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2004-05-06 01:03:45 PM  
farked. Is there a mirror?
2004-05-06 01:04:54 PM  
can anyone post the article up? My work filter's blocking it as Sex/Extreme for whatever reasons.
2004-05-06 01:05:02 PM  

Don't be an asshat.
2004-05-06 01:18:09 PM  
Non-farked mirror:

2004-05-06 01:20:31 PM  
perisoft people like you made me leave SA.
2004-05-06 01:21:22 PM  
2004-05-06 01:24:28 PM  

Hopefully you're just kidding. Or, maybe you don't know that the entire worls, except for the US, writes the date with the day first, then the month, then year.

actually, in China and anyone using ISO standard dates uses
CCYY-MM-DD format C-Century Y-Year M-Month D-Day
2004-05-06 01:26:36 PM  

I didn't find what you did too offensive. You may have done it a little heavy handed, but since other people have remarked taht it is farked, and there are mirrors posted in the above comments long before that guy posted his post is certainly devoid of content. It was farked when I visited so I browsed the comments and went to one of the mirrors that was posted (and is still working). RTFA and RTFC are a little over posted, but they have good thoughts behind them.
2004-05-06 01:29:27 PM  
perisoft My doctor recommends "StressTabs"
2004-05-06 01:32:00 PM  
ROFL! That's a classic.

/thanks to the fellow Farkers for mirroring it....
2004-05-06 01:46:32 PM  

Mach1 in a ford cortina eh. Sweeeeeeeet.

"He's like everyone else
he's got a Ford Cortina
that just won't run without fuel.

Fill 'er up, Jacko!"

/Janie Jones
2004-05-06 02:01:52 PM  
2004-05-06 02:09:31 PM  
I once got pulled over doing 92 in a 55. (That's 59 KPH over the limit for all you metric people out there)

The officer asked for my license and proof of insurance.

Well, I was out of state (I was going to school in Georgia) and my home state (Alabama) did not require us to carry proof of insurance in the car (you still had to be insured though, obviously).

I had just gotten my license renewed, so I had a temporary license on me. Well, the Alabama DMV was going through a transitional period for their computer systems, and my temporary license was just a computer printout, with no picture.

So let's see here:
37 MPH over the speed limit
No proof of insurance
Driver's License without a picture

My friend who was riding with me says to me as the officer walked back to the patrol card with my info says to me "This isn't good." I respond, "Yeah, I'm going to jail."

Officer returns to the car and says, "I'm going to let you off with a warning THIS TIME, just slow it down ok?"

As I pulled away, my friend finally speaks again, "Did that just happen? How the fark did you get off with a warning?!"
2004-05-06 02:09:55 PM  
Good for him in getting it reversed. That's a pretty steep fine for a seemingly negligible (depending on which poster's calculations you use) infraction. I guess humor can still win the day occasionally, after all.

Question for the Aussies in the crowd: In the U.S., in addition to the police agencies of individual cities, most states also have "state police" who patrol the the state's highway/expressway system. Does Australia have something similar? I ask this because here in California, the outcome of your traffic stop (i.e. being socked with a ticket or let off with a warning) can depend on which group (city cop or highway patrol) the officer who nailed you belongs to.

Most city cops (and I talked to quite a few during the two years I studied criminal justice in college) loathe traffic detail with a passion. Traffic enforcement is often left to whomever drew the short straw, or had the least seniority. Most city cops would rather do just about anything else besides give out tickets. There are always exceptions, but by and large, most city police would answer the age-old rebuke "Don't you have anything BETTER to do?" with a resounding "YES!"

Accordingly, a driver who (a)displays the appropriately cheerful, polite, repentant attitude, and (b)has nothing else going against him (like an outstanding warrant, breath like the inside of a Coors brewery, or a .44 Magnum and a kilo of heroin sitting on the passenger's seat) actually stands a fair chance of winning reprieve from a city cop for minor infractions.

State troopers/police, on the other hand, are a different story. In California, we have the "CHP": the "California Highway Patrol" (commonly--and somewhat derogatorily--referred to as "Chips," "Chippies," and the ever-colorful "Triple-A With A Gun"). This agency does a number of things, but its officers' primary duty (by FAR) is twofold: 1)clean up car wrecks, and 2)raise revenue for the state by issuing citations.

For as long as I can recall, the CHP has been widely renowned (read: notorious) for its officers' 'aggressive' pursuit of the latter goal. In fact, I have never heard a single story where someone nailed by the CHP *didn't* receive a ticket. I'm sure it has happened, but I'd be willing to bet that it's a rare occurence. It's pretty much common knowledge that if those red lights in the mirror belong to a CHP cruiser, it's already over. "Resistance in futile." Is this the experience of my fellow California farkers as well?

