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(The Sun)   Britney Spears and her boyfriend have a good dry-hump on a rock. The Sun is there   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2004-05-13 03:00:03 PM  
This is like totally, like, what you'd expect from a Britney thread. Some of you guys would so, totally, never date a chic thats got a tattoo. Ewww, gross. And then there is msubizkit4. I'm sorry but people put shiat like that in there bios. You remind me a an ex I once had. She's in a mental hosptial now.
2004-05-13 03:00:03 PM  
Meanwhile, the Brit-whore's equally skanky mother, Lynne, remains silent.

Remember that picture of mom, little sister and Britney leaving a nail salon? Britney's wearing a cut-off tank top (emblazoned with the Pepsi icon altered as "Sexsi") that doesn't cover the underside of her tits. Appearantly, Momma Spears seems fine with the look.

Britney had no chance from the moment she was born. Like mother, like daughter.
2004-05-13 03:00:35 PM  
According to IMDB Kevin Federline's claim to fame is being a dancer in "You got served". Wow, what a catch.
2004-05-13 03:02:34 PM  
If britney does anything in public, you have to assume she /wanted/ the Sun to be there.

free publicity.
2004-05-13 03:02:41 PM  
Remember that picture of mom, little sister and Britney leaving a nail salon? Britney's wearing a cut-off tank top (emblazoned with the Pepsi icon altered as "Sexsi") that doesn't cover the underside of her tits. Appearantly, Momma Spears seems fine with the look.

NO, please post this LOL
2004-05-13 03:03:03 PM  

He's cute - what's his name?
2004-05-13 03:03:35 PM  
I have one word for the fiancee:


Seriously...why would you want an asshole like that's kid. Help curb the dickwad population, kill a fetus today.
2004-05-13 03:04:50 PM  
He was a dancer in "You Got Served"? WTF is that?
2004-05-13 03:06:35 PM  
Britney is the lowest form of crap on the planet. What a total whore. She sickens me. She knows the guy has a pregnant fiancee. Sick. Dumb.

Calling her trailer trash isn't fair to people who live in trailers. I hope she ends up like most stars who have no clue as to the consequences of their actions - dead on a toilet or in a bathtub. Scummy biatch.
2004-05-13 03:07:05 PM  
Enough about his hat, someone needs to buy that dumb bastard some shoelaces.
2004-05-13 03:07:34 PM  
wow, he's smiling exactly like i would be. that kind of "ha ha that's right, i'ma get some of that later" smile.
2004-05-13 03:08:11 PM  
[image from images.thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
[image from poster.net too old to be available]

Coincidence? I think not!
2004-05-13 03:08:15 PM  
Oops! She did it again!
2004-05-13 03:08:31 PM  
Can't read, can't write, Kent State!
Somehow, that seems appropriate here.

/BG grad
2004-05-13 03:08:38 PM  
I'm not sure what annoys me more, a tattoo flamewar or someone saying she's a great artist because she's sold a lot of records. You know that one's coming.

artist n. One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.

great adj.Very large in size.
Larger in size than others of the same kind.
Large in quantity or number: A great throng awaited us. See Synonyms at large.
Extensive in time or distance: a great delay.
Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent: a great crisis.
Of outstanding significance or importance: a great work of art.
Chief or principal: the great house on the estate.
Superior in quality or character; noble: For he was great, ere fortune made him so (John Dryden).
Powerful; influential: one of the great nations of the West.
Eminent; distinguished: a great leader.
Grand; aristocratic.
Informal. Enthusiastic: a great lover of music.
Very skillful: great at algebra.
Very good; first-rate: We had a great time at the dance.
Being one generation removed from the relative specified. Often used in combination: a great-granddaughter.
Archaic. Pregnant.

I'm pretty sure one of those can be applied to her. Wait long enough, and we'll at least be able to apply that "archaic" usage.

/learns something new every day
2004-05-13 03:09:02 PM  
me-in-the-night wrote

yeah dude. that was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. I had nightmares about it. And I've got a pretty strong tolerance for that kind of thing.
2004-05-13 03:10:10 PM  

I'm pretty sure one of those can be applied to her. Wait long enough, and we'll at least be able to apply that "archaic" usage.

