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(Yahoo)   Paul Newman pleads with Princeton to end day of binge drinking, also warns against attempts to eat fifty eggs   ( divider line
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8471 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Apr 2004 at 6:20 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-22 07:02:46 PM  
Tomorrow we're having our second annual pony express. 5 people on a team race to finish a pony keg. 5 pukes allowed per team. Last years winners finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Thats pretty good for around 15 beers each. 24 beers in 24 hours? Thats a joke.
2004-04-22 07:04:19 PM  
fark the beer - try a 24 hour ether binge.
2004-04-22 07:05:28 PM  

Yeah, good point. I guess a better strategy would be to slam a cold beer in 10 minutes and then have 50 minutes to let it settle.

100 shots of beer in 100 minutes sounds easy. And it is. Until around shot #70, when your stomach is bloated and you've got to piss like a racehorse.

I did it the 2nd night I was in college. We started with 10 guys, and only myself and one other dude made it to the end. I think I was so inexperienced at drinking at that point that I didn't know any better. Suffice to say, I did not make it to class the next day.

I went to Texas A&M University for undergrad, and a tradition there when you get your class ring is to drop it in a pitcher of beer (60 oz.) and chug the whole thing in less than than your class year. Example: Class of 1999, you have 99 seconds to chug your pitcher.
2004-04-22 07:05:44 PM  
Century Club isn't bad. (100 shots, 100 hours)

Double Century Club, on the other hand, is pretty nasty. Watched 10 guys start, saw 2 finish and the rest out of action for two days. I did not partake.

/pussed out.
2004-04-22 07:06:23 PM  
Well, you haven't lived until you've shot-putted blitzed on Jager....
2004-04-22 07:07:37 PM  
J.Garcia's, nope Coventry High, had friends who went to Smith though.

Midway actually improved and renovated the place since Newman and friends have been stopping there. Didn't do anything for the food though, hehehehe.

Friends in Willington, eh? I'm sure you've passed by then as I live right on the Ashford/Willington town line. and I'm guessing you're somewhere near the Norwich area nowadays?

Wow, this is cool someone who actually knows the places I'm talking about! :)

If we could dig up a few more Farkers in the area, we could start having Fark Parties!!!
2004-04-22 07:08:18 PM  

I'm so ashamed.

Not only did you read the article for me (thanks, BTW), but you also pointed out what an insensitive lout I am. I'm not. Paul Newman has played functional alcoholics for money several times since 1978. As some earlier poster said, that form of glorifying substance abuse is a-ok.

If you're going to take a stand, that's cool: I have immense respect for Mr. Newman as an actor, family man, and philanthropist.

I say he should go there and give a talk a week or so before Newman's day and say what happened to his son. Maybe that would have some actual impact. But just saying he doesn't want his name associated with the (non-sanctioned) event is a hollow protest.

2004-04-22 07:09:38 PM  
Eh, here at Cornell we call it Slope Day, and IT IS sanctioned by the university -- they even provide the alcohol at a cheap price.
2004-04-22 07:12:46 PM  
Eating Club:
TO the best of my knowledge:
Princeton has forbade fraternities/sororities, so instead they have "eating clubs," some of which cost 10,000 per year.

Sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand.
2004-04-22 07:13:23 PM  
Wussboys. Here at the University of British Columbia, us engineers do almost double that in half the time. 40 beers, 12 hours. And our beer is Canadian!

We are, we are, we are the engineers!
We can, we can, demolish 40 beers!
Drink rum, drink rum, drink rum and follow us!
For we don't give a damn about any old man who don't give a damn about us!

/yes, I'm an engineering student
2004-04-22 07:16:26 PM  
From the story:

There was additional concern because the day coincides with a weekend when the university hosts hundreds of prospective students. In the past, the university's eating clubs a social epicenter of the campus have been asked not to serve beer for the weekend.

