.
2002-01-08 04:34:39 PM  
"Sock Her Hooligans" has 293! But not next to each other, of course.
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