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(Yahoo)   Iran denies military ties with Palestinians, well duh   ( divider line
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748 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2002 at 10:37 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-05 10:54:16 AM  
Praise be to allah.
2002-01-05 10:56:39 AM  
There is no "Allah" in Persian.

2002-01-05 11:02:55 AM  
There is, however, Buddy Christ:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-05 11:24:49 AM  
I hate headlines like this.


These aren't headlines or news. What the fark do the expect them to do... tell the truth?

Now when they confess to it... that should be the headline.

I rant, therefore I Fark.
2002-01-05 11:32:08 AM  
Fb- denies buying a drink for Harmonia! Says "That farking jackass is a terrorist!"

hmm.. not good enough

Fb- confesses to buying a drink for Harmonia! Says "Well, if we can settle our differences, then there is still hope for Israel and Palestine."

Now that's NEWS
2002-01-05 11:38:26 AM  
Iran has long been known to fund Islamic organizations with the purpose of obliterating Israel
2002-01-05 11:57:09 AM  
Ayatoll-ya so.
2002-01-05 12:01:26 PM  
Iran is weak, Russia is strong. Has Risk tought you nothing?
2002-01-05 12:04:09 PM  
and here's some persian for ya!


(person who is crazy and obessed for a girl's pussy)
2002-01-05 12:15:23 PM  
Whenever AP or Reuters mentions a country, they should print the Risk value number next to it. Iran (6) denies funding arms to Palestine (1).

Or whatever.

2002-01-05 12:24:45 PM
2002-01-05 12:46:12 PM  
Well, I think it's about time that the Christian-Zionist teamup against the Palestinians gets stopped in its tracks.

So knock it off and give them back the rockets and bullets.

One at a time, and one per head ;-)

The Israeli's should keep the ship and use it as a gun platform to blast farking palestinians.
2002-01-05 01:04:52 PM  
The vessel was purchased by senior Palestinian Authority officials with PA funds; its skipper, now under Israeli interrogation, is a lieutenant colonel of Palestinian Naval Intelligence, three crewmen belong to the same force and a high-ranking Hizballah operative was also captured on the deck of the Karine-A. Arafat has thus been caught red-handed placing his resources, many of which come out of donations from Western governments, into a manifest collaborative operation with a proscribed terror group.
2002-01-05 01:20:55 PM  
and all he can saw is "I didn't know about". So that either means he is lying or his underlings are trying to bring in 50 tons of weapons and he really was completely clueless....yeah right. and does anyone take him to task for it? no that would just make the situation more volatile. a little more truth in this whole mideast situation would be refreshing.
2002-01-05 01:29:52 PM  
In other news, America admits military ties with Israel.
2002-01-05 02:00:15 PM  
In other news, America admits military ties with Israel.

The US is a force for wholesome goodness.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

(So is Domo Kun).
2002-01-05 02:20:39 PM  
``Every day, the Zionist regime is making baseless claims and takes undue advantage of the indifference of international forums to the suppression of Palestinians in order to increase its inhumane activities,'' Asefi said, according to the BBC in London which monitored the television broadcast."

Hmm Don't The Islamic Regime Say Bin Laden Is Innocent then Go name their Kids after him to Celebrate him Bringing America "Justice?" They say 4000 Jews weren't at the WTC that Day because the Terrorist were Jew? Yet Bin Laden and Islamic Celgeres Celebrate the Hi-jackers.(Now why would a Islamic Fundie who hates Jews for a Living Celebrate him and say He is In Paridise with Allah???) While the Islamic Regimes says things and Says their true Yet they arent't Based of Fact. They say Isrial is Lieing out their ARSE yet Isrial has based it on fact.
2002-01-05 02:59:49 PM  
If Isreal can stop a ship in international waters, that either makes her a pirate or a nation at war.

So if Isreal is at war, I see nothing wrong in one side trying to arm themselves. That's what a war is right?
2002-01-05 03:03:15 PM  
Iran was selling arms to Arafat and then using the profits to fund the Contra freedom fighters in central america.
2002-01-05 03:35:46 PM  
Daz: great idea!
2002-01-05 03:48:38 PM  
For Israel, stopping that ship is a matter of national security. If they don't stop that ship, those weapons are going to be used against them. They'd be stupid not to. And they're not stupid.
2002-01-05 06:29:07 PM  
Yes, Daz, great idea.

Israel has been at war since 1948 at least. Iran is just jealous 'cause they don't have nuks and Israel does ;p

At least Israel doesn't have Major Kong.
(No I am not going to do that Slim Pickens jpg again - for a while)
2002-01-05 07:10:04 PM  
love the name Clawd, my 2nd fav hockey player
2002-01-05 07:10:53 PM  
one shouldn't confuse IRAN with the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY. IRAN is a right-wing theocratic state. the PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY is a leftist secular political entity. HIZBULLAH and the PA are likewise on opposite ends of the political spectrum. any view that conflates these organizations and states is either naive or a self-serving delusion and therefore completely baseless and illegitimate.

btw: nobody can confirm anything about this boat. israel should not be trusted to tell the truth about anything on this matter.
2002-01-05 07:21:51 PM  
and who should be trusted to tell truth? Not you chaztuna, cuz you can't handle the truth! ;p
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