Hell, I visit Reed College last week (probably going there, have about a week till final decisions due, aaagh!) during their Activity Week for prospies and it was "40's night."

/and I don't mean the decade
2004-04-22 07:16:31 PM  
Hey Newman -

You helped create the culture you live in today.

Deal with it.
2004-04-22 07:17:07 PM  
Reminds me of mardi gras. As the local students, we feel that we need to 'hold our own' and be strong hosts for the out-of-towners and basically drink and party for six days straight. You could turn it into quite an endurance test if you wanted (especailly your first couple of years before you get cynical about it),trying for so many drinks per day, going to all the parades etc., but most people just have a good time I guess. Once everyone is drunk no-one cares how many it took to get you that way.
2004-04-22 07:17:45 PM  
2004-04-22 06:46:47 PM tofoomeister

Nonsense. Cornell is the most drunken Ivy; Dartmouth just farks a lot. I once waited in line in a drugstore in Hanover for 15 minutes...everyone ahead of me were couples buying economy-size boxes of condoms. I just wanted a book of matches or a lighter. When I finally got to the front of the line, the cashier looked at me like I was the freak. Horny bastards.

I'd say Cornell is just the most depressed Ivy (bridge jumping? wha?) And although we do get our share here, I think the hippies at Brown probably score more action than anybody else.

But c'mon....our mascot is a freaking keg.

2004-04-22 07:17:47 PM  
Ms. Sin

Yeah, back at the 'rents house for the first year out of school...look at my prof I live like a mile off the exit pictured. A fark party in our area would be money, my sis (fellow farker) lives even closer to you she would be down.... though three doesn't really make much of a party. It's funny that you went to Coventry High, I actually had to go there a few months ago (my firm audits the town and board of ed), I probably will be moving there in the next few months too.
2004-04-22 07:19:39 PM  
Ok, This just sounds lame..I honeslty think if your still able to count by the end of it your definitly not drunk enough. And what a dull first 8 hours.

Here in Calgary on BSD if your not piss drunk by 10 am you might as well go home. And I mean PISS DRUNK. Shotgun 2-3 and keep up 2-3 times the pace as at Princeton.

Also, how warm is the beer after an hour of holding it??

/also a geer
2004-04-22 07:20:44 PM  
Calgary Stampede- oh how little I remember
2004-04-22 07:20:52 PM  
Oh and J.Garcia's, have fun at Spring Weekend, be to sure to wave to the hundreds of cops and the Staties helicopter! *grin*
2004-04-22 07:21:55 PM  
Two Calgary comments in a row! Yeah..make it three

Calgary Stampede - Yeeeehaw
2004-04-22 07:23:18 PM  
If any of you think you have a college drinking holiday, you need to look into the Little 500 here at Indiana Univeristy. Then you will have known what it is to drink at college.
2004-04-22 07:23:31 PM  

I too live in lovely northeastern connecticut, like 10 minutes from the hole in the wall camp :) WOO HOO ANOTHER FARKER
2004-04-22 07:23:55 PM  
Puck Frinceton

Penn will not only drink the other Ivies under the table, but we'll get sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and request IV's of jungle juice.

Newman day? Try Spring Fling where we down alcohol for 5 days straight and show up to class WASTED for 2 days.
2004-04-22 07:26:28 PM  
Hahahaha, I feel sorry for you, if you're moving to Coventry nowadays, you get no where fast in that town traffic wise. That towns population is bursting at the seams.
2004-04-22 07:29:11 PM  
every college student thinks they drink the most at their school. so i won't go there. but i will say that the school with the LEAST amount of drinking was notre dame. i went there to visit a buddy and everyone kept telling me how "wild" they were. we went out and the campus was DEAD by midnight. on a saturday.

irish suck.
2004-04-22 07:29:53 PM  
ms. sin

no doubt about that, but I want to stay east of the river, close to the mansfield area, in the woods, and closer to hartford... so coventry is about the best i can do on my budget... route 44 definetly sucks the big one though..
2004-04-22 07:30:51 PM  
Come to think of it, I wonder if Newman has a caretaker at the camp year round, if not, theres a good bet that theres someone drinking and hunting on the land during the winter.
2004-04-22 07:31:33 PM  
...and the people always say what do they say?
that you can't out-drink Brown men or women!
with their wine and rye and whiskey dry
and their b-o-u-r-b-o-n!

