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(Some connoisseur)   What food do you find so disgusting you refuse to try it?   ( divider line
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13377 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2004 at 4:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-21 04:27:57 PM  
Any sort of tongue. Definitely not. I find it disturbing that on some biological level, the tongue might be tasting me.
2004-04-21 04:28:11 PM  

/I hate thim too
2004-04-21 04:28:13 PM  
mayonnaise.... YUCK!

When I see someone put mayo on a burger I almost yack on the spot. Who invented this vile substance? If I get a sandwich and it has mayo on it, scraping it off will not do, I need to get another sandwich.
2004-04-21 04:28:17 PM  
It's a texture thing for me.

I also don't like mushy/creamy solid foods like baked beans and peas.

I don't care for whole grain breads or nuts in cookies/cakes.

ButI do like some types of sushi.
2004-04-21 04:28:28 PM  

Bacan egg and cheese McGriddle are very good. You must try one, I order you.

/Mcdonald's breakfast rule
// so does Jack n the box breakfast
2004-04-21 04:28:42 PM  
Cheesburger Pie. I nearly "lost my appetite" when I smelled it. Can't stand it at all.
2004-04-21 04:28:49 PM  
Anything served on Fear Factor.
2004-04-21 04:28:50 PM  
We had MONKEY when we were in Brazil. Wasnt very good and was really oily. I stuck to just bread for the rest of the time we were at that hotel (was in the middle of the amazon). The rest of the food in Brazil was pretty good.. except thier idea of Pizza is pathetic.
2004-04-21 04:28:54 PM  
Being from Texas.. I have to say real live head cheese. It is nothing like the packaged stuff in your supermarkets...

The original type in old fashioned meat markets is a totally different food. Some of the chunks still have hair on the skin.
2004-04-21 04:29:07 PM  
Octapus and squid... and lobster. Who wants to eat a giant bug from the bottom of the ocean? Oh, and any other land bugs.

And hey mc frontalot, my Californian cousin introduced me to gravy on fries way back before Poutine came around. And all my Utah family introduced me to mayo on fries long before I heard any "Pulp Fiction" musings on Europe's fascination with that.
2004-04-21 04:29:07 PM  
RoninKengo oh, that is sad.

i guess i've discovered something new that i'm not going to try. baby animals or fetuses of any kind are off limits for me.
2004-04-21 04:29:10 PM  
Preston antifreeze, I only drink strawberry.
2004-04-21 04:29:13 PM  
brocolli, nuff said
2004-04-21 04:29:17 PM  
cream of sumyunggi
2004-04-21 04:29:17 PM  
2004-04-21 04:29:19 PM  
Two-legged mutton.

It's Soylent Green. Two-legged mutton is Soylent Green!
2004-04-21 04:29:27 PM  
Anyone up for chicken feet!
[image from too old to be available]
got them by the buttload at walmart. these went in the lawn for halloween.
2004-04-21 04:29:35 PM  
I put gravy on my fries, do you put gravy on your mashed potatos?

#1 would have to be Scrapple? What is in this stuff?????
[image from too old to be available]

#2 Liver(chicken, or anykind for that matter)
[image from too old to be available]
I don't get how internal organs can be tasteful.
2004-04-21 04:30:00 PM  
I've eaten a $1.37 in change and my friend's pet goldfish, yet I won't touch anything with curry.
2004-04-21 04:30:05 PM  
2004-04-21 04:30:12 PM  
2004-04-21 04:27:57 PM VectorJ

Any sort of tongue. Definitely not. I find it disturbing that on some biological level, the tongue might be tasting me.

Seeing beef tongue in a jar at a supermarket in Chatham, MA, was the catalyst for a very interesting acid trip.
2004-04-21 04:30:22 PM  
Tripe. My family always has a pot of those nasty rubberbands at our family reunions. Tried it once, thinking it was really smelly pasta... EW.

Beets/Radishes/Brussel Sprouts. Veggies I won't touch

Limburger- the smell alone makes it stomach-releasing enough.

A lotta nastier tasting fish. Like Blue. I hate blue. A lot.

I will eat raw shellfish (oysters and clams) all day, every day. And Blue Crabs (from Maryland, duh!)
2004-04-21 04:30:24 PM  
sea, try it and you'll know what I mean.
2004-04-21 04:30:38 PM  
crab, lobster, and most fish. liver, pig feet, beef heart.
2004-04-21 04:30:41 PM  
Ballotue: Phillipino century eggs. You take a fertilized chicken egg, bury it in warm earth till it 3/4 develops. Take it out, pop a hole in the top and bottom, suck out the embratic (SP) fluid, then peel the egg and eat the underdeveloped chick. If there is a beak or claw remnants, you can take them out.

