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(BBC)   Clinton's other dog was also kill by a car   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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3409 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2002 at 10:50 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-04 10:52:15 AM  
duh. it was right there in the preface of hilary's book dear socks, dear buddy
2002-01-04 10:54:40 AM  
So that brings the death toll of Clinton associates to how many?
2002-01-04 10:55:38 AM  
I am convinced that this another example of Clinton having people/dogs knocked off. I wonder what they knew...
2002-01-04 10:56:58 AM  
Why did Clinton name his dog "Buddy?" Because
he couldn't bear saying, "Come, Spot!"
2002-01-04 10:58:05 AM  
Drudgreport is now breaking a story that "Who Let the Dogs Out" has subliminal liberal messages, and part of the Clinton conspiracy to take over America.
2002-01-04 11:03:07 AM  
Wow! A headline written by the AYBABTU guy! "All your dog are belong to car!" Woot!
2002-01-04 11:04:34 AM  
Guess he'll have to Walk himself now?
[image from gifs.net too old to be available]
2002-01-04 11:05:16 AM  
Who the FVCK cares!? Get off the damn subject already!
2002-01-04 11:08:37 AM  
Well, what do you expect from the news nowadays? They're all pooped out after the WTC attacks, and they seem to be ready to read any press release that gets faxed to them. Hmm... I think the BBC could use a press release annoucing the founding of Farkistan...
2002-01-04 11:13:37 AM  
I think Sen. Kenedy ran them over.
(and Stephen King too)

unclebuck *lol* (just a little bit)
2002-01-04 11:14:36 AM  
In other news, Socks the Cat has been placed in Protective Custody.
2002-01-04 11:16:47 AM  
2002-01-04 11:23:58 AM  
Other than this dumb story, this is a great day on Fark. Much better than yesterday.
2002-01-04 11:24:32 AM  
2002-01-04 11:28:20 AM  
?? I saw Chelsea on the news just the other day. When did she run out into traffic?
2002-01-04 11:32:08 AM  
It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!
2002-01-04 11:33:31 AM  
Clinton's other dog was also kill by a car??!!
Did Pravda write this tag?
2002-01-04 11:35:33 AM  
Clinton should learn to keep his dog in.
2002-01-04 11:37:14 AM  
So a Clinton likely broke another law - BFD.
2002-01-04 11:43:14 AM  
Further proof that there is no Zeus.
2002-01-04 11:44:20 AM  
A Nation Mourns...
2002-01-04 11:48:14 AM  
I'd go run in front of a car if some guy kept sticking his dick in my ass.
Poor dog, his ass looked like Hilary's face.
2002-01-04 11:52:29 AM  
Someone please put this story to sleep.
2002-01-04 12:13:58 PM  
Sounds like a suicide trend.
2002-01-04 12:23:49 PM  
Let's beat this one to death, shall we?
2002-01-04 12:32:39 PM  
Clinton's other dog was also kill by a car...
I didn't know Chelsea was dead.
2002-01-04 12:53:03 PM  
Shouldn't that be KILLED and not kill?!
2002-01-04 12:55:33 PM  
How about KILT
2002-01-04 12:56:18 PM  
[image from dnord.com too old to be available]
2002-01-04 01:55:08 PM  
When I read that I thought to myself, "Gee if someone hit Hillary you'd think at least Yahoo would have the story up."
2002-01-04 04:26:08 PM  
i smell conspiracy here
2002-01-04 05:05:24 PM  
You guys are idiots... it's not just a conspiracy... it's a "vast right-wing conspiracy".
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