/filthy hippie
2004-04-22 07:35:04 PM  
bah has anyone ever actually died from beer alone? seems like the volume required to get a lethal dose of alcohol in your system would just make you puke. it'd be like trying to kill yourself by choking on your elbow.

/once beer-bonged a 40
2004-04-22 07:41:04 PM  
Strangely enough, Paul Newman is an alumnus of my college, Kenyon College. As far as I know, we didn't have a Newman Day. Not that I was into the drinking crowds, but it's such a small college that a thing like that would get around through word of mouth. So it's peculiar that other colleges would be celebrating it and not Kenyon, especially since Kenyon is a huge binge drinking school.
2004-04-22 07:41:10 PM  
Being ignorant of the movie? Night in the box.
2004-04-22 07:41:15 PM  
seriously, 24 beers in 24 hours is wuss level drinking. one time in university, i drank a six-pack before getting out of bed, then proceeded to drink a 26 of jack daniel's and a 26 of vodka before noon. of course, i did pass out then... but i drank a beer in my sleep (i have video evidence, which is good because i don't remember it).

that year, we also spent the entire month of september drunk. without missing any classes.

now a days, i couldn't do it, since i can drink an entire 40 of vodka with no visible effect. damn my swollen liver!!
2004-04-22 07:41:31 PM  
since we seem to be completely off topic, i'll add my 2 bits:

Columbia students are the most artfully depressed, which translates to wonderful drinking/drugs parties; and while our chicks may not be the best looking, they have that certain je ne sais qua freakiness in bed (my alma mater)

also, princeton people are the biggest bunch of dicks i have ever met; it's all lacrosse and joyce carol oates and boys clubs
2004-04-22 07:44:32 PM  
Drunk or not, Paul Newman is rad.

"I'm shaking it, Boss!"
2004-04-22 07:49:22 PM  
I don't blame you about East of the River, J.Garcia's.. You get used to the drive to Hartford. 44 is the time killer though. Once you get to 384 the drive is pretty good to East Hartford. Lot of great places to hike and fish out here. Further up 44 a few miles past Newmans camp, theres a house that had live buffalo grazing in the front yard. Not a normal sight for New England for sure. I often wondered if those people were friends of the Newmans too.
2004-04-22 07:51:26 PM  

I had a friend get alcohol poisoning from 13 beers in a bit over an hour... he probably weighed 115 with his clothes on though..

UConn isn't ivy league,(apparently required to be a big drinking school?) but being in the middle of nowhere with no college town, the amount of drinking that goes on there is insane (anyone who doesn't believe me should visit this weekend)
2004-04-22 07:54:28 PM  
Take it from me folks, UConn is out in the woods and the college students aren't the only ones drinking out here either!

p.s J.Garcia's, Bidwell Tavern has good wings!! And that would also be a nice place for a Fark party. Any other Farkers in this area???
2004-04-22 07:56:17 PM  
Let me tell you as a Princeton townie, the rich assholes that make up the "storied institution" couldn't drink a mouse under a table. They're a bunch of arrogant meatheads. (Not that any of the other ivies are any different). You can tell how dumb most of them are because they like Hoagie Haven more than George's.

They've got some pretty hot chicks though...

