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(The Sun)   Britney Spears and her boyfriend have a good dry-hump on a rock. The Sun is there   ( divider line
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2004-05-13 04:45:56 PM  
Am I the only person in the world that find the term 'attractive and successful Caucasian-American' very racist/stupid?

1) It's an implicit endorsement of another racial slur.
2) It implies that much of american black culture is foolish or that it is some kind of genetically determined thing that therefore can only be 'rightly' adpoted by people with a certain genetic content.
3) It implies that people must always maintain some kind of standard of racial purity, which by the way you'll be happy to dictate to them.
4) It sounds really farking stupid.
2004-05-13 04:46:27 PM  
I never even thought about that whole sweaty man thing. Good observation.
2004-05-13 04:54:01 PM  
So if a back-tat is an indication of sluttiness... what does one on the pelvis-hip-thigh area indicate?

*ahem* noththatit'sgotanythingtodowithme of course. <cheezy grin>

2004-05-13 04:55:55 PM  
I never thought about the sweaty man thing either, but at no point was I basically naked. I can't agree with the attention whoring factor since my husband is the only person who ever sees it :)
2004-05-13 04:58:31 PM  
We're still deliberating on that one. You'll have to give us a little while.
2004-05-13 04:59:09 PM  
She looks like Andy Dick. Damn, that's one ugly broad.
2004-05-13 05:01:14 PM  
Did you have it before you met him? If not then that begs the question--Why did you get it?
2004-05-13 05:05:20 PM  
why, thank you, blindman :)

and i agree with you on "attractive and successful Caucasian-American". i also find it hard to define the "ghetto/gangsta" culture as "american black culture." i live in brooklyn, ny, and i see many types of people of all races every day. the ghetto/gansta culture is just one subsection of black (and white!) culture -- in my building alone there is an older black woman who worked on wallstreet before she retired who is horrified when she sees the ghetto culture referred to as black culture. she is very proud and classist. there are also american blacks who are strong on africana culture, american blacks who are business people, skater boys and girls, surfer dudes and chicks, etc. the idea of a homogenous "american black culture" is about as valid as the idea of a homogenous "american white culture." the ghetto/gangsta culture is compared to (by the lady who lives down stairs) the white trash hick culture that ms. spears hails from :) although among the white trash hick culture you'll find many different types, as well....the walmart women, the rednecks, the cultists, the "lawdy, lawdy" types, etc. :) people are different everywhere, i suppose, is what i'm trying to say.

on a sideline, the term attractive and successful Caucasian-American is very racist, in my opinion :)
2004-05-13 05:09:28 PM  
The milk's gone bad!!

/hadn't quoted the Rick James sketch in a while
2004-05-13 05:13:36 PM  
Rip on the guy all you want.

He's doing Britney.

You're doing your monitor.
2004-05-13 05:17:57 PM  
cuban, i have to call you on that. men are NOT only as slutty as their options. that's just an excuse that men find convenient to use. Men know right from wrong. this guy knows right from wrong, and it's wrong to cheat.

Personally, I've never cheated...only because I've been cheated on and know how it feels. I dont really use it as a way to justify anything men do, I have just noticed it happens to be true(mostly). A lot of men will cheat simply because they have someone else who will sleep with them. I have a bunch of friends

I always hear women say that crap "men are pigs/dogs" etc.. and I think it is BS. There are women who call me a dog because I am not married or in a relationship. Which I find funny most of the time.

And this guy. he is a total Douchebag. Period. Not only does he have a fiance that he is cheating on, he has a pregnant fiance he is cheating on in public. To me, that is just about as low as it gets.
2004-05-13 05:18:22 PM  
itsnattatumah, yeah, but my monitor can't give me the clap.
2004-05-13 05:18:42 PM  
BlindMan is correct. The politically correct term is "whegro."
2004-05-13 05:21:20 PM  
Wake me when the video comes out.
2004-05-13 05:25:41 PM  

At least my monitor is brighter than Britney.

