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(Reuters)   EMI admits that Mariah Carey sucks, but they deny paying money to dump her   ( reuters.com) divider line
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2002-01-07 10:10:29 AM  
"At the time, EMI justified the deal as building much-needed U.S. market share with the best-selling female singer of the last decade, who has sold more than 120 million albums."

What they don't tell you is that Mariah took out a loan, bought all those albums and made them into fashionable coasters.
2002-01-07 10:11:44 AM  
dump Bowie, but not sure about Mariah? I'd drop her like the skank no-talent whore that she is....
2002-01-07 10:16:01 AM  
I wonder how long before they blame Morpheus for cutting Carey? Can't you see it now. EMI releasing a statement that because of the large peer to peer trading of Mariah's latest album, EMI has lost millions of dollars and has been forced to cut Ms. Carey.

I would love to see some stats of how much Mariah Carey music is traded over the p2p networks, versus someone like Rammstein or Phish even. Haha.
2002-01-07 10:16:05 AM  
They just paid her all that money because her pussy is soooooo good that when you have intercourse with her and have an orgasm, you see and hear a spiritual apparition of Plastic Baby Jeebus right before your eyes.
2002-01-07 10:17:49 AM  
Mariah was on MTV Cribs, and she dresses all seductive, and liked to mention how she's usually naked when at her house, all because she knows no one likes her now and is trying to get some male audience back.

Put a fork in her, she's done.
2002-01-07 10:18:50 AM  
I wouldn't be paid to see that "Glitter" garbage.

However, I would pay to see Mariah in the starring role in the film about a struggling Japanese mother who will do ANYTHING to help her child get better grades...
2002-01-07 10:19:38 AM  
Carey is guest starring on McBeal. How low can she go?
2002-01-07 10:27:01 AM  
Her ex must be laughing his ass off.
2002-01-07 10:32:57 AM  
Cow. She could start a new career as the mascot for Gateway computer.
2002-01-07 10:40:45 AM  
Hi Drew,
Yeah...........I thought we talked about this last week. Yeah. Remeber, "The List"? Names you aren't to speak in my presence...is it coming back to you now? Yeah. This no-talent, fat whore tops "The List"...yeah. I'm sure you just forgot and never meant to bring her up AGAIN. Yeah.
Hey, no big deal! I can totally let it slide, you know..as long as we understand each other now.
Thanks a bunch!
2002-01-07 10:47:34 AM  
[image from movieline.com too old to be available]
2002-01-07 10:58:36 AM  
I'll give you three reasons why EMI is losing money: Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams, and Kylie Minogue. Unless the markets for R&B crap, lame brittish pop, or has-been austrailians picks up EMI will never make it.
2002-01-07 10:58:46 AM  
Vicious Mark: Too true, too true.

Crill: I'll put up some of my own money to get that into preproduction.
2002-01-07 10:59:13 AM  
Who's Mariah Carey ?
2002-01-07 11:05:28 AM  
I'd throw a dick in Mariah, as long as she promises not to squeal like she does in her songs.
2002-01-07 11:12:53 AM  
Actually, Bowie dropped EMI, as I heard it. He's going to release his own albums.
2002-01-07 11:16:06 AM  
Actually, Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue are making HUGE amounts of money in Australia and Europe. Kylie will be making it big in the US in the coming months with her new song, "Can't Get You Out Of My Hea." You just wait and see. Mariah, on the other hand, has been a flop all around the world with "Glitter."
2002-01-07 11:29:05 AM  
20 bucks for her hardcore gangbang porn video coming in May 2003!
2002-01-07 11:30:42 AM  
EMI would make some decent money hooking (freudian slip) Mariah into Playboy...
2002-01-07 11:31:07 AM  
Mariah Carey has always struck me as the prettiest girl at the trailer park.

Good for a night of fun and a week of regret and a big, itchy case of something.
2002-01-07 11:31:20 AM  
Good, Now we can see them Boobies in PLARBOY ... but when?
2002-01-07 11:32:00 AM  
2002-01-07 11:33:32 AM  
has ANY good music come out in the last few years?
2002-01-07 11:33:33 AM  
01-07-02 10:17:49 AM ViciousMark
Mariah was on MTV Cribs, and she dresses all seductive, and liked to mention how she's usually naked when at her house, all because she knows no one likes her now and is trying to get some male audience back.

Hmmm....popularity dwindling, image change...this reeks of MC Hammer.

Cowboybebop, you're right...Bowie is dropping EMI (can't find the story. Sorry man.)
2002-01-07 12:22:04 PM  
"The music industry as a whole also suffered its worst year ever in 2001 after the September 11 attacks compounded already low growth due to piracy and waning CD sales, battering majors that also include Sony Music and Universal."

That's it. We were out there downloading "Glitter" instead of buying it. The downward trend has nothing to do with an overwhelming lack of talent nor can it be connected with a unemployment rate that is spiking upward.
2002-01-07 12:25:14 PM  
Anyone ever find a video or screen caps of her meltdown/striptease on TRL? I tried looking a while ago and couldn't find anything. I was wondering how weird & extreme it was.
2002-01-07 12:33:52 PM  
My mate once saw a concert of Barbara Streisland, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion on televion. She said it was hell. They could not, would not just sing a straight line, they had to do all the vocal gymnastics. "... I kno-ow-ow-ow tha-a-a-t, my-y-y-y-y hea-aaarrr-ar-arrrrt weeelll go oo-o-o-o-o-onnnn...." etc.

I'd like to watch them writh in a pit of heating oil, certainly.
2002-01-07 01:14:40 PM  
Kylie will be making it big in the US in the coming months with her new song, "Can't Get You Out Of My Hea."
I am sure she will do as well as Robbie Williams' lame ass did in the US. She will sell big among Aussies and Brits living in the US and that's it. The hot slut pop market is pretty saturated.
2002-01-07 02:49:38 PM  
Can we keep Streisand out of the oil, please? Now that's groty.
2002-01-07 04:06:49 PM  
Kylie's new song is breaking out on the Billboard Top Airplay charts all over the country. Just check billboard magazine to confirm. I really think she has the chance of making it big here.
2002-01-07 05:06:15 PM  
As a mighty proud Aussie, I just wanna interject here and say that "Our Kylie" sucks my daschund. Not only does the backing music put me into seizures, her voice is one of the most grating things i have ever heard, only fit to be put on cape Byron lighthouse. Thank christ her sorry arse now resides in Pomland.

Mariah shoulda stayed with the plastic pop tunes, at least she knew what she was then, a fake-ass bimbo with a decent rack, as opposed to this wanna-be hard ass ganagsta nubian schtick she desperately wants to fit into. If The Strokes are gonna save music, the first thing they gotta do is rub this biatch out
2002-01-07 05:57:08 PM  
They play Kylie all the time in Canada. Help.
2002-01-07 11:52:43 PM  
Pariah Scary.
2002-01-08 01:41:24 AM  
I wouldn't kick her out of bed, even if she squeals -loudly
when she sees MY MONSTER
2002-01-08 01:28:51 PM  
"What's a Nubian?"
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