Or at least the pregnant one.
2004-05-13 03:11:35 PM  
How the hell did we get the beheading sub-context in this thread?
2004-05-13 03:11:53 PM  

The dude above? That dude's a chick. PFC Debbie Does Dogleash. She's trying to take the title of randiest midget away from Bridgette the midget. She's the Iraqi Prison Hospitality "Wrong Turn" girl. You're going to see more of her than you ever wished in the coming weeks. Apparently in addition to thumbs upping these Iraqi prisoners with big schlongs she was getting gang banged by other jailers. But she's still got more class than Britney.
2004-05-13 03:12:12 PM  
asshat4321Does the tattoo make them a whore or are they one before they get it?

I think that type of tattoo is something a slutty chick would particularly like. That doesn't mean *you* are a slut. It's just that a nice girl would probably get a tattoo of a flower on her ankle or something. A slutty chick seems (to me) more likely to place a tattoo such that it may be viewed while screwing. Right or wrong, that's my line of reasoning.

That still doesn't necessarily have to mean anything bad about you. It's like old logic example, "all cows have hooves, that doesn't mean that if an animal has hooves it is a cow." On the other hand, now that the tattoo is seemingly associated with promiscuity, you are unfortunately going to have to live with that stigma. Sorry.

G-Zus My new girlfriend of 3 weeks has one of those tatoos on the small of her back. Should this be a warning?

Look at it this way. She probably got that tattoo so that you'd have something nice to look at while you're banging her. Enjoy it. Just don't be surprised if she wants other people to see it as well.

Or I could be wrong. After all, what do I know
2004-05-13 03:15:10 PM  
The video is on fazed.com
2004-05-13 03:15:35 PM  
Things must be extremely bad in the dating scene when even a successful pop tart has to screw already taken dudes.
2004-05-13 03:15:41 PM  
[image from iownjoo.com too old to be available][image from iownjoo.com too old to be available]

In Sweden, no one can hear you projectile vomit.
2004-05-13 03:15:49 PM  
2004-05-13 03:16:56 PM  
Excuse me? White trash coon ass pig to you.
2004-05-13 03:16:59 PM  
Look at it this way. She probably got that tattoo so that you'd have something nice to look at while you're banging her. Enjoy it. Just don't be surprised if she wants other people to see it as well.

You know, I never made the connection with the tatoo and slutiness. I remember I made an observation about 3-4 years ago, the girls i knew that only wore thongs were slutty. Now, I think that is all that chicks wear. It kind of sucks because you cant tell the difference anymore.

Nowadays slutty chicks still need to let people know they are slutty, so they put a bullseye just above the ass. I cant wait to see what the 'tell' will be in a few years.
2004-05-13 03:19:30 PM  
me in the night

MelGoesOnTour I completely agree - I had a case of morbid curiosity and viewed it. Please do yourself a huge favor and DON'T view it. I cannot 'un-see' it now and desperately wish I could. I can hear his gurgling screams in my sleep now and NO I am not exagerating...

I started to watch it and decided I couldn't. You two have confirmed my intuition about that decision. Thank you!
2004-05-13 03:20:06 PM  
Betcha PFC Debbie Does Dogleash has one of those tatoo's on her back!
2004-05-13 03:20:36 PM  
Bet the sandwich was happy.
2004-05-13 03:21:12 PM  
I started to watch it too, but as soon as it showed that man sitting in the chair (the first frame) it made me really sad and I quickly closed it.
2004-05-13 03:21:34 PM  
Time continues to skip forward randomly, details at 11-(time skip) ...This is the news at 11. The mysterious and unexplained-(time skip) ...Turning to entertainment news, teen singer 'Wendy' might just be the latest-(time jump) ...won 3 Grammy's last night-(time jump) ...was found dead in her bathtub.

2004-05-13 03:22:20 PM  

Ay Ziggy Zoomba!
2004-05-13 03:23:22 PM  
He was in You Got Served????

Yet another reason I hope his baby mama schedules him for unnecessary surgery. Also, props to whomever suggested this originally.
2004-05-13 03:23:25 PM  
For those of you who are sick of hearing about Britney Spears ("Her 15 minutes were up a long time ago" and "She's ugly, unattractive, and untalented"):

Stop reading about her. Stop talking about her. Good musician or bad, good human being or not, the more publicity she gets, the better off she is.

Rarely has a musician or actor suffered as a result of gossip or scandal, and the very few that have had to do (or be accused of) some really nasty nasty things (a la Fatty Arbuckle ... and look at how long ago that was.)

Just a thought, anyway. Not that I care -- I'd hit it.
2004-05-13 03:23:50 PM  
You what "Taint" is right?

I think she has "taint" between her eyes.
2004-05-13 03:26:33 PM  
What enave said. Especially the part about don't be surprised if she wants other guys to see it. She can't see it herself, so she didn't get it just for her. Do you really think she got it JUST for YOU for the rest of her life?

