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(Detroit News)   Bullet manufacturer for U.S. Army can't keep up with demand   ( divider line
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10774 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 May 2004 at 4:30 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-05-07 09:20:17 AM  
What, our "allies" at NATO won't just give us ammunition from their stockpiles?

2004-05-07 10:12:17 AM  
Probably because there are a lot of soldiers that are shooting into the clearing barrel...
/saw it happen 3 times...
2004-05-07 10:31:07 AM  
In the Canadian Armed Forces, we were always schooled on the art of ammo conservation. It's called 'aiming'.
2004-05-07 12:05:33 PM  
Of course the Canadian forces dont ever aim at anything. Its hard to do that when you're running from a fight.

/ducks and covers
2004-05-07 04:31:34 PM  
what? why should NATO give the U.S ammo for this endevour? Do you know what NATO is?
2004-05-07 04:32:27 PM  
Oh sure, the aiming thing works, but the enemy has been doing this annoying thing called moving.
2004-05-07 04:32:46 PM  
this is really old news.

Spin_Doc Suppression fire doesn't involve 'aiming'.
2004-05-07 04:33:04 PM  
Haven't we learned anything from Deputy Fife?
You gotta keep an extra one in your breat pocket for times like these!
2004-05-07 04:33:40 PM  
Idiot writer. The "bullet" is just the projectile.
2004-05-07 04:33:41 PM  
Suicides among soldiers are up are they?

2004-05-07 04:33:42 PM  
While I realize that this article is meerly being hosted on the Detroit News' website, and isn't related to Detroit at all, it's still funny that it ties together ammo and Detroit.

/lifelong resident
2004-05-07 04:34:01 PM  
And people complain that Bush can't create new jobs!

/dons flame suit
2004-05-07 04:34:03 PM  
Spin_Doc, how many times have you been in a firefight?

You farking jackass.
2004-05-07 04:34:07 PM  
the U.S. Armys sole supplier of bullets

Um ... who decided having a single supplier was a good idea during wartime?
2004-05-07 04:34:09 PM  
Didn't we have the "end of major combat operations" already? I think I've seen a pic posted on fark...
2004-05-07 04:34:50 PM  
Who manufactures bullets for the Iraqi's? Can we outsource?
2004-05-07 04:34:52 PM  
Who has the chem-light concession?

On a related note, are there a bunch of Iraqis running around doing a reverse-Rudolph?
2004-05-07 04:35:17 PM  
Neither can the coffin-draping flag manufacturer, or the prosthetic limb manufacturer, or the body-bag manufacturer, or the anti-depressant manufacturer, or the condolence card manufacturer...
2004-05-07 04:35:32 PM  
1.2 billion bullets....

Puts pinky in mouth/
2004-05-07 04:36:26 PM  
Rooster (Alice In Chains)

The video is pretty crazy.
2004-05-07 04:37:10 PM  
me in the night

happiness is warm gun
2004-05-07 04:37:11 PM  
But we aren't at war, are we, I thought we had already won that?

//searches for Mission Accomplished pic
2004-05-07 04:37:12 PM  
Love Gun (KISS)

2004-05-07 04:37:23 PM  
This is why small, tactical nuclear weapons are essential for the modern armed forces. No fuss, no muss, and you can read letters from home by the glow at night.
2004-05-07 04:37:25 PM  
"Okay, fine. One plus two plus one... SHUT UP! The point is, there is one bullet left in this gun and guess who's gonna get it?"
2004-05-07 04:37:57 PM  
Just use some of 'dem smart bombs, then.

Do I have to think of everything?
2004-05-07 04:38:28 PM  

You owe me a monitor that is sans half-chewed Pannido chunks...
2004-05-07 04:38:37 PM  
"gimme back my bullets"
2004-05-07 04:39:42 PM  
And this, ladies and germs, is why our military industrial complex is so good for our country ... we spend yeaaars spending money on bullets ... and then we use them ... then we spend yeaaaaars buying them back. Buying bullets from US companies buys a lot of salaried workers houses so they can pay taxes and we can buy more bullets so more people can raise familys and make more tax payers.

God bless America, Browning, Smith and Wesson, and Winchester :)
2004-05-07 04:39:45 PM  
No wait! Bullet the Blue Sky (U2)
2004-05-07 04:39:54 PM  
Oh, a song.

"Rock the Casbah"
2004-05-07 04:40:07 PM  
In light of mryoop789's comment, I wonder how many people are going to post the infamous line about the AK-47 being the very best...

/I know, I know...
2004-05-07 04:42:55 PM  
Maybe we should move over to T21 laser rifles, you can only shoot every 11 seconds and I'm sure a laser is more environmental friendly..
2004-05-07 04:43:55 PM  
"Janie's got a gun"

"Let's drop the big one"(?) - Randy Newman
2004-05-07 04:44:16 PM  
'I'm goin' to shoot my old lady, you know I caught her messin' round with another man.'

Hey AmigaJoe (Hendrix)
2004-05-07 04:44:23 PM  
Hit me with your best shot.

Pat Benatar
2004-05-07 04:44:42 PM  
One plus two plus two plus one.

No, two plus one plus two plus one.

No, one plus...

Oh shut up!
2004-05-07 04:44:55 PM  

Idiot writer. The "bullet" is just the projectile.

True, but a cartridge without a bullet isn't very useful, no?

[Nitpickers: Yes, I know there are systems where a "blank" is used to initiate some other ordinance.]
2004-05-07 04:44:58 PM  
"I got my girlfriend
I got my pistol
I got my girlfriend and my pistol in the same room"
2004-05-07 04:45:37 PM  
'Send lawyers, guns, and money!'

2004-05-07 04:45:59 PM  

2004-05-07 04:46:52 PM  
"Buying bullets from US companies buys a lot of salaried workers houses (built on the blood of others) so they can pay taxes and we can buy more bullets (to kill more people) so more people can raise familys (more people to kill more people) and make more tax payers (that will be killed).

2004-05-07 04:46:53 PM  
Silly headline writer never fired a gun - it's called ammunition, ammo for short.

The bullet is just the part that stings.
2004-05-07 04:47:07 PM  
Instead of destroying captured munitions, the army should rig up a dirty bomb from the captured stuff and use it to blow up buildings that the Shiites and Taliban uses. Also, they should be allowed to use captured AK's and ammo. No telling how reliable that stuff is, but it'd be better than running out of ammo for your M-16. There is nothing better than killing the enemy with their own weapons.
2004-05-07 04:47:51 PM  
"If I had a rocket launcher"

Zevon again
2004-05-07 04:47:53 PM  
Amigajoe Oh Please....
2004-05-07 04:48:28 PM  
"Guns don't kill people! I do!"
2004-05-07 04:49:00 PM  
Doowwwn by the rIIIivuhhhh, I shot my bAAAabeeehhhhh!

(Buddy Miles)

-Lot of girlfriend-shooting in the 60's...
2004-05-07 04:49:44 PM  
"This gun has cost me everything I love - my friends, my family - everything but my precious, precious gun."

I'll stop now.
2004-05-07 04:50:29 PM  
They used the term 'bullet' because most of the troops must be using muzzleloaders.
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