And it seems to me like it's gotten worse lately. Since the onset of the state's budget crisis--and the impending threat it poses to the CHP's funding--they have become positively mercenary. It is rare for me to see fewer than 3 cars pulled over during my commute (each way); I'll often count as many as 7. It's rediculous, and it smells like naked revenue-chasing to me.
2004-05-06 02:19:18 PM  
Here's a rough OCR of the image:

Justin Lee
46 Dav:d Avc
New Zealand Police
Infnr.gement Bureau
PC Box 9147
Good morning,
Yesterday. I was presentee with the above infringement notice (copy attached for your
records) while returning home from the Parachute music festival it Mystery Creek near
Hamilton over the long Auckland Anniversary weekend I had a most excellent
weekend, but 1:1.1: is not why I'm writing lu you 74, the first range of proto-typc 1 iondas had an automated number plate
changing mechanism (like on the A-Team) which were used to avoid parking uckcts and
facilitate safer getaways from burglaries, armed hold-ups and the like.
So to recap, it appears that on my birthday on June the 23"* 1974.1 crawled out of the
maternity ward, hijacked a seriously high powered Honda saloon with an automated
number plate changing mechanism, drove to Auckland at close to Moch I. was pulled
over approaching the Bombay hills juid unwittingly chitnged UK automated number plate
changing mechanism to show the same number as a car I would come to own almost
thirty yean lauil! (The chance of selecting the sains number plate in a mere 1 in
308.915.776 - so quite conceivable)
I am currently residing at the address listed at the top of this letter. I expect you will want
to apprehend nte fairly shortly now Out we've ett>blis!ied that I uia> have ooiiuniltcd the
following offences:
- Grand thcA auto (1 probably stole (he Honda as my parents drove a white Ford Cortina
at that stage)
- Driving without a license
- Driving at ludicrous speed using a motor vehicle
- Evading Ute law using an automated number plate changing mechanism
If you could provide a clearer indication as to why the "date of ofTence' i the xame as my
birthday, and why the vehicle make and type bears no resemblance to the number plate
listed on the infringement notice, it would be appreciated Mind you, I wouldn't be too
disappointed if we agreed to le; th:s one go. I could really use the SI 20 dollars as I'm
lowering my Nissan, installing an excessively noiy waste-gate and boring it nut for
better performance in the street drags down Te Irirangi drive and around Weymouih.
Think yoj for considering my submission, 1 look forward to heating from you.
ustin Lcc
Encl. Copy of infringement notice N3735700
Now Zomtmnd
30 March 2004
Justin Lee
46 David Avenue
Dear Sir

Infringomont Notice: PN 3735700
I refer to your correspondence regarding the above infringement notice.
After careful consideration of your comments and the circumstances
surrounding the issue of this notice, rt has been decided on this occasion to
waive tne offence. Accordingly, you are no longer required to pay the
nfringement fee.
Yours larthfully

for Senior Sergeant Bryan Heatoy
Manager Adjudication
S.irer Communlflri
275-ttJ O4M Svtet Weftngton. N** ZNiftt. *O Bom f 147. VWkngtor
2004-05-06 02:19:43 PM  
Can someone please tell me what the name of the 26th month is again?

You do realize it's actually January 26, 2004, right?
2004-05-06 02:20:15 PM  
Of course, model years will differ.

[image from ebbro.com too old to be available]

Other Nissan Bluebird SSS 510s (1967).
2004-05-06 02:27:33 PM  
seems the OCR didn't have everything.. but you can't polish a turd..
2004-05-06 02:40:01 PM  

I'm in OC (hey neighbor!) and seem to have had the opposite experience. My one CHP experience was pretty good - female cop with a good attitude who, if I remember, let me off with a warning or maybe a fix-it ticket and seemed to have some respect for my car ('66 Mustang). The city cops I've dealt with, however, were mostly asses with chips (no pun intended) on their shoulders. Of course, this is Mission Viejo, the second safest city in the country, so I guess the cops don't have much else to do.
2004-05-06 03:35:39 PM  
I submitted this a while ago with a funnier headline.
2004-05-06 03:35:40 PM  
In the dink town where I live, the cops really have nothing better to do than to give out tickets. The crime rate is practically zero so the only thing they do is drive around, bored out of their skull just looking for anything to pull you over for.

I've gotten tickets for window tinting, loud stereo, not using turn signals, speeding (of course), changing lanes too soon before or after an intersection, etc. etc. etc. Just stupid crap that I've never been pulled over for when I lived in Phoenix.

"Let's move to a small town.. Everybody is so much nicer there", my wife says. Yeah, right.
2004-05-06 03:51:59 PM  
There really is a Honda Saloon? I thought the cop had written the word "sedan" badly.

What's next, the Kia Tittie Bar?
2004-05-06 03:58:51 PM  
The last ticket I got was for careless driving in Portland in 7/2003. I got a reduculous court of 4/9/2004, almost 8 months later. Meanwhile, the legislature passed a fine increase which doubled the fine for my infraction retroactivly. I got to court and was first on the docket. The judge comes up and announces the bad news about the fines, then calls my case. The officer never showed. My case was dismissed, and people were high-fiving me on the way out of court. Best traffic court experience I have ever had by far.

Another time a lady cop pulled me over after I accidentally cut her off. I was driving my 1950 Chevy pickup and didn't see her. She checked me out and told me to leave my turnsignal on longer next time, and let me go.
2004-05-06 04:01:47 PM  
That was farking great.

