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(Fark)   Presidential Debate after party thread - HAVE YOU SEEN IT? HAVE YOU???   ( divider line
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2789 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 19 Oct 2016 at 10:37 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2016-10-19 10:37:50 PM  
Burn it all
2016-10-19 10:38:06 PM  
suptg.thisisnotatrueending.comView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:38:10 PM  
2016-10-19 10:38:11 PM  
The BLOOD ON HER HANDS guy is going to call into C-SPAN tonight. I can feel it. I can't wait.
2016-10-19 10:38:27 PM  
oh hai guyz, what'd i miss?
2016-10-19 10:38:36 PM  
Didn't watch. But I'm all about partying.
2016-10-19 10:38:39 PM  
"There were moments when it felt like a normal election."
Says it all.
2016-10-19 10:38:43 PM  
Has Trump declared victory on Twitter yet?
2016-10-19 10:38:45 PM  
Now that there is nothing left but the inevitable landslide loss, how many of Trump's few remaining staff jump ship?
2016-10-19 10:38:48 PM  
Hillary seems to be winning the time of possession,
2016-10-19 10:38:54 PM  
I need a shower
2016-10-19 10:38:55 PM  
I can't even believe what I just watched.
2016-10-19 10:38:56 PM  
"I'll keep you in suspense."
2016-10-19 10:39:04 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:39:09 PM  
Props to Mr. Wallace for keeping Hillary under control.
2016-10-19 10:39:14 PM  
So, I'm good with FOUR MORE YEARS.

Thanks, Donnie-boy. Made my decision easy.
2016-10-19 10:39:16 PM  
cdn2.holytaco.comView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:39:16 PM  
2016-10-19 10:39:16 PM  
If Hillary can promise me four more years of Obama, I'm ok with that.
I don't think Trump realized what he said....
2016-10-19 10:39:16 PM  
pbs.twimg.comView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:39:20 PM  
Also, yes.  Yes I want 4 more years of Obama.
2016-10-19 10:39:26 PM  

Olympic Trolling Judge: "I'll keep you in suspense."

No, Trump said that. Not Jesus.
2016-10-19 10:39:32 PM  
Moderator did pretty good. 
/Debate moderator. 
//Fark mods did good too.
2016-10-19 10:39:34 PM  
What percentage of Fark will be hungover tomorrow? 
2016-10-19 10:39:43 PM  
2016-10-19 10:39:45 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:39:47 PM  
It's the home stretch. 3 more weeks left.
2016-10-19 10:39:50 PM  

Muta: Has Trump declared victory on Twitter yet?

He did that at 3 p.m.
2016-10-19 10:39:52 PM  
MSNBC just pointed out it was a good first 25 minutes, and then it all started going downhill.
2016-10-19 10:39:53 PM  
The Daily Show Live at 11:00
2016-10-19 10:39:53 PM  

Muta: Has Trump declared victory on Twitter yet?

He has been Tweeting...
2016-10-19 10:39:55 PM  
What is Fox News talking about?

I hope they have an online feed!
2016-10-19 10:39:57 PM  
So, I was in and out of the threads but based on the comments: Clinton did very well and Trump was a mumbling mess of bullshiat?
Repeat of the past debates?
2016-10-19 10:40:04 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2016-10-19 10:40:09 PM  
4 more years? I'll take it.
2016-10-19 10:40:10 PM  
And this is how the GOP dies... by nominating an orange shiatgibbon who repeatedly punches himself in the genitals for 90 minutes on live tv.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of horrible people.
2016-10-19 10:40:10 PM  
I wonder if the "Nasty" comment is going to be the takeaway? 
"It's Hillary, President Clinton if you're nasty!"
2016-10-19 10:40:11 PM  

snowshovel: Props to Mr. Wallace for keeping Hillary under control.

2016-10-19 10:40:13 PM  
A tweet of mine was put on up CNN during the debate. That broke my brain. 
Donald Trump refusing to simply say that he would respect the election stomped it into powder.
2016-10-19 10:40:15 PM  
The "SNAP" polls will all go for the Donald, it remains to be seen how people will react.  As we have seen sometimes just not being as awful as expected means you "win"
2016-10-19 10:40:19 PM, i got the last word in like the last three threads. What an honor.
Okay, now I'm going to pass out.
2016-10-19 10:40:22 PM  
He won't accept the results of the elections?  Hanging chads?  That's unheard of!  Go crazy!
2016-10-19 10:40:23 PM  


Where's the confounded bridge
2016-10-19 10:40:26 PM  
These farking talking heads saying that this was a draw except for the fact that he won't concede the election. Outrageous.
2016-10-19 10:40:27 PM  
All the news people are running with the "Trump dangerously refuses to acknowledge the results" as the lede. As they should
2016-10-19 10:40:28 PM  

mgshamster: Moderator did pretty good. 
/Debate moderator. 
//Fark mods did good too.

He needed to remind Trump of what the actual question was (like in the veep debate).
2016-10-19 10:40:29 PM  
Thanks to you all for being here!  This was one for the history books.
2016-10-19 10:40:30 PM  

blastoh: [ image 300x334]

Drunken laughter O L.
2016-10-19 10:40:35 PM  

Combustion: What percentage of Fark will be hungover tomorrow? 

Count me in.
Work from home day too! Woohoo!
2016-10-19 10:40:36 PM  
I think Mr. The Honorable Donald J. Trump III, Esq. won.  I thought he looked very presidential.  What do you guys think?
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