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(NBC San Diego)   Son accidentally shoots mother while showing her the new laser-targeting device on his gun   ( nbcsandiego.com) divider line
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2004-05-02 09:06:20 AM  
I'm really sick and tired of this crap, safetied, unloaded guns NEVER go off accidentally. And even loaded guns that aren't pointed at PEOPLE aren't gonna do a lot of damage to people.
2004-05-02 10:00:15 AM  
Oh man, he is soooo grounded for that.
2004-05-02 10:07:28 AM  
"Sorry" doesn't really cut it in this situation.
2004-05-02 10:51:14 AM  
Well, at least we know that the laser site is accurate.
2004-05-02 12:51:46 PM  
Kids, this is just another lesson on Gun safety.
2004-05-02 12:59:34 PM  
Police say a 53-year-old San Diego woman was shot and killed as her 24-year-old son

At 24, your should have a little more common sense then to point a loaded gun at someon.
2004-05-02 01:07:45 PM  
u never aim a gun at someone u dont intend to kill.
thats a rule of the streets.

i'd like to know which neighborhood in San Diego this happened at.

/lived in S.D for 7 years.
2004-05-02 01:47:58 PM  
Unfreakable, she's grounded.
2004-05-02 06:33:30 PM  
that little red dot from the laser is there for a reason, you put it on what you want to kill, not your mom retardo.
2004-05-02 06:35:10 PM  
not your mom retardo

Stand up and fill a cup, because Retardos are number 1.
2004-05-02 06:35:20 PM  
Happy Mother's Day!
2004-05-02 06:35:26 PM  
so you mean using the laser pointer on my glock to amuse my cats is wrong?
2004-05-02 06:35:35 PM  
"Point this end at whatever you want to die..."

Even Homer knows gun safety.

You have to feel sorry for the guy though, no matter how stupid he is.
2004-05-02 06:36:59 PM  
I smell a sequel...

[image from mlbmovies.com too old to be available]

I guess it could a a prequel.
2004-05-02 06:37:00 PM  
When I wanted to show off the laser sight on my new gun, I pointed it at a pop can, not my MOTHER.

I love you, mum.
2004-05-02 06:37:09 PM  
was he a law enforcement officer?

cause then it is just an accident while he was doing his duty.

if it works when they shoot 14 year olds it should work for this.
2004-05-02 06:37:54 PM  
Oh my god - a gun can injure people? And I thought only people could injure people...
2004-05-02 06:38:27 PM  
could have saved a lot of money and pain by taping a laser pointer keychain to his finger and making "bang bang" noises
2004-05-02 06:38:54 PM  
Hey, Maw! Check this out!
2004-05-02 06:39:09 PM  
"Accidentally." Yeah, right.
2004-05-02 06:40:18 PM  
[image from movieprop.com too old to be available]

"Sarah Connor?"
2004-05-02 06:41:15 PM  
Got a brand new semi automatic weapon with a laser sight
shoot to kill now
shoot to kill

Weird Al,
'Trigger Happy'

/best song evar
2004-05-02 06:43:33 PM  

A gun is only as smart as the person that holds it...which is not very smart in most cases.
2004-05-02 06:43:37 PM  
i'd like to know which neighborhood in San Diego this happened at.

neighborhood: Encanto (2100 block of Swan Street)
mother: Margaret Schmitt
2004-05-02 06:44:13 PM  
oh come on, GUNS don't kill people --

oh wait, they do.

/hey mom, check out this new bowie knife I got -- *stab stab stab* -- whoah! didn't mean to do that!
2004-05-02 06:44:56 PM  
how do you get on with your life after you kill your own mother accidentally?

I'd probably just turn the gun on myself. there's really no point in living after you do something really stupid that actually kills someone.
2004-05-02 06:45:06 PM  
guns don't kill people any more than hammers build houses.
2004-05-02 06:46:12 PM  
"My bad"
2004-05-02 06:46:27 PM  
I think this also qualifies as
img.fark.netView Full Size
. I mean, he just shot his mom. He's got a rough road ahead.

On the other hand, that was completely idiotic. He shouldn't have pointed the gun at a person, shouldn't have had it loaded, shouldn't have had the safety off, and he probably shouldn't have a gun if he isn't responsible enough to use it properly.

My granddad always told me to never point a gun at someone, and that was with NERF guns.
2004-05-02 06:46:58 PM  
Yeah, the guy's an idiot, but jeez, that would suck SO MUCH.
2004-05-02 06:47:14 PM  

last week i picked up my hammer and accidentally built a house
2004-05-02 06:49:15 PM  
"last week i picked up my hammer and accidentally built a house"

Were you trying to build a pool? Happens to me all the time.

"'Tis a fine house, but sure 'tis no pool"
2004-05-02 06:49:51 PM  
haha, i was thinking the exact same thing when i typed that
2004-05-02 06:50:36 PM  
"Grand Theft Auto" videogames being blamed in 5.... 4 ...3...2 ....
2004-05-02 06:50:58 PM  
likeley excuse

/her name was sarah conner wasn't it?
2004-05-02 06:51:03 PM  
As a son, I feel sorry for him. As a thinking man, I believe he has learned his lesson in the most extreme way possible.
2004-05-02 06:52:19 PM  
I believe he has learned his lesson in the most extreme way possible.

yah, I don't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon.
2004-05-02 06:52:54 PM  
2004-05-02 06:53:15 PM  
Dumbass indeed, but I feel terrible for him.... I'd turn the gun on myself if I'd of done something like that.
2004-05-02 06:53:21 PM  
More civillians are killed each year by unloaded than loaded guns.

/I'd better check the facts
2004-05-02 06:53:27 PM  
2004-05-02 06:54:00 PM  
All guns are loaded.

All safties are broken.

Never point a gun at something you don't intend to shoot.

Never shoot at anything you don't intend to destroy.
2004-05-02 07:00:46 PM  
Guns don't kill people, bullets don't kill people, even diseases don't kill people. DEATH kills people!
2004-05-02 07:01:28 PM  

My grandpa said the same thing about NERF guns to me, too. The question I always had to ask was "Isn't the whole point fo having a NERF gun is to shoot people with it?"

Sadly, that's the main reason to own a real gun, too. Anyone who owns a gun "for protection" has resigned him or herself to the fact that they don't have a problem shooting someone. I have no idea how awful that must be for you. Most of you have probably even disillusioned yourselves into thinking it makes you a tougher man. Or that it makes you safer... in the later case go back and RTFA. That isn't an isolated incident.

If I owned a gun and someone broke into my place and was trheatening me or my loved ones I couldn't shoot the person. Call em weak, call me a soft pu$$y. Whatever. I think I'm a better person for it, and I know my penis isn't so small that I need to keep an extention locked up in my top drawer nightstand.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, it's been a long day and I needed to let out some steam.
2004-05-02 07:01:55 PM  
[image from binarystorage.net too old to be available]
2004-05-02 07:02:48 PM  
Man... as stupid as he was for pointing it at her in the first place, you've got to feel for this guy. I mean, he's killed his own mother -- that's not something you're ever going to get over. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if he kills himself to silence the grief and regret.

2004-05-02 07:03:40 PM  
Look, Mom, no hands!
Look, Mom, no brains!
/i hate the human race...
2004-05-02 07:03:46 PM  
guns don't kill people any more than hammers build houses.

Ever build a house accidentally? What about in a moment of unthinking rage?

/my house was built that way
2004-05-02 07:04:31 PM  
[image from us.news2.yimg.com too old to be available]
2004-05-02 07:04:34 PM  
I don't buy this "accident" bullshiat.

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