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2002-01-01 11:21:52 AM  
still wonder why some of us like texas?
2002-01-01 11:25:38 AM  
It's a good idea, but everyonce in awhile, it's fun to mess with telemarketers, and I'd hate to miss out on that.
2002-01-01 11:27:12 AM  
Q: So... if a telemarketer DOES NOT buy the list, or if they are say....in Florida....how does this work?

A: it doesn't.
2002-01-01 11:28:32 AM  
I have too much fun with telemarketers, They always spend at least 5 minutes trying to figure out if I'm a retard.
2002-01-01 11:29:05 AM  
Yeah I saw this last night on the loke news and thought it was a good idea and then I thought I really DO like messing with these idjits. I have a list of "fun things to do with telemarketers". I will often just keep saying Wow at them until they hang up in frustration. Also, I will say, can you hang on a sec and then put the phone next to the TV speaker for about 15 minutes. All fun things to do. I only mention these of course, hoping that other folks give me MORE ideas! -g
2002-01-01 11:32:19 AM  
I usually just ask them to please call back later since I'm just I just just broke in the house and killed everyone, and am currently too busy loading up on valuables...
2002-01-01 11:33:15 AM  
DAMN! Now everyone knows I'm a product of the public school system!
2002-01-01 11:34:09 AM  
im a professional non-telemarketer, i call people to do surveys

its really funny when they think theyre smarter than you and say theyre on the do not call list

Them: Did you know im on the do not call list?
Me: thats great for you! Now, like i said, im calling from...

Johnson: If they call texas from anywhere, they can still be fined because they are then by definition doing business in texas

Fetus & Argh: If someone pisses me off, i just put it as a callback for 10 minutes, then it goes back into the comp. And if someone stays on the phone 5 minutes with a retard, its cause they dont want to dial.
2002-01-01 11:35:56 AM  
This is coming also in California too. I like this guy's approach too, (requires Reader):

Try this the next time you get an annoying phone call interrupting your Farking

Of course, Jerry Seinfeld had a good one when he asks the telemarketer for their home number so he can call them back later in the evening. Don't want to be disturbed at home, you say?
2002-01-01 11:46:02 AM  
I just stay online all evening when I get home. Telemarketers can't cut through a busy signal.
2002-01-01 11:52:29 AM  
It should be against the law, PERIOD!!!!!
The idea of having to pay, no matter what the amount, to get on the list makes me sick!!!
2002-01-01 12:10:36 PM  
This is my "No Call" device.

2002-01-01 12:12:13 PM  
As a Texan I'm really looking forward to this service. Its only 2.25 dollars for 3 years, which is probably there just to cover the costs (I hope)

But it only applies to telemarketers in Texas, meaning, anyone from out of state can still call. And even if someone from in state calls, and their is number blocked, how would you know?
2002-01-01 12:13:45 PM  
Freakster - that is when you visit the world of "we have caller ID and privacy manager". No caller ID listed? off to the privacy manager (aka idiot limbo). Caller ID listed? Off to call notes (also aka idiot limbo)
2002-01-01 12:18:19 PM  
Greenbeetle, I doubt it's for covering the costs. If you read the article the telemarketers have to buy the list.
2002-01-01 12:19:26 PM  
2002-01-01 12:21:14 PM  
Finally, texas does something RIGHT!

still wonder why some of us like texas?

I thought people only liked Texas because they were brain damaged from all the polution.
2002-01-01 12:27:11 PM  
This has been all over the local news and this is the first time I've heard that telemarkers have to buy it. Strange.

Either way, 2.25 chump change. Well worth it (if it actually works)

Still doesn't cover out of state callers though.
2002-01-01 12:39:47 PM  
I'm in Texas and I personally think this is a load of crap. I have to pay not to get calls? Fark that, telemarketing should be illegal. Period. And I personally think this is going to be about as effective as opt-in or opt-out programs usually are - not very. You're still going to get calls; some types of calls are still legal even if you opt out. And some telemarketers (especially the out-of-state ones) are going to call anyway, because they know the majority of people are too lazy to report them. The best way to stop telemarketers is an answering machine. The most fun way is to answer the phone, listen to their spiel for a few seconds, say "Excuse me, I need to get a pen," and put the receiver down without hanging up. That way, you tie them up for as long as it takes them to realize you aren't coming back.
2002-01-01 01:06:25 PM  
Curious Still wonder why 99% of the world hates Texas?

