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2004-04-17 02:16:24 PM  
but what about the shrieking eels?!
2004-04-17 02:50:01 PM  
What about the Mexican staring frog of southerbn sri lanka????........im worried.
2004-04-17 02:53:46 PM  
"Sounds like a great name for a rock-n-roll band."
2004-04-17 02:54:08 PM  
Yeah, introduce snakes into a blissfully snake-free environment just to combat the frogs. Smmaahht.

I hate snakes. One good thing about living in Hawaii was, there were none. As for frogs, we just used to run over them with our bikes. Squish!

Good times.
2004-04-17 02:54:24 PM  
The anti-hunters would be up in arms if these were deer even though they are a similar problem.
2004-04-17 02:54:48 PM  
at least they're not hypnotoads
2004-04-17 02:55:15 PM  
Snakes... why did it have to be sn... er, frogs... why did it have to be frogs?
2004-04-17 02:56:17 PM  
I for one welcome our new 'Shrieking Frog' overlords
2004-04-17 02:58:45 PM  
Maybe they finally saw Miss Piggy naked?

*Shoots self*
2004-04-17 02:59:29 PM  
enh just put a redemtion reward on them...we can send over the guys who dig through my recycling bin on trash days and they will take care of them.
2004-04-17 03:01:58 PM  
Evil Homer Ah, did you RTFA??

The proclamation also notes that the brown tree snake, which has devastated the ecosystem of Guam, would find the frogs to be a ready-made food supply allowing its numbers to expand rapidly if it ever arrived here.

They're not thinking of introducing the snake. They're worried that were the snakes to be introduced, the snakes would decimate the area as they did Guam. Sheesh.
2004-04-17 03:02:51 PM  
that's weird, vaporlock's bio says he lives on the East Coast...
2004-04-17 03:03:12 PM  
Ok. I'll bite.

What's with the "spraying citric acid, or lime"..

So you have an orange flavoured frog. How does that stop them. Import the French to eat them, or?
2004-04-17 03:03:20 PM  
I saw a frog
2004-04-17 03:05:29 PM  
Those French, they're everywhere. And they're so noisy.
2004-04-17 03:09:03 PM  
[image from stanford.edu too old to be available]
2004-04-17 03:09:05 PM  
yes but will the acid make them bubble and hiss like when you put salt on a snail?
2004-04-17 03:10:10 PM  
A Kohala group, for example, has gathered $15,000.

fark, I gotta get me some eucalyptus leaves.
2004-04-17 03:12:20 PM  
Why not just sent the french in???

/got nothing....
2004-04-17 03:16:43 PM  
Shrieking frogs? That's an odd name. I'd have called them Wagaladoogoowobbles.
2004-04-17 03:19:07 PM  
[image from andrew.cmu.edu too old to be available]

It's not easy being green.
2004-04-17 03:19:46 PM  
cranberryzero, bravo!

/princess bride
2004-04-17 03:27:59 PM  
Didn't I see this on an episode of the Simpsons?
2004-04-17 03:30:23 PM  
>Skinner: "Well, I was wrong; the lizards are a godsend."
>Lisa: "But isn't that a bit shortsited? What happens when we're overrun by lizards?"
>Skinner: "No problem. We simply release wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the lizards."
>Lisa: "But aren't the snakes even worse?"
>Skinner: "Yes, but we're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat."
>Lisa: "But then we're stuck with gorillas!"
>Skinner: "No, that's the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death."
2004-04-17 03:41:37 PM  
[image from australiawildlifetours.com too old to be available]
2004-04-17 03:42:22 PM  
2004-04-17 03:44:55 PM  
Yeah, introduce snakes into a blissfully snake-free environment just to combat the frogs. Smmaahht.

Heh. If you read the article correctly, as somebody else did, you'll notice that this was put there as a "Let's NOT bring in snakes" note.

This is because this kind of idiocy has been done before. With rats.