If he did that in the states the cops would come to his house and pistol-whip him.
2004-05-06 04:08:06 PM  
I've gotten tickets for window tinting, loud stereo, not using turn signals, speeding (of course), changing lanes too soon before or after an intersection, etc.

[image from ipgn.com.au too old to be available]

Is this you RivyBeAsT?
2004-05-06 04:19:55 PM  

You know it! I be straight ballin' with da bling bling in my drop-top 'Bring!
2004-05-06 04:46:14 PM  

Yep. You'll love it, it's heading into winter here now of course. So you'll have to make your sweet love down by the fire.

South Island is better than North Island.
2004-05-06 04:46:14 PM  

Yep. You'll love it, it's heading into winter here now of course. So you'll have to make your sweet love down by the fire.

South Island is better than North Island.
2004-05-06 04:49:45 PM  
Didn't bother to read most of the above posts, but almost the same thing happened to me. I got a ticket in Jan. 2003, and the cop accidentally wrote "2002" on the ticket. The DMV promptly notified me that I had an unpaid ticket for over a year, and that they were suspending my liscense. Thankfully, I was able to call the DMV, get my 50 bucks refunded, and the ticket taken off my record. w00t. Turns out that if a cop makes any mistakes on the ticket at all, at least in DC, it doesn't count.
2004-05-06 04:56:56 PM  
When you get stopped, how many of you have had the cops ask for passenger's ID?

It's happened to me a couple times now. 1st time was around 10pm. I'm riding in the back of a friends car, half asleep when the State Trooper comes knocking on my window asking to see my ID. After I give it to him and he runs it thru his system, he comes back and asks me to roll up my sleeves to see my arms. Not seeing what he was looking for, he gives my friend a ticket for doing 69 in a 65 zone and we go.

2nd time, it was around 2am. I'm driving my cargo van home from a late night pickup hockey game when a female city cop pulls me over and asks to see my passenger's ID (another girl who had played that night). She comes back and claims she clocked me doing 69 in a "clearly marked 35." Now, there's a speed limit change from 50 to 35, and there's no sign until you get past the point where she says she got me doing 69, which we both tell her. I then ask her to look at the vehicle...there's no way it can get up to nearly 70mph without difficulty. Lady cop goes back to her car (still with my our licenses) and we start getting nervous. When she finally comes back, she tells me that she's giving me some kind of "in-city courtesy bullshiat and lets us finally go.

/no point - just felt like ranting
2004-05-06 05:02:41 PM  

The solution is simple...you simply need to create something else for the cops to do...either open a 24 hr donut shopppe or become a serial killer.
2004-05-06 05:28:30 PM  

Yes, there is a Honda Saloon. In other news, there really was a Ford Prefect.

Foreign market cars get different names which can sound odd to those in other markets.

Everyone else, there are also text versions of this story hosted elsewhere. Google some of the phrases and you'll find at least two.
2004-05-06 05:29:39 PM  
JT_Goalie, I've heard of that happening to other people. The law may vary from state to state and I'm not a Lawyer, but I don't think the passenger has to give ID (you don't need ID to ride in a car). I think it is something they often do to young people/other select profile targets to see if they have any warrants, etc. If the person has an unopened six pack on their lap then they may be able to check to see if the person is 21, other than that it is kind of "Let me see your papers". Even if you have nothing to hid, politely refuse. Know your rights & protect them.
2004-05-06 05:41:09 PM  
enough with the "priceless" parodies/taglines, fack.
2004-05-06 05:44:45 PM  
For you California drivers out there who manage to get tangled up with the cops and get a moving violation, check out: http://www.ticketassassin.com
2004-05-06 06:18:58 PM  
Didn't see any popups.

2004-05-06 08:00:10 PM  
While the letter was amusing it was unnessecary.
If they make and error on the infringement notice you get off, especially the date.
2004-05-06 08:48:10 PM  
Nah exposing and deleting idiot cops in the NZPF badly necessary. Right now there getting paid $40-60K (upper income bracket) for tax collection, so anyone that can't fill out a form properly should be turfed out on there arse ASAP.
2004-05-07 12:02:57 AM  
a little late but count me in:
I agree with EMP. That is a work of art.
2004-05-07 01:17:06 AM  
That is old and boring. Welcome to a couple of months ago.

Also, Wandarah, which part of Auckland are you in? I'm on the North Shore myself.
2004-05-07 01:22:30 AM  
i read this yesterday, got a ticket today. ironic and terrible at the same time.
2004-05-07 02:43:03 AM  
Being from New Zealand, and per chance actually from South Auckalnd Im having to say, Holy shiat bro! good one!! roflmao! KeOra!
2004-05-07 08:22:59 PM  
Got outta a ticket in Buckley, WA for the exact same reason. Didn't write a smart ass letter, just went to traffic court and told 'em I thought it was a significant enough clerical error to void the ticket. They agreed.

But first they made everyone strip and get into a big pile.
2004-05-07 09:03:04 PM  
justanotherfarkinfarker, somehow I would bet that in the US they can require passengers to show ID these days. Sounds like just the thing that would fall under a Homeland Security reg.
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