Stupid ho.
2004-05-13 05:26:24 PM  
he needs a bigger shirt
2004-05-13 05:27:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-13 05:28:40 PM  
Someone should send Britney to Iraq.
2004-05-13 05:31:29 PM  
i'm sorry you've had bad experiences, cuban. i should have clarified, i didn't mean that ALL men use that as an excuse, i meant that some do. i know that my guy doesn't cheat, either, and that's one of the reasons i'm with him -- i can trust him. it seems like you're a trustworthy person, too. sadly, that type of person is rare these days, and i think it's mostly because of that "men are dogs" crap -- coming from both men and women. comparing a human to an animal is just silly, and it gives people who cheat a very convenient excuse -- if people accept that "all men are dogs," how can we expect them NOT to cheat/slobber/pee on the carpet? people can tell right from wrong, people have impulse control. but it looks like you know that :) well done, then!
2004-05-13 05:31:47 PM  
Blindman- As you can see there are a lot of people in this country are still scared of black people. So in order to justify their fears they sit behind the safety of their computer terminals and spew hate and ignorance. Nine times out of ten most of these dumb bastards that like the term whigger would also have no problem with calling black people the N-word. Problem is they dont have the courage to talk this way to a black persons face.
2004-05-13 05:36:17 PM  
how can we expect them NOT to cheat/slobber/pee on the carpet?

How did you know about my carpet "accident"? Look, I was drunk, it only happened once....
2004-05-13 05:37:37 PM  

I'll need to see it myself to form a good opinion ;)
2004-05-13 05:38:08 PM  
Kevin who has a pregnant fiance back in the States

WAY TO GO BUDDY! He's real father material.

If you're going to cheat on your pregnant fiance, do it with someone who looks better than this: [image from too old to be available]

She looks like Elton John with longer hair.
2004-05-13 05:38:13 PM  
yah, cuban, once...once on the CARPET.

i heard about the dry cleaning bill...and the reupholstering...and the smell in the pillows that just won't go away....

2004-05-13 05:38:47 PM  
And remember, kids, when you intend to cheat/slobber/pee on the carpet, make sure to do it in that order.
2004-05-13 05:40:26 PM  
yah, jack, if you do it in reverse, it actually spells out satanic verses.
2004-05-13 05:45:23 PM  
Please, God, make her go away.

I don't ask for much. But if you would please put Britney, Paris Hilton, and Diane DeGarmo from American Idol on the same plane...and said plain ook a sudden turn downward at high speed over a large body of water....I would forever be in your debt.

In Jeebus name we pray, Amen.
2004-05-13 05:45:57 PM  
eww this guy is nasty lookin. wasnt that wannabe thug look out of style in the 90's?? maybe just wishful thinking but the only guys i see that still dress like that are in middle school. what a stupid skank.
2004-05-13 06:02:43 PM  
I have a question that I didn't see posted in here. If it's wrong for a white person to "act black", why is it ok for Asians/Hispanics/etc? Don't get me wrong, I think that anyone who talks ebonics or whatever you want to call it, which most of them do, is moronic, but I don't see why it's ok for some and not for others. I'm white, I love hip-hop, wear somewhat baggy pants(but my tshirts fit me well), and sometimes wear my hat backwards or propped up on my head (heaven's no!), and this is mainly for comfort,not style. But I also don't go around saying "Yo, homie peep this fo' shizzle" etc unless I'm kidding around and make it very obvious.
2004-05-13 06:04:10 PM  
Even rich, beautiful people can incur bad karma by doing stupid shiat.
2004-05-13 06:04:47 PM  
esblondie2 What a generalization! So every girl that has a tattoo on her lower back is a whore?

Please reread my comment very slowly. Especially the sentence with the word "logic" in it.

