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(The Sun)   Britney Spears and her boyfriend have a good dry-hump on a rock. The Sun is there   ( divider line
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182629 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 13 May 2004 at 1:55 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-05-13 12:41:50 AM  
hmm pregnant fiance or britney spears.....pregnant fiance or britney spears?
2004-05-13 8:42:25 AM  
Either way, him having the pregnant fiance makes him look like a complete ass. Of course, he could always mine the skank population for his next date after Britney and his fiance both dump him like a bad habit.
2004-05-13 8:48:01 AM  
Britney Spears' teeth look like they could star in their own horror flick.
2004-05-13 9:37:11 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-13 9:38:47 AM  
Um...if I was the pregnant fiancee and my guy had the nerve to publicly *frolic* with someone as skanky as britney spears....there'd be some Lorena Bobbit shiat going down.

I mean, come on. If you're going to cheat on me, as least do it with someone that I'd be willing to have a 3some with so that i don't feel left out.

I mean, really. Guys, you need to have some common sense and decency.
2004-05-13 9:43:25 AM  
I still feel bad for that dude she married and ditched 48 hours later. Seemed he was actually in love with her.
2004-05-13 9:48:36 AM  
I wouldn't wish that no talent rube's amount of fame on anyone. Everywhere she goes, there are at least a dozen photographers snapping photos. As if anyone should give a rat's ass. I would go insane.
And then it is probably going to be even more bizarre for her when her 15 minutes are up, and there are no longer any photographers around.
2004-05-13 10:17:50 AM  
dgc360, everybody needs their heart ripped out at least once. It's part of growing up.
After looking at this guy's facial hair and clothes, it seems safe to assume she traded one redneck for another.
2004-05-13 10:23:59 AM  
Kevin who has a pregnant fiance back in the States wore a red cap and jeans, while Britney donned a patchwork hat.

You can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the girl.
2004-05-13 10:33:48 AM  
Amen chesire

except I don't think Britney is skanky. I love her.

and I would never date that dude. He's the trailer trash.
2004-05-13 11:37:21 AM  
Plus...i'd like to think that if i was pregnant with some guy's kid (which hopefully won't be for yeeaaaarrrrs), he'd love me enough to think that i was the most beautiful, sexy woman on earth, even if i was 8 months and counting and crying every 5 minutes.

i mean, really.
2004-05-13 11:58:41 AM  
that dude is pretty ugly to be doing britney spears. it makes me think maybe i have a shot.
2004-05-13 12:14:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This guy just looks like
a total weasel. Put your
hat on straight you jagoff.
2004-05-13 12:52:20 PM  
He exudes an certain impish dryhumpability.

(Brap likes his humps wet)
2004-05-13 12:53:11 PM  
"They appeared to be head over heels in love ..."

There is a line between being in love and just wanting to break off a piece of ass.

2004-05-13 1:57:04 PM  
What? No pictures of the "O" face?
2004-05-13 1:58:45 PM  
*Raises Fist Defiantly*
Damn you Kevin Ferignine,, damn you....

And put that hat on straight you ruffian.
2004-05-13 1:58:56 PM  
Hmmmm... Outdoor dry hump... (thinks back)
2004-05-13 1:59:21 PM  
home wrecker!
2004-05-13 1:59:38 PM  
Was this a preview for this Friday's What Not To Wear?
2004-05-13 1:59:54 PM  
Kevin who has a pregnant fiance back in the States...

2004-05-13 2:00:07 PM  
LMAO look at the guy she is with.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again:

Two words: Washed. Up.
2004-05-13 2:00:35 PM  
I think that Kevins fiance will recieve a nice child support check every month.

Britney is build some bad karma too.
2004-05-13 2:00:42 PM  
GOD, does she has the worst smile...ugh.
2004-05-13 2:00:53 PM  
That's the luckiest rock in the world.
2004-05-13 2:01:48 PM  
Kevin who has a pregnant fiance back in the States...

britney spears is 0% talent and 100% white trash.
2004-05-13 2:02:05 PM  
Dating a dancer... that's so J-Lo.
2004-05-13 2:02:05 PM  
He looks exactly like the hobo who sleeps outside of the liquor store bumming change.
2004-05-13 2:02:20 PM  
2004-05-13 10:23:59 AM Smookyfufu

Agree 100%
2004-05-13 2:02:36 PM  
I meant...she HAS the worst smile...she does ...oi.
2004-05-13 2:02:51 PM  
2004-05-13 12:14:39 PM ChewbaccaJones This guy just looks like a total weasel. Put your hat on straight you jagoff.

Thank you. That goes for every other college punk that thinks this makes them look tough. You don't look tough. You look like a dillweed.
2004-05-13 2:03:20 PM  
I find it hard to believe that an international sex symbol like Britney can't find a better looking man to cavort with.

That guy looks like the typical trash-'stache-ultra-skank-3000-southern jerk off. Ew!
2004-05-13 2:03:26 PM  
Hey, is it me? Or is the Sun everywhere Britney Spears is?
2004-05-13 2:03:32 PM  
I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. Kinda crazy I feel that way about a guy dating Britney Spears.
2004-05-13 2:03:58 PM  

Couldn't agree with you more. I would definitely floor it if I saw him crossing the street.
2004-05-13 2:04:17 PM  
Amen, Rev. Skarekroe.

I gotta say that this just one more charge to bring against Britney Spears when she's convicted of indecency by the FCC...

Not that I like the FCC either...
2004-05-13 2:05:23 PM  
I just like saying dryhumpability.

2004-05-13 2:05:23 PM  
Britney reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies show. She makes millions and still dates Cletus. I wonder if she lives in a gold-plated double-wide.

/of course I would hit it. don't be stupid
2004-05-13 2:06:45 PM  

Time's up biatch!
2004-05-13 2:07:13 PM  
that hat looks a little out of place with the t-shirt. all of his wife beaters must be in the wash.
2004-05-13 2:07:16 PM  
open letter to britney spears:

dear britney,
please accept my marriage proposal before the kitteens are extinct.

i love you

2004-05-13 2:07:36 PM  
Excited ... Kevin Federline

What a stupid looking shiat eatin' grin...
2004-05-13 2:08:09 PM  
Yet another reason people from Louisiana won't admit their birthplace
2004-05-13 2:08:22 PM  
p.s. and would you mind switching to bluegrass or alt country maybe.
that shiat you sing sucks.

2004-05-13 2:08:22 PM  
NOT to be confused with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-05-13 2:09:37 PM  
Can we kill him for wearing the hat to the side and that gay, gay, gay chinstrap piece of shiat he calls facial hair?

I don't care if he is getting penis-chaffage from dry humping in a pair of jeans with Brittany, he just got crabs.
2004-05-13 2:09:54 PM  
If you look at the pic of her "smiling", it looks more and more like an "Oh shiat, I'm caught" face to me.

/but that could just be me
//NOT defending her in any way
2004-05-13 2:10:17 PM  
that guy looks like a dumbass
2004-05-13 2:10:22 PM  
Won't she just go away? I don't even really want to see her naked anymore.
2004-05-13 2:10:27 PM  
My girl and I have made an agreement that there are certain celebrities that would be OK to cheat with.

Maybe this guy made the same pact with his fiancee?

That agreement was made in jest. I couldn't imagine actually thinking I could get away with it. If I saw my girlfriend making out with Jude Law in the Sun, I don't think I would be so understanding.
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