(hint: no, she didn't!)
2004-05-13 03:26:46 PM  
typosaurus, I don't remember that pic. Please post it to refresh my memory. That's the "sexsi" t-shirt pic.
2004-05-13 03:27:27 PM  
She has a thick neck.
2004-05-13 03:27:42 PM  
my $.02 on the "tattoo-slut" debate:

It depends on the tattoo (as mentioned above), and if the girl wears clothing to draw attention to it. For example - if it's low on the hip/back/chest and the girl wears clothing to make sure it is visible - I think "attention whore" (slut). It is purposely there to draw a guy's eyes to some physical feature. Tattoos on an ankle, shoulder, etc. are more neutral.

Seems piggish, but true. I've heard guys (fratboys, yeah, but) quote: "look for the girl with the target" (tattoo on small of the back) "you don't need GHB - attention is the only drug you need to bang 'em."
2004-05-13 03:27:48 PM  
I'm really tired of people saying "his/her 15 minutes are up" when the person has been famous for years. Please think of a more original insult. It should not be hard given the subject of this discussion.

Also, I'd like to know why that man felt the need to draw a beard on his face with felt-tip pen.
2004-05-13 03:28:04 PM  
From the urban dictionary:

T.A.I.N.T. = The Anus Is Next to This

n. The area of skin that connects the pink to the stink.
2004-05-13 03:28:36 PM  
Sorry to keep the off-topic going, but please post a link to the 'off-topic' vid. I have an retired state patrol friend who is not internet savvy that wants to see it. Seriously. I probably won't watch it.

Thanks in advance.
2004-05-13 03:29:57 PM  
Also from the Urban Dictionary

aka "the tisn't" or "bass" (space tween my balls and ass) small or large nifkin of skin between the genitalia and rectum where the french go to surrender.

eat a bag of farked assholes you french tainter!
2004-05-13 03:30:07 PM  
I used to like Britney Spears.

But if there is one thing I cannot take, it's cheating. Can't deal with it, dealt with it too much in the past. If your spouse/etc. is cheating, it's not only hatred for that person, it's the person they're cheating with too.

I don't mind Britney being an "innocent" whore. I prefer it that way. But when you go start macking on some prick, with a pregnant goddamn fiance, you deserve to die.

2004-05-13 03:30:19 PM  
MelGoesOnTour sez, "Is it just me...or does Brit' actually look real hot and big-boobed when she's in her performance get-up; though when she's seen sans slutclothes, she just becomes "plain"? Well, is it just me or what?"

I think she looks better "sans slutclothes."

It's probably because she looks more like a guy in normal clothes. She would be a cute guy. Not as cute as Halle Berry as a guy, but cute nonetheless.
2004-05-13 03:30:32 PM  
I dont want to know your name!
I just want
bang bang bang!
2004-05-13 03:31:36 PM  
Looks like the man got a bit of an ass-kicking from his fiancee:

The pregnant ex of Britney Spears' new beau is telling the pop beauty she's welcome to her man - because they both smoke, drink and "cheat". On April 26, former Moesha star Shar Jackson learned that her boyfriend of three years, dancer Kevin Federline - father of their two-year-old daughter Kori and July-due son - cheated on her with Spears. Federline then told devastated Jackson that he was going to Japan to shoot a Coke commercial, when in fact he joined Spears in London, where she kicked off her European tour. And in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Jackson - who was briefly hospitalized for stress-induced weight loss during Federline's trip to Europe - lays out a few harsh facts for the ex-girlfriend of Justin Timberlake. She says of the singer, "She can't wreck a home by herself, but if you're a real woman and you find out someone you're seeing has extra baggage, you say, 'Go home and take care of your business.' If she and Kevin want to be a couple, then that's fine with me. But there are two little kids she better be prepared to babysit. They might be perfect for each other. You both smoke, you both drink and you both cheated on significant others after three years. You guys are made for each other. Have a good life."

As much as I hate the phrase, YOU GO GIRL!!!
2004-05-13 03:31:49 PM  
2004-05-13 03:32:58 PM  
I also fear and avoid any people who smile with both rows of teeth like that. It's fake and desperate, and is a sure sign of psychotic behaviour in their future.
2004-05-13 03:33:09 PM  
Meh, She should have stuck with Jason Alexander...I mean, free the KFC would have been more than worth it!

\Got nothin'
\Yes, I realize he wasn't THAT Jason Alexander
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