2004-05-13 06:13:49 PM  

I dont know...that is a good question. but I'm not sure it is really accepted when anybody acts/looks like an ass. it just looks more "ignant" coming from a white guy/girl. For example:

Christina Aguilera is a white chick to her very core (mmmm...her core). She doesnt have an accent, or have any features that would even suggest she isnt white. Then she starts to act black, which is just soooo ridiculous coming from her.

This would be the same if one day, Jeff Foxworthy started talking with an irish or english accent.

Dont know if that explains it or not.

But I think a more important questions are these:

- Doesnt this guy own a mirror?
- Doesn't he see how rediculous he looks?
- Doesn't anybody tell him?
- Doesn't he know the last white guy to pull off that beard thing was Jon B. like 10 years ago?
- Doesn't Britney realize that this dude is more phony then she is(WOW!)?
- Does Britney like that this guy dresses/acts like he does because when all of us realized it looked silly, we were in high school...she never went, so she missed that whole memo
2004-05-13 06:15:20 PM  
For Christ's sake, people. The word is spelled TATTOO. That's T-A-T-T-O-O.

Thank you.
2004-05-13 06:21:39 PM  
who said it was ok for them to act black?
2004-05-13 06:22:36 PM  
fongul, i don't think it's fashionable for anyone to act like a gangsta. the gangsta movement is very passe, for one, and people who act like gangstas rarely are actually gangstas, so a lot of people look silly dressing like rap stars.

and i wouldn't call it "acting black," for, as i posted earlier, i don't think that the gangsta culture is limited to blacks, and i don't think that blacks are limited to the gangsta culture.
2004-05-13 06:55:39 PM  
Oh please its obvious. His fiance is pregnant and not putting out and the guy goes both ways and wanted to get something from a girl with "something extra". I mean doesn't everyone know Britney is a chick with a dick?
2004-05-13 07:01:52 PM  
"Please reread my comment very slowly. Especially the sentence with the word "logic" in it."

I did read it, enave...understood it then, and I still understand it now. What I don't get is tattoo = promiscuous. Seriously, this is the first I've ever heard of it.

/and sorry, I don't know how to bold and italic in here yet.
2004-05-13 07:03:39 PM  

No, thank YOU.
2004-05-13 07:08:10 PM  
What I don't get is tattoo = promiscuous.

Like I said earlier...

All women with lower back tattoos aren't promiscuous, but all promiscuous women have lower back tattoos.

Kind of like:

All arabs aren't terrorists, but terrorists are arab.(sort of)

does that clear it up at all?
2004-05-13 07:08:52 PM  
Sorry, that should read

Kind of like:

All arabs aren't terrorists, but all terrorists are arab.(sort of/mostly)
2004-05-13 07:24:15 PM  

All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares
2004-05-13 07:32:30 PM  
Well, thanks Cuban.... I guess I just never knew that guys thought girls with lower back tattoos are slutty, and I guess it can't just be coincidence due to all the guys who participated in and agreed with this discussion.

You learn something new everyday.

/notes to self: "if ever to get tattoo, do NOT get on lower back"
2004-05-13 07:34:49 PM  
thanks to you too Strappawho.

/that line sounds straight outta Dr. Seuss
2004-05-13 07:38:08 PM  
lower back tattoos have become so cliche anyways. like having a rose on your ankle or something.
2004-05-13 07:44:28 PM  

And dont wear clear shoes....those are for STRIPPERS!

sorry, I saw the new Chris Rock stand up act the other night, you gotta see it.
2004-05-13 07:48:09 PM  
I supposed it's never occurred to people in this thread that there are loads of girls with back tattoos that you don't see, because they are not showing them off...
2004-05-13 07:56:36 PM  
Well, it's still a step up from Fred Durst.
2004-05-13 08:05:39 PM  
unwound ...

true dat
2004-05-13 08:07:14 PM  
Pick your cup:

WHO GIVES A shiat?



this news is not fark worthy.
2004-05-13 08:10:50 PM  
I have a tattoo of a snake on my face.
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