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(Detroit Free Press)   Broken gyroscope has space station as wobbly as Courtney Love's breast   ( divider line
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8172 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Apr 2004 at 1:02 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-22 07:40:19 PM  
Our best wishes go out to "Fincke and Padalka", we hope you fix your gyroscope or you will fail the mission. We wish you russians the best, go sputnik!!!
2004-04-22 07:53:50 PM  
see, that's not an image I wanted.
2004-04-23 01:05:17 AM  
2004-04-23 01:05:59 AM  
wobbly shouldn't that be jiggly?
2004-04-23 01:07:42 AM  
bouncy,off balabnce ......but not wobbly
2004-04-23 01:09:47 AM  
Ugly ugly tittays
2004-04-23 01:12:12 AM  
It stopped! Put the string! Put the string!
2004-04-23 01:12:33 AM  
For clarification, it's the left breast. The right one isn't as jiggly.
2004-04-23 01:13:00 AM  
I can appreciate the analogy, but Courtney Love's breasts look as hard as a friggin' stone. (NSFW)

Looks like she's smuggling a brick of cocaine in that thing... might not be far from the truth actually.
2004-04-23 01:15:33 AM  
But THESE on the other hand... (Probably NSFW)
2004-04-23 01:18:02 AM  
Courtney Hole:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-23 01:19:15 AM  
Cloudz641, clarification noted :)
2004-04-23 01:21:58 AM  
maybe the submitter meant 'Courtney Love's head' which I assume is soft, like that of a baby or perhaps a jellyfish.
2004-04-23 01:22:43 AM  
Geeeebus mudguts...What the hell are those good for? freak show maybe
2004-04-23 01:23:01 AM  
And it wasn't even Made in Taiwan
2004-04-23 01:23:09 AM  
[whiny Jerry Seinfeld voice]

and is it 'DJY-ro', or 'YEER-o'?


You order a "DJY-ro", the guy with the knife says "no no no, eeesss "YEER-o" order a "YEER-o", the guy with the knife says "no no no, eeesss 'DJY-ro'? I mean, hey!....

just give me the chicken shawarma already. Who arrrrrre these people?

[end whiny Jerry Seinfeld voice]
2004-04-23 01:26:38 AM  
Couldn't agree more Mylow. Just providing some supporting evidence for my argument, but yeah - check up on that girl in 30 years when the gravity's set in. She'll be dragging those things behind her like a couple of fleshy sleighs...
2004-04-23 01:28:35 AM  
The only time I want to read about a broken gyroscope is when it causes some asshole on a Segway to fall flat on his face.

Otherwise, a bunch of astronauts on a cosmic Tilt-a-Whirl is boring because nobody's getting hurt, just a little pukish.
2004-04-23 01:34:43 AM  

FNG [TotalFark]
2004-04-23 01:35:26 AM  
The gyroscope in question - essentially a spinning wheel...

Thanks, Einstein. Talk to me like I'm a first grader. I love that.
2004-04-23 01:36:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-23 01:42:20 AM  
thankfully, it can be fixed...courtney's breast however...

/got the willies.
2004-04-23 01:42:46 AM  
Run, George! The Segway's gonna get ya!
2004-04-23 01:45:21 AM  
Major Tom to ground control... Our gyro is having problems, send up some baklava ASAP!

[image from too old to be available]

Sweet-o-meter overload!
2004-04-23 02:08:05 AM  
gettin jiggly wi' it

(na naa na na nananaa)
2004-04-23 02:11:58 AM  
Encapsulated boobies are by no means "wobbly":

Not save for lunch
2004-04-23 02:12:45 AM  
Get those poor souls some angular momentum! Stat!
2004-04-23 02:15:55 AM  
New Age Retro Hippie

In other news, "Replacement Keyboards for SimuLord" is now a 2 1/2 point favorite over "Arrests for Henry Earl" in Vegas.

/Barbara "choice of a spew generation" Mikkelson
2004-04-23 02:29:59 AM  
Im just waiting until they go outside to fix it and then when they try to come back in the pod bay doors won't open.
2004-04-23 02:51:10 AM  
What is wrong with the space station? The gyroscope broke a while ago, parts of it are falling off all over the place, and now another gyroscope is broken? What, did NASA let Uzbekistan build the gyroscopes or something?
2004-04-23 03:23:23 AM  
That's American quality for ya.
2004-04-23 03:24:18 AM  
Also, this is what happens when you contract everything out to the lowest bidder.
2004-04-23 03:43:14 AM  
Isn't a "gyro" essentially a penis-shaped vibrator?

Also known as a dildo, fyi.
2004-04-23 04:22:23 AM  
Nodbody: that is actually the most attractive courtney photo I've seen.

Hope NASA can get straight long enough to get those guys back.
2004-04-23 05:57:49 AM  
Bet it's the stow-away Nigerian astronaut who bumped the gyro. Come on, send your account number and routing so we can unlock the $15 million.
2004-04-23 07:22:43 AM  
Isn't a "gyro" essentially a penis-shaped vibrator?

Nah, it's beef and lamb on a pita with tzikiki sauce...
2004-04-23 09:02:48 AM  
Sounds like NASA needs to send them a six-pack of gyros.
2004-04-23 09:42:05 AM  
What concerns me is that the gyro unit is labeled as an "E-35 unit". I think for safety's sake, the computer should be turned off *before* the EVA;-)
2004-04-23 09:51:41 AM  
Slight correction: the CMG is not broken (works absolutely fine--when it has power). What is broken is a circuit that supplies power to the CMG. With that being said, yes, we only have two operating CMGs (minimum needed). It's fun in space station land...
2004-04-23 10:51:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-23 11:05:46 AM  
Anybody else notice that this story starts out "CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - " when it should start out "EARTH ORBIT, Space -"? The story is about a gyroscope failing on the ISS, not in somebody's office in area code 321.
2004-04-23 11:19:37 AM  
Gyroscope can be found on this wonderful album:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-23 12:01:19 PM  
Broken gyroscope has space station as wobbly as Courtney Love's breast

Nothing could be as wobbly as Courtney Love's tits.
2004-04-23 12:12:44 PM  
didn't rtfa

didn't like the headline

Still has a computor
2004-04-23 02:35:21 PM  
What's the deal with gorrrrrrnuts?
No, No, corn nuts!~
Yes, that's what I'm saying, gorrrrrrnuts
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