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7220 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2002 at 11:16 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-01 11:18:27 AM  
2002-01-01 11:19:34 AM  
What was last years grand total? I lost count.
2002-01-01 11:20:01 AM  
Grand total was something like 73, but it is interesting that the saudi beheading count has already started.
2002-01-01 11:23:02 AM  
woo-hoo! my first submission! my first beheadin' submission! Top of the world ma!
2002-01-01 11:23:51 AM  
uh-oh.... i think we farked up the count, the article says at least 81 for last year.
2002-01-01 11:25:11 AM  
Sodomy is real big in Saudi Arabia this year, I see a high bodycount if we make them execute their Al Qaeda people
2002-01-01 11:26:02 AM  
"Last year, at least 81 people were beheaded" according to the AP article. with 3 the first day this could well be a record year.
2002-01-01 11:26:18 AM  
speaking of Sodomy, will my Amazon links on books about crapping in the woods and pirate sodomy get posted?
2002-01-01 11:27:09 AM  
They should have stuck to sheep like other Saudi men.
2002-01-01 11:27:38 AM  
Just wait until the Gay Pride Parade in Rihyad.
2002-01-01 11:29:53 AM  
We're Here!
We're Queer!
Get /chop
2002-01-01 11:30:12 AM  
they wouldn't formally execute those guys, they'd just shoot them in the streets
2002-01-01 11:30:40 AM  
not an auspicious begining for the new year.
2002-01-01 11:32:52 AM  
Fudge packers are people too.
2002-01-01 11:34:05 AM  
2002-01-01 11:37:19 AM  
Well that didn't take long.
2002-01-01 11:38:15 AM  
Yeah, yeah.

You'll see how farking tough they are when they roll over and let the al qaeda people live.
2002-01-01 11:40:55 AM  
Damn, the New Year has barely begun, and the USA is down by three. Write your congressmen!
2002-01-01 11:43:45 AM  
Philo - heh. Puts a new spin on the expression "arms race", that. It's a "head race" (which has it's own set of tangents, cum to think of it) (sorry - "come")
2002-01-01 11:44:54 AM  
Three, already? Why, heads will roll.

And yet, the counter is still at 0... maybe the heads were only partialy chopped off?
2002-01-01 11:50:12 AM  
Some good news coming out of the middle east for once!!!!
2002-01-01 11:55:10 AM  
Ali bin Hatan bin Saad, Muhammad bin Suleiman bin Muhammad and Muhammad bin Khalil bin Abdullah

Don't bin those bin guys bin have bin weird bin names bin?
2002-01-01 12:02:46 PM  
I thing "bin" means "son of" in Arabic and Persian.
[image from utoronto.ca too old to be available]
2002-01-01 12:02:46 PM  
2002-01-01 12:04:30 PM  
,B.Bigpeeler: Uh, yes. It means "son of", like "mac", or the "son" in english names... (and other languages for that matter.
Patronyms are quite common worldwide, and often used instead familynames. So if Peter Johnson get a kid, he could call him John Peterson. His grandson might be Peter Johnson again...
2002-01-01 12:04:47 PM  
So that would make them no good 'bin bittches'.
2002-01-01 12:16:49 PM  
So if Paula Benjamin had a son, and named him Ben, then he could rightfully be called Benjamin Bin Benjamin?

Or if John Glenn's German Shepherd dog, had a puppy, and they named it Rin Tin Tin, it would be Rin Tin Tin Bin Glenn?

Or if Mr. & Mrs. Dover (can you see this one coming??) had a son and named him Imhornyso, then his name would be Imhornyso Bin Dover
2002-01-01 12:21:49 PM  
[image from kingofalljokes.com too old to be available]

Amusing little gif...

http://www.kingofalljokes.com/chop.gif (in case the link farks)
2002-01-01 12:23:04 PM  
needless to say, doing a GIS on "beheading" produces some really ugly things among the amusements.
2002-01-01 12:28:20 PM  
Even among the toys...sigh...

[image from electrictao.net too old to be available]

http://www.electrictao.net/peter/pictures/legos/headchop.jpg in case of borken link or bad html.
2002-01-01 12:41:08 PM  
The Saudis beheaded at least 81 people last year. They're already on a record pace!
2002-01-01 12:54:04 PM  
Your link wasn't borken but the picture was :-)
2002-01-01 12:57:34 PM  
Wow... so far they're on a pace to break 1000 this year. I wonder if they'll have the stamina (or the heads) to do it.

Also, I like the language in the article: "Last year, at least 81 people were beheaded."

Final Fark total: 81

2002-01-01 12:57:48 PM  
"The executions were the first this year in Saudi Arabia, where beheadings are public and done with a sword. Last year, at least 81 people were beheaded."
Not even one day of peace, the saudis' had to start the new year out right.
2002-01-01 12:58:52 PM  
I heard Oklahoma just passed Texas for we're-all-fundamentalist-Christians-but-we-love-killing-people death sentences carried out.

Why don't we just execute mormons?
2002-01-01 01:05:44 PM  
"The executioner, in a chillingly ironic yet twisted tableau, placed each severed sodomite's head, mouth agape and face down, in the lap of the decapitated sodomite next to them."

Not that there's anything wrong with sodomy.

Mods: my original tableau was much worse.
2002-01-01 01:37:55 PM  
Cool!!! They killed three towel heads and three queers. Its a two for one deal. Now thats starting the new year off right.
2002-01-01 01:38:20 PM  
At this rate they'll behead almost 1100 people this year for sodomy alone.
2002-01-01 01:47:29 PM  
Augh_Dammit is that pic part of the arguement that violent movies, music, etc. make violent kids? or violent grownups? scary use of legos no matter what.
2002-01-01 01:57:05 PM  
Does the executioner get free counselling? Would that be a government job or contract work?
2002-01-01 02:06:16 PM  
For those interested, here's everything you ever wanted to know about beheading.

Yes, it has really disturbing photos and everything. You have been warned.
2002-01-01 02:07:31 PM  
Three of them... well at least if you're gonna die for sodomy, they did it right... three... nice :)
2002-01-01 02:13:15 PM  
Skidnuts.... it's farked already.... any other mirrors out there?
2002-01-01 02:17:03 PM  
Damnit. It's a surprisingly informative page, too.

No mirrors that I know of. Sorry.
2002-01-01 02:29:32 PM  
This years expected Saudi Arabian beheadings:


Anyone else wanna make a bet?
2002-01-01 02:47:48 PM  
hmmmmm....i bet 156.....based upon 3 peter-puffer playas per week......not that theres anything wrong with that....wait.....yes.....thats wrong......the executions are wrong........so is the peter puffing......AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
2002-01-01 02:52:35 PM  
Curious I wish it were that easy...peaceful upbringing brings peaceful kids, but alas. Parenting is a huge giant subject full of soapboxes for me anyways, so better wait for another, less "honeydo" filled day.

Anyway If there is gonna be a fark poll and the winner, if still around, gets to mod for a day, then my vote is 124 (random number off the top of my head -g)
2002-01-01 03:07:39 PM  
There are records to be broken.
2002-01-01 03:12:33 PM  
My favorite part of this whole thing: "they were executed in the southwestern mountain resort city of Abha"
A resort city? Hell, let's just execute them next time at the Poconos!
2002-01-01 03:14:56 PM  
Ok, if we're going to bet on how many they behead this year, I'll say 5.

They might not make it to the end of the year, after all.
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