Western traders had rats on their ships, no big surprise. They promptly started a vermin infestation. So, geniuses that they were, they decided to bring in a natural predator.

No, not cats. Took em a while before they thought of cats.

Their first natural predator approach was the mongoose.

Despite what its name sounds like, the mongoose is not a bird. It is a mammal, similar to a weasel. More on the mongoose. Rather famous nowadays, as its agility in the underbrush have led several sport-equipment manufacturers to name products after it. It's also related to the civet (producer of cat-poop coffee) and the meerkat (now made famous by the Lion King)

Unfortunately, what they didn't know at the time is that yes, the mongoose is somewhat good at killing rats.

It's better at killing birds. Such as the rare and beautiful birds that the people there liked so much. This is because rats are nocturnal (go out during the night) and mongoose are diurnal (go out during the day), so by large, they completely miss each other. Birds, on the other hand, are also diurnal, and so become a tasty target.

It also spreads disease not unlike the rats it was brought in to kill.

And it definitely lack the friendliness or looks of the average cat.

Dumb, yeah?
2004-04-17 03:47:33 PM  
A page on the subject (complete with .wavs):
2004-04-17 03:54:01 PM  
So stop trying to perform unnatural acts with them, and they'll stop shrieking. DUH!
2004-04-17 03:54:08 PM  
About Rye's picture...

Kermit is concealing his privates behind a strategically-placed banjo. It's sexy, corny, and coy all at once. You can't tell, but he's playing the theme from "Deliverance"
2004-04-17 03:55:47 PM  
2004-04-17 03:03:12 PM James_Maybrick
Ok. I'll bite.

What's with the "spraying citric acid, or lime"..

So you have an orange flavoured frog. How does that stop them. Import the French to eat them, or?

Ok, first off, the citric acid is far more concentrated than you'll find from a natural source. And by "lime" they don't mean the small green citrus fruit. They mean a mineral also called " lime"--ironically, the two are opposites. While citric acid is acidic, "lime" is alkaline.
(there are MORE definitions of "lime", all referring to a completely different chemical! What kind of wacky-crack language are we speaking, anyway?)

Anyway, the idea is that somebody thought that they had found that these frogs are unusually vulnerable to these chemicals, making it possible to spray the area down to a point where it would be toxic to the frog without killing everything else in sight.

It didn't work.
2004-04-17 04:02:56 PM  
Speaking of lime, I find this type both sad and funny.

BIRDLIME: (1) A sticky substance usually made from the bark of a holly tree that is smeared on twigs to snare small birds. (2) Something that ensnares.
2004-04-17 04:05:54 PM  
Hmm, speaking of "wacky-crack", my agricultural beginnings took over on that last post. I gave the definition for agricultural lime. As noted, that particular arrangement of four letters has been used to describe an insane number of chemicals.

I just fell for it.

Specifically, HYDRATED lime is being used on coquis.

HYDRATED lime is another damn thing again. Oh, they start as the same stuff, but hydrated lime is processed in a different way and has very different properties.
Wikipedia will set things straight.
2004-04-17 04:29:54 PM  
Why don't they just reintroduce the native predators back into the area, rather then bringing snakes in that have devasted Guam? Was the article implying that the mayor was suggesting the idea or shooting down a cheap solution that wasn't feasible? Doesn't make sense.
2004-04-17 04:39:31 PM  

rtfa. rtft. jesus.
2004-04-17 04:46:48 PM  
Those do not look like good eating.
[image from the.honoluluadvertiser.com too old to be available]
2004-04-17 04:52:55 PM  
You know, being from PR, I love the sounds of the Coqui. I find this mass extermination of these wonderful little frogs to be very disturbing. Almost he equivalent of killing flocks of US Bald Eagles to a Puerto Rican.
2004-04-17 05:05:05 PM  
I'm with M-Dan.