Don't bother. There's only one good thing to ever come out of Texas- Robert W. Howington.
2002-01-01 01:17:18 PM  
I just wonder when they will get around to applying this to SPAM. The current laws are total shiat. They DO NOT work. If you want something done right you don't want a politician involved in it.
2002-01-01 01:21:40 PM  
Holy Farking Cow Hanky!!! That letter rules. Did they end paying? Anywho, I don't mind getting on the list, because
nothing ruins a good moment ;) like a sales call. I had one the other night @ 10:30pm. The caller was from Cali. His argument was that his local time was w/in the time
calling restrictions.. Silly Farker...
2002-01-01 01:34:35 PM  
People hate Texas because their jealous of us. Beautiful wide open spaces, lots of economic opportunity, no state income taxes and the best looking women!! How can you not love it here.
2002-01-01 01:41:15 PM  

HAHAHAHAHAH! You're joking, right?
2002-01-01 01:42:20 PM  
Absolutely 100% serious.
2002-01-01 01:44:23 PM  
holy crap/

Are you mormon?
2002-01-01 01:45:37 PM  
what idiots.

they already have such a service up here in new england.

it was free, and i have not gotten ONE telemarketer call since
2002-01-01 01:46:22 PM  
Well, Rock, Texas is very beautiful in the parts that aren't horribly polluted. I'll give you that.
2002-01-01 01:52:35 PM  

Its only the Houston area that is horribly polluted. Too many oil refining plants. Here in Dallas air pollution is only bad in the summertime because of the ozone levels.

The best thing about Texas thiugh is there are very few mormons.
2002-01-01 01:55:41 PM  

"The best thing about Texas is there are very few mormons."

Well, damn!

When you put it like that, it starts to look pretty damn good!
2002-01-01 02:09:35 PM  
Survey takers are even more fun than telemarketers.

Sir, we are conducting a survey,

Great! Do you accept results from Midgets? Cause I'm a midget and I think that most survey results are skewed in favor of tall people.

Sir, it doesn't matter if you're a midget or not.

You see! that's what I'm talking about! No respect for midgets and their opinions, that's why the midget voice is never heard in this country, damn you and your non-midget surveys.


never had a callback yet.
2002-01-01 02:11:31 PM  

I used to work giving surveys, and when people did stuff like that to me, I would put them down for several hundred call-backs. AHAHHAAHA!
2002-01-01 02:16:11 PM  
In fact, give me your phone number. I'll set ya up.
2002-01-01 02:31:30 PM  
1 800 eat fetus

glad to see you went and got a real job, Octer
2002-01-01 02:34:16 PM  
Looks like FifthColumn has never been to Texas. Perhaps only Houston.

I will only be happy when I get a device that tells the physical location of the telemarketer so that I can smash out their teeth against the curb Nazi style.
2002-01-01 02:40:05 PM  
It is $2.25 cents.

Isn't that kinda redundant?
2002-01-01 02:51:33 PM  
2002-01-01 03:16:47 PM  
i read that 2.25 cents, which is pretty darn cheap if you ask me. i don't see how having a credit card transaction for a little over 2 cents is worth it. i thought most CC companies charge 40 cents for the transaction.
2002-01-01 03:54:08 PM  
Indiana's just instituting a similar no-call list. It's free - though, honestly, $2.25 is still a bargain.

I signed up - but I *will* occasionally miss the opportunity to tell AT&T when they called that they had the wrong number. . . . Or that, sorry, I don't have a phone. . . . But I won't miss those chances enough to delete my number from the list. . . .


http://www.theindychannel.com/ind/news/stories/news-114498420011231-14​1242.htm l

"Under the telephone privacy law, telemarketers who call the list will risk fines of up to $25,000.

Not all groups will be barred from soliciting over the phone. The law allows charities and other nonprofit organizations to ask for donations by phone if they don't use the services of a professional telemarketing company. Newspapers, insurance agents and realtors also are exempt from the law.

