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(AP)   Congressman Dingell asked to strip for airport security   ( wbtv.com) divider line
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2002-01-08 04:04:11 PM  
Good for them, I'm more afraid of the US Government than I am of some stupid terrorists.
2002-01-08 04:07:26 PM  
Why should they be exempt? Grin and bear it like they tell us to do.
2002-01-08 04:10:13 PM  
He was asking for with a name like Dingle.
2002-01-08 04:10:43 PM  
Dingell. Huh huh. "Dingell".

2002-01-08 04:11:30 PM  
eu-gh-gh-gh [shudder] ...a pantsless John Dingell.
2002-01-08 04:12:14 PM  
All in the name of

2002-01-08 04:14:33 PM  
Why not? He should be denied his freedom just like the rest of us.
2002-01-08 04:14:33 PM  
He should have been named "Barry"

2002-01-08 04:15:26 PM  
get it
Dingell, Barry
2002-01-08 04:17:39 PM  
hehe. good, they shoulda given him a cavity search.
2002-01-08 04:17:57 PM  
And I'll bet he was one of those who authorized keeping the moron rent-a-cops on the job!
2002-01-08 04:19:37 PM  
Good thing he's a white male Christian - otherwise he would have been a victim of 'profiling.'

"Congressman Dingle, please lift your sac."
2002-01-08 04:19:47 PM  
security personel reported they found two "Dingell Berries" upon the removal of his pants.
2002-01-08 04:21:02 PM  
All democrats should be stripped searched.

*puts on flame proof jacket*
2002-01-08 04:21:50 PM  
Why is this labelled "stupid"? Amusing is more like it. Note the story talks about him refusing to put his wallet through the machine. He gave them a hard time, they gave it right back to him.
2002-01-08 04:24:35 PM  
He was boarding a plane to Detroit.

Something bad happened to him.

Coincidence? I think not...
2002-01-08 04:25:30 PM  
yeah, those are fun, I have had to do it like five times in the last year

"lift the penis"

"bend over and separate please"

at least he said please

God, I hate dealing with $5/hour morons who will not listen to reason!
Damn red tape!
2002-01-08 04:26:05 PM  
Don't they usually let you get to Detroit before probing your ass?
2002-01-08 04:28:03 PM  
At his, lifting his sac could take Dingle all day. Oh, and thanks for mental picture! ;-]
2002-01-08 04:29:00 PM  
No no

You're mistaking it with popping your ass.
2002-01-08 04:35:05 PM  
Detroit=Pain in the ass. Heh..
2002-01-08 05:03:59 PM  
Stupid? Hell no, that's COOL. Why the fark should he be exempt just because he's a congressman? These guys are so far removed from reality that it's about time they see what other people have to deal with.
2002-01-08 05:13:27 PM  
Actually, Nightstalker That's one of the reasons he didn't tell them he was a Congressman, according to a news report I just heard. Had he done that, I'm sure they would have backed off, after that whole SS agent mess.
2002-01-08 05:37:53 PM  
They wanted to see his Dingell, dangle!
2002-01-08 05:54:13 PM  
the Dingle, Barry comment is hilarious...

but fark him anyway... glad they did it to him. and keep doing it until we get those full body scanners from Total Recall and shiat
2002-01-08 07:24:08 PM  
whoever submitted this is the stupid one. nothing wrong with treating those bastards in congress just like the average citizens get treated when they now want to fly on a plane now a days.
2002-01-08 07:37:25 PM  
Something else I would have expected in the Frisco airport instead.

What makes me laugh is that the Transportation Sec called and apologized to him. If it had been Joe Sixpack, anyone think he still would have?
2002-01-08 11:40:57 PM  
does he have a metal penis too?
2002-01-09 12:22:03 AM  
He sets a good example for everyone. He was inconvenienced by the airline and didn't whine, biatch, or SUE anyone. Not like a certain little "secret service" butt monkey who is suing the airline because his shifty, gun toting ass was thrown off of a plane.
2002-01-09 09:15:15 AM  
The angle of the dingle of Mr. Dingle. No Dingleberrys?
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