As a P-Rican, we don't get to hear them often, as PR is now under "American" construction (with their McDonald's, BK's and Wal-Marts). If there was only a way to grab them all and ship them BACK to Puerto Rico, everyone would be happy.

Oh well....
2004-04-17 05:21:03 PM  
People always find things they don't understand, or haven't researched, disturbing.
2004-04-17 05:26:04 PM  
They cannot re-introduce the natural predator because there IS no natural predator against that frog on Hawaii. It is not indigenous to Hawaii therefore there would not have developed a predator for that animal.

Anyone who has ever read 'The Origin of Species' knows that Darwin [creationists, crawl back under a rock, I don't care which rock, just crawl under it] has said: "whenever you introduce a genus into an environment in which it can thrive and where there are no natural predators, the new genus will carve out a space for itself to the detriment of other species." -paraphrase-

Asshole humans that we are, we are perpatrating massive eco-disaster on a daily basis because we do not understand this concept or refuse to accept its reality.
When we have farked up enough of the world, some idiot is going to introduce a law that says that we can't do that but, I'm very happy to say, it's already FAR too late for that and we just make another mark on the screw-up board of humanity.

This leads in turn to my deep conviction that the human species is the worst ever custodian of its own habitat and that we are so bad at managing our own world in general and the natural world in particular, that 'management' can safely be stricken from the list of human ability. 'Humans can't manage' is true on the same basic level as 'cows can't fly'. It's just not in us. And for all you management nazis out there: it takes no talent to run a company into the ground as happens every day, it takes no ability to terrorise other people and fire 50,000 when the books don't balance. Anybody can do that. Anybody can become a corporate officer or political leader and fark up the lives of thousands if not millions. Anybody.
Hitler was a sergeant in the Kaiser's army. A man without the slightest talent in military planning. His name will live on in infamy for as long as the species remains. Bad management. In fact, bad management is an oxymoron. Humans manage ie. they manage badly. For those of you who actually know what they are doing managing: you are the statistical anomaly.

Here, why don't you import some other species into your country where it's not at home and then dump it in the woods when you get tired of it after a few months.

2004-04-17 05:27:08 PM  
Why don't they just reintroduce the native predators back into the area, rather then bringing snakes in that have devasted Guam? Was the article implying that the mayor was suggesting the idea or shooting down a cheap solution that wasn't feasible? Doesn't make sense.

What native predators are you talking about? It seems obvious that the coqui frogs are an introduced species to the island. And no one was suggesting bringing snakes to combat the frogs. RTFA plz.
2004-04-17 05:31:37 PM  
I cannot reveal
the words of the golden eel
2004-04-17 05:33:21 PM  
The cool thing about making off-topic posts is that nobody ever responds with "RTFA"
2004-04-17 05:33:46 PM  
There are so many
songs about rainbows
2004-04-17 05:33:57 PM  
There was a Simpson's episode like this. Imported lizards were killing pigeons and infesting the town. Snakes would be released to combat the lizards. Once they got out of hand, snake-eating gorillas would be introduced to eliminate the snakes. The good news? The gorillas would not be a problem as they would just die out in the winter.

Or something...
2004-04-17 05:38:22 PM  
Doonyman --

My favorites are "The Mollusk" and "Mutilated Lips"
And I admit liking "I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight"

Closer to topic: I like frogs. I own two of them.
2004-04-17 05:40:40 PM  
DAN and MEL have it right ... if only one could catch the bleeders.

Personally, I hate the little bastards, as I never got a good night's sleep when in PR.

Maybe it would be easier to just move all the Puerto Ricans to Hawai'i, and all the Hawai'ians to Puerto Rico....
2004-04-17 05:59:53 PM  

I know you! You shot Bambi's mommy!
2004-04-17 06:02:55 PM  

Those do not look like good eating.

I dunno, i think they'd be rather good if they were cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose.

I think that would be Whizzo :-)
2004-04-17 06:21:34 PM  
[image from wiredvideo.com too old to be available]
any relation?
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