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7284 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jan 2002 at 12:16 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-08 12:17:37 AM  
um... ok sure why not
2002-01-08 12:17:43 AM  
2002-01-08 12:18:05 AM  
Atari 2600 forever.
2002-01-08 12:18:29 AM  
2002-01-08 12:19:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

eh... not bad. GT3 is better
2002-01-08 12:21:48 AM  
GT3 rocks, but what we really need is a cross between it and Carmageddon.
2002-01-08 12:24:25 AM  
Luvnuriko -- it's called Wreckless. Look it up.
2002-01-08 12:24:35 AM  
2002-01-08 12:25:11 AM  
Is this it, Jonny??
2002-01-08 12:25:31 AM  
Or don't. Just go here.
2002-01-08 12:26:23 AM  
IGN isn't that great of a site anymore. They used to have a ton of media available for free, but now you have to join their special little insider program if you want to get any game movies or pictures besided the few samples they put up for free.
2002-01-08 12:26:26 AM  
What are the photoshop possibilities for these?
2002-01-08 12:30:09 AM  
feh, still think the only games on the PS2 worth having at GT3:AS, and GTA3. The only thing the Black Hand of Death (tm) that is Sony (tm) hasn't sucked the life out of.
2002-01-08 12:32:39 AM  
That fooking popup made my eyes bleed.
2002-01-08 12:37:08 AM  
I don't know... I agree on the game you mention fifthcolumn... BUT, I like Twisted Metal:Black and the new 007: Agent under fire..... so I'd add them to the list.
2002-01-08 12:41:43 AM  
What about FFX? I have yet to play it but it looks sweet
2002-01-08 12:43:37 AM  
What about MGS2?
2002-01-08 12:47:25 AM  
IGN has made a turn for the worse last year... They used to have lots of nice content and stuff but now its all just ads ads ads bloody ads and a popup to spite you as well. I've turned to gamespot and the GIA for game news. permanently.
2002-01-08 12:47:47 AM  
It's hard to judge a game from screenshots. It looks good, but how does it play?
2002-01-08 12:48:11 AM  
FFX and MGS2. both so very, very rich in digital boobies.
2002-01-08 12:52:11 AM  
finally, damage in a racing game! I love GT3, but the only thing that happens when you slam into the wall at 150 is that you have to take it to the car wash. I think it would be sweet if you could bend the chassis and jam the tires is the wheel wells so the car only drives in circles, but imagine how frustrating GT3 would have been if they simulated damage penalties to the same degree they simulate clutch/flywheel upgrades. seems like a niche that hasn't been filled in the driving game category, but without interesting courses it doesn't matter what you do.

which fark works at activision? I also work at a game co. in the bay area. we should hook it up and make some drinking games for gta3.
2002-01-08 12:52:33 AM  
We have determined this to quite possibly be Jonny's game he's been working on.
Activision Delivers First Race of Champions Screenshots
Activision and English developer Climax team up for their first rally racer. First screens!
2002-01-08 12:56:34 AM  
This game is coming out for Gamecube too, I believe...
2002-01-08 01:11:30 AM  
Being a geek, i must point this out:

PS/2- Universal PC standard for mouse connections

PS2- PlayStation 2
2002-01-08 01:52:40 AM  
Wow, Fark has gone from the sports-related articles over the weekend, to gaming articles during the weekday. Interesting. Not that I'm complaining though, because I like both. :)
2002-01-08 01:53:47 AM  
You mean Activision is doing something for consoles other than their repetative O2 crap?! Its about farkin' time! I hope they drive their O2 line into ground soon so they can get on with "Games for Gamers" instead of "Games for people too damn lazy to get off their a$$ and buy a skateboard."
2002-01-08 02:22:20 AM  
Radiofreewill is a very big fan of the '80's sitcom "Small Wonder". It's a fact!
2002-01-08 03:26:28 AM  
What is wrong with that, Hytes Xian? I am a big fan of Small Wonder too.
2002-01-08 04:04:32 AM  
Kenh... this is nothing to do with me... mine's on there tho'!!
2002-01-08 04:41:22 AM  
FoamingPipeSnake... trust me, it plays great :-)

Dude - I don't work for Activision, they're just publishing our game :-)