/still bitter about "Jersey Trash Night"
2004-04-22 07:56:57 PM  

They might know Paul. There are actually a lot of wealthy people in the upper northeast corner of the state (interesting contrast to the trailers/ duplexes). Brian Dennehy (sp?) lives in woodstock, the guy who played big bird does too. Pomfret obviously has a lot of rich people (three private high schools!!). There are emus a few miles from me, the wealthy must get bored and decide to own the most obscure animals possible...
2004-04-22 08:03:44 PM  
Wow Brian Dennehy has a place in Woodstock??? Wonder if he's the one with small plane runway in his front yard? Yeah there are a few places up here where I wonder if they're not celebrities of some type. I know a lot of really famous people visit that camp of Pauls, you see a lot of limos driving back and forth out here.
2004-04-22 08:08:19 PM  

Yeah, my mom and sisters saw him in the Putnam Wal-Mart one time, and he told the cashier that he was indeed Brian Dennehy, and he had a farm in Woodstock. The Bidwell definetly has good wings, a Fark party is a good excuse to go there for sure!! I'm sure spliffybigfeet would be interested too!
2004-04-22 08:10:07 PM  
woooo princeton. too bad i'm asian, so that means i am physically unable to process any alcohol.
2004-04-22 08:12:27 PM  
Max Reax: You speak as if Tiger Noodles doesn't exist. During the summer months, some co-workers and I go on ice cream excursions to Thomas Sweet's for ice cream and sit in front of our previous office building on Nassau St.
2004-04-22 08:16:43 PM  
Just to chip in on all this drinking one-up-manship - I'm at an English university and we have a huge U.S. exchange program with a whole bunch of U.S. colleges, some Ivy some not and in my time i've gotten to know a whole load of American college kids - many who claimed to be big drinkers and I never met or heard of one ever coming close to the English kids in drinking competitions.

then again we generally start earlier in life so we get more practice in - one of them cultural things you hear so much about.
2004-04-22 08:18:02 PM  
Is spliffybigfeet, your sister, or someone else? I think all thats needed for a Fark party is 4 people. This sounds worth pursuing! :) Funny enough, I'm not sure too many restuarants around here use Newmans products.

Speaking of restuarants, don't know how long its been since you've been on campus and if you like chinese food...Tsin on campus has new management and a few people said they were hauling raw chicken on the floor of employees cars. So a munchie attack there might not be a good thing this weekend.
2004-04-22 08:19:49 PM  
Tiger noodles is great. Me and David are good friends. Then again, I work at the West Coast video across the street.

But nothing can beat George's. Try their honey mustard sauce and tell me it's not the best thing you've ever tasted.

PS--Thomas Sweet is great, no doubt. Especially their Cinammon... but for your money, Halo Pub is better, despite recently raised prices.
2004-04-22 08:22:37 PM  
I've always preferred becoming a centurion myself. 1oz of beer every minute for 100 minutes or roughly 8.5 beers in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Rough on the gut that's for sure.
2004-04-22 08:24:21 PM  
Oh sorry, Spliffy, I missed your earlier comment! So you live in the Newman camp area too? Cool!
2004-04-22 08:24:39 PM  
ms. sin

yeah she is my sis. you somehow made me even more afraid of tsin tsin, which previously seemed unpossible. My fave chinese place is the phoenix in coventry (no msg or vegetable oil, yet still great!). As far as UConn food goes, Capitol lunch is getting rave reviews from all my friends (though I have yet to try it) and Willingto Pizza Too has some amazing wings. DP dough still sux hard though (im sure anyone at Penn State will back me up on that)
2004-04-22 08:25:13 PM  
2004-04-22 06:44:53 PM DrLearned

Man, Newman turned pussy in his old age.

I don't see much real evidence of "Paul Newman"'s opinion in the story. I see a letter from a lawyer mentioned, probably concerned over the impact to the "Paul Newman" branding. Certainly, several people have declined to purchase salad dressing due to the association of his name with drunken bingeing. I doubt the guy gives a shiat what college students do or don't do.
2004-04-22 08:25:27 PM  
its 8:25 and princeton still sucks
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