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(Laetitia Casra) Boobies To settle Heavenly 5 debate. Laetitia Casta. Not safe for work   ( divider line
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31507 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2002 at 10:52 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-05 10:53:34 PM  
yay.. my first link posted
2002-01-05 10:55:18 PM  
thanks drew... i'm sure all the men appreciate it :-)
2002-01-05 10:56:07 PM  
She is mighty fine.
Dapharmer, you did good.
Now go find us some more BOOBIES !
2002-01-05 10:56:31 PM  
Now THIS is a farking WOMAN.
2002-01-05 10:58:43 PM  
always looking.. always looking
2002-01-05 10:59:16 PM  
She's alright, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is one classy dame.
2002-01-05 10:59:30 PM  
I'd give my foreskin to see Jennifer Love and Laetitia Casta in a twosome
2002-01-05 11:02:29 PM  
Laetitia Casta is the best thing to come out of France since....mmmm well...
2002-01-05 11:02:52 PM  
A-la Homer Simpson, " French Woman."

Great pics, really hot woman, shiatty looking page design (red text on patterned blue background...& great pics........Sigh.
2002-01-05 11:03:55 PM  
Maybe not the best looking, but surely the best quallity images ever posted on Fark:

(Don't blame me, blame the end of the coldwar.)
2002-01-05 11:04:09 PM  
i'm sorry but after seeing the two french movies she did that she had long sex scenes in.. i dont care what names u throw out.. she tops em..
2002-01-05 11:06:07 PM  
search for laetitia_casta@gitano_01 on morpheus under video... you'll see for yourself
2002-01-05 11:06:15 PM  
Sex Scenes ?!?! 8-}

2002-01-05 11:06:42 PM  
and the movie names are gitano and bicycle blue
2002-01-05 11:07:38 PM  
At least all the guys get something to look at tonight... these are nice, but show me some Vin Diesel pics in the update and I'll be a happ(ier) girl.
2002-01-05 11:09:21 PM  
candypink.. not so bad looking yourself..(flamebait -- who's gonna start saying it's not her pic)
2002-01-05 11:10:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Good post Dapharmer
and you too KunDomo
2002-01-05 11:11:03 PM  
thanks john.. see drew what did i say
2002-01-05 11:16:33 PM  
Dapharmer: thanks :)

and yes, it is my pic. if i was going to use a fake one, i would have one that looked more like laetitia casta.
2002-01-05 11:16:52 PM  
Boobies we can all agree on? Wow.
2002-01-05 11:17:44 PM  
Tonight I am having sex with the heavenly five:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-05 11:18:12 PM  
Dapharmer hows the injuries bud? can you still masturbate? hehe
2002-01-05 11:19:18 PM  
i lucked out.. cast is only on for 3 more weeks and they renewe my vicoden.. and everything else works fine last time i checked
2002-01-05 11:21:13 PM  
ne bets on how long that site is gonna last.. its on a spanish server and i doubt it's ever had the hits per hour it'll be getting tonight
2002-01-05 11:21:14 PM  
2002-01-05 11:24:42 PM  

That lucky farker in the bicycle blue video must get up every single day and say.. "I rule !!"
2002-01-05 11:25:22 PM  
nah.. the guy in gitano tops him out
2002-01-05 11:25:52 PM  
Grivas yes, I'm happy thanks!
Just needed closure on that damn thing!
2002-01-05 11:26:07 PM  
didn't get that one yet ;}
2002-01-05 11:29:30 PM  
ok, you're right He's the luckiest son of a biatch alive!
2002-01-05 11:31:27 PM  
except of course for whoever is lucky enough to shack up with her for real
2002-01-05 11:31:58 PM  
I vote for me!!
2002-01-05 11:32:14 PM  
Mmmm.....some of the best French BOOBIES ever...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-05 11:34:48 PM  
Lick 'em then slap a di*k between 'em
2002-01-05 11:36:01 PM  
she's got a whole lot of areas i'd do that to
2002-01-05 11:38:06 PM  
Only one NSFW pic I could find, on the last page, but it's one that I had previous seen only in black and white. Quite nice.
2002-01-05 11:39:30 PM  
I'd be paralyzed with indecision.. I'm mean really, where would you start :]
I'm sure i'd figure something out soon enough
2002-01-05 11:40:42 PM  
lips are a good start
2002-01-05 11:41:25 PM  
BloodyL lots of NSFW of Ms. Casta
2002-01-05 11:42:18 PM  
lips are a good start

again a dillema ~!
2002-01-05 11:43:40 PM  
the one's on her face ...she's got some of the nicest of those on ne multi model i've ever seen
2002-01-05 11:44:40 PM  
true true
2002-01-05 11:47:25 PM  
Laetitia Casra rocks.
2002-01-05 11:51:53 PM  
... <sigh> ...

Thank you so very much.
2002-01-05 11:52:16 PM  
casra? Casta!
2002-01-05 11:53:20 PM  
Beavosaurus Rex:
Thank you very much :)
2002-01-05 11:56:05 PM  
Link says casra ...

It's a fair cop, but
society's to blame
2002-01-05 11:59:51 PM  
2002-01-06 12:16:12 AM  
easily one of the most sexist women on this earth
2002-01-06 12:16:53 AM  
most sexist?
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