Good guess, Kenh ;)

Yes, I work for Climax. Yes, I've heard all the jokes before *grins*
2002-01-08 04:41:58 AM  
Oh, and it's PC/PS/2/Xbox/Gamecube, too ;)
2002-01-08 04:42:21 AM  
Radiofreewill - *grins*

Go for it - PLEASE! :)
2002-01-08 05:40:57 AM  
Damn, Mask beat me to it. But PS/2 is also used on most keyboards these days.
2002-01-08 06:46:32 AM  
Been there, done that. Originality in video games is all but dead.
2002-01-08 07:36:26 AM  
Mask and Satan, you're both wrong. The "PS/2" in "PS/2 mouse connector" or "PS/2 keyboard connector" refers to an old IBM PC line that first had the mouse and keyboard connectors you're thinking of. Great machines, microchannel architecture, way ahead of their time.

Of course IBM screwed up the marketing and didn't give them backward hardware compatibility (usually no ISA slots), so they faded into oblivion.
2002-01-08 07:40:43 AM  
Porkgod, you troll. Have you played GTA3? How about MGS2? Both highly original, incredibly-well done games.

GTA3 occupies a higher percentage of my soul than I'd really rather admit...
2002-01-08 07:59:14 AM  
Hey, none of those games will run on my (IBM) PS/2....
2002-01-08 09:01:11 AM  
Maybe it's just me, but I think Twisted Metal Black sucks ass... it's certainly nothing compared to the classic, TM2.

As for the PS/2, there's no denying the sickness of Tony Hawk.... but more violent driving games would certainly be appreciated!
2002-01-08 09:44:05 AM  
PS2 is the console, PS/2 is a mouse port that probably can't run very many games.
2002-01-08 10:54:48 AM  
BorkingChikapa & Dopefish: You've confused the order of things, allow me to remind you...

1. Read Comments
2. Post Comments
2002-01-08 11:16:55 AM  
I'll be sure to hack some good stuff for that one!
2002-01-08 11:22:34 AM  
Both PS2 and PS/2 are crap. Xbox and USB forever! :)
2002-01-08 11:40:26 AM  
"Get rad with several kinds of cars, or twinsies like this."

Hehe, yeah, get rad. What is this, 1988??? Surely there is some punk ass kid with baggy pants, a goatee and a shaved head saying "Yo, I think they were all meaning some shiat like HELLA TIGHT, YO, like that's all hella sick, G!"

-he who stacks pork
2002-01-08 12:14:25 PM  
DjArcas and Dude --> Any opportunities at your bay area gaming companies for a fellow farker?
2002-01-08 12:43:53 PM  
DjArcas: Very cool! I'd love to compare the gameplay to the likes of WRC (if we ever see it in the US) and some of the old standbys like Colin McRae Rally 2 and Michelin Rally Masters: Race of Champions.
2002-01-08 02:10:15 PM  
I quote from the end of the blurb:
"no more need for darkened windscreens in race games."

and yet the windscreens in the screenshots are darkened!

2002-01-08 02:51:48 PM  
well, DjArcas, I guess we'll just have to wait until I cross the pond to toss back those pints.

and FrankSinatra, love to help you out, but I just got my hours cut to part time... we're kind of in an in-between period here. but what do you do? drop me a line and we can pool our resources: dj­sm­acka­ho­[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamt­o­h*c­om
2002-01-08 04:15:54 PM  
i miss daily radar.. great site..great reviews and rumour hunters..

but neway.. xbox blows ps2 out of the water.. all those ps2 exclusive games everyone says make it more worth it, like silent hill 2 gta3 and mgs2.... all coming to xbox as well...ps2 is going to hell in a handbasket within a year or 2....hell even gamecube has better graphics at this point..
2002-01-08 05:23:49 PM  
I agree. Max Payne on the Xbox is AMAZING compared to the PS2 version. Also, I was just watching the guy in the cube next to me playing Blood Wake, and it's gorgeous. Overall it just seems like a more powerful and reliable system.
2002-01-08 08:08:36 PM  
Yep Wreckless Is going to Kick Ass. FEB 05 BABY!!! Its a Shame The Farker didn't Dev. for Xbox it would look nearly 3x's as Good.
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