All other telemarketers -- local or out-of-state -- must buy the list and make sure they don't dial any number on it, Attorney General Steve Carter said. "
2002-01-01 04:04:30 PM  
for those who care, and those who don't:

here's the sound the telezapper
2002-01-01 05:09:22 PM  
My parents have one of those telezapper machines, and every time I call over there I get that beep when they pick up.
2002-01-01 05:50:19 PM  
My method works even better. I disconnect my phone. It's 100% effective. In fact, the only reason I have a phoneline is for DSL. I might switch to cable and get rid of it all together.

When people want to talk to me, they have to call my cellphone or tell them to email me when they want me to call them, I only give it out to very few people. Hell, even if I do have my phone on, I never answer unavailable numbers (which are usually telemarketers, or people with crappy cellphones).
2002-01-01 06:13:56 PM  
Ughhh...telemarketers. Poor saps, they have to do the dirty work, but they are still annoying.

Watching the Law and Order marathon on A&E. Boy, they reuse actors a bunch. A lot of Star Trek people too. Hmmmm, it's a conspiracy!

Boy oh boy, am I hungover.
2002-01-01 07:22:54 PM  
Uhhh...we've had a Do Not Call list in NY for months now (Gov. Pataki signed it into law in October 2000). And it's FREE. While I'm originally from Houston, I can't say Texas takes the lead on that one.

RockandRoller- As for the pollution in Houston, the oil refineries are not exactly in the center of town. The "polluted" areas (Beaumont!) are outside of Houston proper. Living in NYC, I guarantee you that I am subjected to a HELL of a lot worse air quality than I ever did growing up in Houston.
2002-01-01 08:35:47 PM  
"It's a dream come true for anyone whose every answered a phone call..."

Someone over at MSNBC is still drunk.
2002-01-01 10:26:57 PM  
On fanfiction.net I encountered a list of how to have fun with telemarketers. Let's see if I can remember a few of them (and I'm adding some of my own):

-Put the receiver down and scream as loud as you possibly can.

-Ask if they have anything that will clean up goat's blood--and human blood.

-Say in a spooky Igor-esque voice: "I have no friends. Would you like to be my friend?"

-Constantly ask, "What?"

-Repeat everything they say.

I also saw something in a Blondie comic. Dagwood is on the phone with a telemarketer wanting to get him to switch long-distance carriers. After he states that the problem with the other carriers is that they expect him to pay his bill on time, the telemarketer hangs up--and you see Dagwood grinning! :)
2002-01-01 10:51:12 PM  
Hello fellow Farkers! {My Boobies}. We have the same law here in Missouri. Ours is free of charge though. I guess they recoup the operating costs from fines & sales of the lists. If the other states are like ours, out of state soliciters are still subject to fines for calls here. I signed up for ours and it took effect today. Yahoo!!!! From the way it sounds, Missouri is pretty vicious on solicters that get turned in.
2002-01-01 11:07:49 PM  
I live in Missouri as well. We've had that law for a least a year now, is free and I don't think there's a time limit.
Before I was on the list I would get about 5 unavailables on my caller ID a day. Now I will go days without getting one.
I believe the law applies to any company who calls someone living in Missouri. In fact, our state Atty. general has gotten a lot of money from the Miss Cleo psychic people who are based in Florida.
2002-01-02 12:12:48 AM  
where do you sign up in mo.
2002-01-02 12:44:45 AM  
When I worked for a survey company, I loved when people would do silly shizzit. It was much more interesting then some stupid survey or listening to buzzing all day. Fine, put down your phone for 10 minutes, better then dialing 8000 numbers. Please put it in front of the TV too. Let me catch up on the game. Remember, I'm the guy making 6.25 an hour, not the guy making 25.00 per survey. You act like I'm the one profiting from it. So as much as you can do to keep me interested is great. If I can just sit there with the phone in my hand while you have me on hold is fine too. I'd rather talk to the 17 year old hottie next to me. My supervisors are the only ones who care how many survey's I get, I only do as little as possible only to not get fired. I get paid per hour, not per survey.

How do you piss me off? Easy, be a know-it-all and ask to be taken off the list while hanging up on me. Yeah I'll take you off the list, while adding your name and number to our "preffered caller list" and schedule you for a call at 6am the next day. :)

Do you know the secret to getting a lot of surveys? Be young sounding and female.
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