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(Floats)   An addictive Flash game for your work day   ( divider line
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48105 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 22 Apr 2004 at 2:33 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-04-22 10:44:00 AM  
All ferry halim stuff rocks. Take a look around his site.
2004-04-22 10:48:37 AM  
I don't get it.
2004-04-22 11:03:55 AM  
what the hell are you supposed to do? looked damn lame to me.
2004-04-22 11:07:35 AM  
2004-04-22 11:11:21 AM  
Too close to his butterfly game IMO


what the hell are you supposed to do? looked damn lame to me.

Draw around 3 or more of the same colored object.
2004-04-22 11:15:18 AM  
I think my problem with this game is my colorblindness. They're all the same color.
2004-04-22 12:02:59 PM  
Ferry Halim farkin' rocks. I was addicted to the Orisinal site years ago. I play the games with my daughter in my lap (she loves the monkey game).
2004-04-22 2:31:12 PM  
Before anybody makes their smartassed comment, I'm talking about this monkey game, you perverts.

/wish I could re-word previous post
2004-04-22 2:36:10 PM  
"work day" is sexy
"day at work" is sexier.

(for the slow, work day implies you worked, day at work implies you were at the office but doesn't specify any amount of work you may or may not have done.)
2004-04-22 2:36:17 PM  
I remember this game when it was called Quantum.

</old,old school>
2004-04-22 2:37:59 PM  
Unfreakable.... nice save ;)

me not good at this game. 180 pts.
2004-04-22 2:38:06 PM  
Hey Drew, I don't try to lasso my sperms at home, why the hell do you want me to do it at work ?
2004-04-22 2:38:13 PM  
2004-04-22 2:38:48 PM  
10 freaking points, i hate this game
2004-04-22 2:38:56 PM  
My colorblindness rears its ugly head once again.

Makes for a fun guessing game.
2004-04-22 2:42:00 PM  
You b@stards. I got out of work early, planning to get a lot of stuff done around the house with the extra time. Now that extra time is up in smoke!
2004-04-22 2:43:14 PM  
All the stuff on that site is excellent.
2004-04-22 2:43:40 PM
(case sensitive url)

Another flash game for American Football fans
2004-04-22 2:44:27 PM
2004-04-22 2:44:30 PM  
i dont get it
2004-04-22 2:44:31 PM  
i got 1295 once i figured out what to do. Damn those high score people really have no life.
2004-04-22 2:45:19 PM  
Colorblind folks, here's something completely different:

Addictive, and be sure to ask for new sheets!
2004-04-22 2:47:51 PM  
If you say you don't get it, you never will.
2004-04-22 2:48:42 PM  
They look like cute little baby sperm.
2004-04-22 2:48:54 PM  
if by addictive you mean lame?
2004-04-22 2:49:02 PM  
Hey did you ever see the link to a Flash game labeled "NON Addictive Flash game?"
Could we possibly come up with at least ONE more adjective for flash links?
2004-04-22 2:50:12 PM  
2004-04-22 02:38:48 PM king_nacho
10 freaking points, i hate this game

i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who sucks at this game!
2004-04-22 2:50:47 PM  
Unfreakable: that was disturbing, angering and hilarious at the same time - good save!!
2004-04-22 2:51:57 PM  
2004-04-22 2:52:33 PM  
What the hell? Finished the game and only got 7000. Those people on the high score must be patient and do massive combos. Addictive game though.
2004-04-22 2:54:11 PM  
Took me a second to figure it out, but it is pretty damn addictive. My favorite part is when it reads the high scores EVERY FRIGGIN TIME. I can do without that. But what freak gets 150,000 points on this? creepy!
2004-04-22 2:55:33 PM  
oh i love! My favorite is the pig game.
2004-04-22 2:56:21 PM  
2004-04-22 2:57:59 PM  
This reminds me of that game where you have to trace a rabbit... pointless and frustrating.
2004-04-22 3:00:14 PM  
I guess it helps if you had some coordination. Which I don't, so the game sucks. I want easy games.
2004-04-22 3:00:52 PM  
There are only 5 levels? No wonder the high scores are so low.

/7200 something
2004-04-22 3:01:27 PM  
zero. i quit.
2004-04-22 3:03:42 PM  
a little gheh but entertaining nonetheless.
*now back to Zuma*
2004-04-22 3:03:59 PM  
i get it now
2004-04-22 3:04:06 PM  
I played SEA DIVER to death.

"you are quite far from the bottom" :(
good game though.
2004-04-22 3:06:27 PM  
looks just like Loop on the shockwave site
2004-04-22 3:08:08 PM  
nm, 10003 in my 4th game..
2004-04-22 3:08:37 PM  
3132...that game stressed me out more than anything I've done at work today
2004-04-22 3:08:58 PM  
140. Bahh!! This is da worst game I've ever played!!

/goes back to burninating
2004-04-22 3:09:27 PM  
here's a good one (at least if your 3 years old, since my son loves this site):
2004-04-22 3:10:38 PM  
Great, one more distraction that I didn't need. Good rec.
2004-04-22 3:14:02 PM  
Someone, make the music stop!
2004-04-22 3:14:48 PM  
not so much fun if you are on a laptop with the touchpad.. boooo
2004-04-22 3:15:33 PM  
Yargh!!!! Damn the music.. Damn the addictiveness...
2004-04-22 3:15:58 PM  
now if only i could tell the two greenish... or ... yellowish colors apart in the later levels

/red green color blind
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