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(MSNBC)   Hostage truck driver Thomas Hamill escapes from Iraqi captors, said to be assisted by orangutan named Clyde   ( msnbc.msn.com) divider line
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2004-05-02 12:30:39 PM  
Someone get that monkey a medal!
2004-05-02 12:31:23 PM  
or a banana
2004-05-02 12:34:42 PM  
Yay for Thomas Hamill.
2004-05-02 12:35:17 PM  
a truck driver for a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corp.

Come on, we all know he's CIA.
2004-05-02 12:35:26 PM  
Has anyone read the article lately?
2004-05-02 12:35:27 PM  
Ghost of Harry Houdini wanted for questioning.
2004-05-02 12:35:29 PM  
2004-05-02 12:35:52 PM  
[image from gearjammer.com too old to be available]

would be proud
2004-05-02 12:36:46 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-05-02 12:37:32 PM  
Another fine job by the A-Team
2004-05-02 12:37:46 PM  
Quick, someone make a sitcom about a truck driver and his pet monkey!

//Its never been done!
2004-05-02 12:37:55 PM  
Hero - no.
Lucky bastard - yes.
2004-05-02 12:39:04 PM  
This is eerily reminiscent of that episode of Happy Days when Chachi gets rescued by that monkey commando
2004-05-02 12:39:04 PM  
Good jorb, Mr. Hamill. Way to escape from the hostage truck you were driving.

Now let's see how long it is before someone says "this guy works for Halliburton! He should die!"...
2004-05-02 12:39:23 PM  
That guy rules!
2004-05-02 12:39:40 PM  
I can only imagine how happy his family is.
Great news.
2004-05-02 12:40:41 PM  
I for one, am glad the fella turned up ok.
2004-05-02 12:41:15 PM  
Good news....glad for him and his family.
2004-05-02 12:42:38 PM  
I skimmed through the story twice and saw no reference to an orangutan named clyde. Did MSNBC update their story and take away the reference to the orangutan?
2004-05-02 12:42:52 PM  
We'll hear about the TV movie going into production before the week is out. Still, great news.
2004-05-02 12:43:04 PM  
Argh, all the article talks about is his familiy and people from his town. Sure, it's great that he escapes, but how about some details on the "escape" people! SHEESH!
2004-05-02 12:43:20 PM  

Haven't you read the memo? Anyone involved with Iraq who is killed or survives a deadly experience is automatically a Hero. Seriously, EVERYONE has the memo. Where have you been?

Oh, By the way, they also have to be American.

/Happy the guy made it out alive.
2004-05-02 12:43:46 PM  
If I took an extremely high paying job in a high risk area and got captured, would I then be a 'hero?'
And if bided my time and hauled ass the first chance I got, would that constitute a 'miracle?'
2004-05-02 12:45:24 PM  
A guy is not a hero for saving his own ass,especially when all he did was pry open a door and run half a mile....

then again, to most americans, someone who can run half a mile would be a hero, wouldn't they?
2004-05-02 12:45:41 PM  
Unfortunate that he sold his herd, milk prices are going sky high.
2004-05-02 12:45:50 PM  
Being taken hostage != hero
Risking your life to rescue hostages = hero

pretty much
2004-05-02 12:46:27 PM  
Kellie Hamill said she did not know when he would return to the United States. He said there was a lot going on. He didnt know when he would get back because they are doing a bunch of other stuff,

This supports the charge that he is CIA
2004-05-02 12:47:28 PM  
2004-05-02 12:48:45 PM  
Grats, nicely done man

/sure he reads the comments
2004-05-02 12:49:58 PM  
I seem to remember reports that he was killed.. did I make those up?
2004-05-02 12:50:28 PM  
I'd just like to comment that I appreciate how the Fark admins greenlighted the only damned submission that wasn't NEWS FLASH. Fight the inflation!
2004-05-02 12:51:06 PM  
a truck driver for a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corp.

You mean the White House?
2004-05-02 12:52:29 PM  
Right...he's in the CIA. Because being in HALLIBURTON is such a great cover...
2004-05-02 12:54:20 PM  
Shouldn't have been there in the first place.

/Flame on
2004-05-02 12:54:28 PM  
Was he the hostage, or did he drive a truck full of hostages?

/too lazy to click the link...
2004-05-02 12:55:14 PM  
Glad he escaped! his family must be relieved.

2004-05-02 12:55:52 PM  
I have to give the guy props for leading the army back to where he was taken hostage. Most people would just want to get the hell back home.
2004-05-02 12:56:33 PM  
Hah, yes, I'm sure they meant the White House. And this guy certainly looks CIA, being a pudgy dairy farmer who went to Iraq only recently. Fark's got all the loons posting this morning.
2004-05-02 12:56:52 PM  
That reminds me: since the insurgents started bombing convoys and taking hostages, the uproar over Halliburton's cost plus contracts hasn't been all that great. I wonder why...
2004-05-02 01:02:32 PM  
did he use the force?

-bad hamill joke.
2004-05-02 01:05:13 PM  
Very brave.
I'm glad my father no longer works for Kellogg, Brown
and Root with all these capture stories.
2004-05-02 01:05:20 PM  

Hah, yes, I'm sure they meant the White House. And this guy certainly looks CIA, being a pudgy dairy farmer who went to Iraq only recently. Fark's got all the loons posting this morning.

2004-05-02 01:06:19 PM  
And he says he's ready to get back to work, too. Greedy bastard.
"Got them thar bills to pay."
2004-05-02 01:06:55 PM  
.....hmph. Being he was Halliburton, he should've died.

/no blood for profits
2004-05-02 01:07:39 PM  
Kick ass!

I'm not going to get all partisan here, I'm just glad this guy was able to get home.
2004-05-02 01:07:47 PM  
Any way you look at it, this is a positive event. Hero or not, can't we just be glad he got out alive? It's a blow to the insurgents and a relief for his family.
2004-05-02 01:08:38 PM  
I wonder if he will be docked for the time he spent slacking-off as a hostage.
I sure hope the guy belongs to a union.
2004-05-02 01:09:04 PM  
Did Thomas Hamill find out that Osama was his real father, and together they could overthrow the Emperor and rule the Dark Side ?
2004-05-02 01:09:19 PM  
"Let's get the hell out of here!"

[image from kaspermark.subnet.dk too old to be available]

/"Hostages rescued!"
2004-05-02 01:11:33 PM  
Escaped? As in "walked out of a building"? I'm happy for the guy and his family of course. But forgive me for being doubtful of the heroics of this after the whole Jessica Lynch debacle...
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