I tried this as a kid, when my mom was trying to introduce me to my native culture. I remember wanting to puke then. The look on that chicks eyes! *shudder*

Not that I think my native culture's weird or anything. Even America's penchant for grinding up cows and putting them in between slices of bread is just as disgusting to many in India.
2004-04-21 04:30:42 PM  
Head Cheese
2004-04-21 04:30:47 PM  
Kimchi anyone?

Cabbage + spices
Bury in a clay pot for 6 months

/still miss Korea
2004-04-21 04:31:06 PM  
"Tyrita...come dine on these penises wif me!...Preten' like it's mines!"
2004-04-21 04:31:15 PM  
I think I'm gonna puke--that's gotta be the nastiest thing I've ever read.
2004-04-21 04:31:23 PM  
Bobbette: Don't blame me, the French invented it. Someone had to eat it.

Chicken feet aren't bad either, if they're prepared Dim Sum style.

You're all prudes!

2004-04-21 04:31:28 PM  
2004-04-21 04:31:31 PM  
Last year, my roommate used to take a slice of bologna and put chocolate sauce in it. He would then roll it up and eat it.

It looked disgusting.
2004-04-21 04:31:35 PM  
Shrimp. God shrimp makes me sick. For my fiance, who is a shrimp lover, I tried. I nearly threw up on her. Never shall another shrimp pass my lips.
2004-04-21 04:31:49 PM  
Sea Urchin rocks! I love it. Of course, it kinda tastes like loogies when you've snorked them back into your throat, but I love it! It's called "Uni" if you want to order some from your favorite sushi place.
2004-04-21 04:31:51 PM  
2004-04-21 04:31:54 PM  
genitals belonging to anything
2004-04-21 04:32:00 PM  
I don't like to eat human organs, other than the liver and small intestine, which are quite tasty with a splash of tabasco.
2004-04-21 04:32:09 PM  
OMG I can't believe all the stuff people are listing here. It annoys me. Bunch of weirdos you all are. I agree that most organs and things on the Fear Factor menus are gross. But a lot of what's listed is pretty basic stuff for the average American diet:

Mayo - without it sandwiches are too dry to swallow
Taco Bell - cheap and edible
sauerkraut - perfect with a sausage on a bun
Pop Tarts - my breakfast meal for like 10 years
Raw baby squid - wtf? fried calamari is great stuff!
2004-04-21 04:32:29 PM  
Filipino food such as balut or diniguan

Balut is a duck egg that has been allowed to develop for three weeks and is eaten raw or cooked (the crunch parts are the best)

diniguan is cooked pig's blood. Sometimes has fish guts included.
2004-04-21 04:32:30 PM  
Umm, cock don't sound good.
2004-04-21 04:32:42 PM  
flip_flop: argh, kimchi. not my favourite by any means. pickled herring is worse, though.
2004-04-21 04:32:54 PM  
We had MONKEY when we were in Brazil. Wasnt very good and was really oily. I stuck to just bread for the rest of the time we were at that hotel (was in the middle of the amazon). The rest of the food in Brazil was pretty good.. except thier idea of Pizza is pathetic.

I wonder if that's what people tastes like.
2004-04-21 04:33:09 PM  
Tomatoes....anything that gross and slimey in the middle doesn't deserve my time.
2004-04-21 04:33:09 PM  

MiladyGreenEyes & Picklehead:

You are wrong. Sushi is rice with raw fish on top, sashimi is raw fish without rice, Maki is when fish/vegetables are together in a roll.

actually, I think sushi just means 'with rice' and so traditionally, anything stuck to a clump of rice is sushi.
2004-04-21 04:33:13 PM  
Pickled pig anus?
2004-04-21 04:33:15 PM  
My husband won't eat eggs. He leaves the house if I ever cook them. Also won't eat anything that swims. Freak.
2004-04-21 04:33:23 PM  
Deep fried goat sphincter in mint sauce - Yuk, mint sauce is so digusting...
2004-04-21 04:33:24 PM  
2004-04-21 04:33:30 PM  

/punchline of funniest.joke.evar.
2004-04-21 04:33:31 PM  
Kimchi - used to work with a guy that brought that stuff to work every day and it smelled so bad that everyone would leave the lunch area when he got it out. Has to be one of the worst food-related smells I've ever encountered.
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