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2004-04-15 07:18:02 AM  
GraphicAddiction - you're right, the US would never kill its own citizens. So, your question for 10 points and a shot at the bonus round:

Name the former Texas governor who ordered more executions in one year than in any of the other US States COMBINED.

Clue: he looks a bit like a monkey and lives in a WHITE house. Answers on a postcard and please ask permission before using the phone.
2004-04-15 07:19:29 AM  

And now, 13 years after the fact, this is becoming a major issue? Where was the outcry over the embargo amongst other nations? Why wasn't the UN arguing that we drop the embargo on Iraq? If this was such an atrocity why were there no massive protests in favor of dropping the embargo...instead of massive protests against actually removing the dictator who was absconding with all the benefits from the oil for food program (yes...because it makes no sense to blame the dictator who was preventing the food from actually reaching the people).
2004-04-15 07:20:49 AM  
And I offer a truce to turtles.
2004-04-15 07:22:57 AM  

i am glad saddam is gone, he was an evil man, but there are many more like him around the world that the united states ignores

saddam decided what the laws were in his country and paid himself a lot of money - apparently a percentage of every barrel of oil - not a lot of which would seem to have been accounted for since the invasion (liberation?)

not a lot different to cheney really, is it?

in fact how is it any farking different at all?

except possibly saddam decided by what rules people should live or die inhis own country, the united states decides by what rules people should live or dir in another country
2004-04-15 07:23:11 AM  

Hey ! I saw one of those !
2004-04-15 07:24:25 AM  

I see you live in a country that doesn't have the death penalty, so I wouldn't expect you to know what you're talking about in regards to that, but the Governor of none of the states here orders executions. That is done by juries or judges. The Governor can grant pardons or clemency, but then they would not be carrying out the will of the people. You want to be against the death penalty in Texas, fine, but Bush has nothing to do with its existence or the enacting of it. Your beef is with the fine citizens of Texas.
2004-04-15 07:25:23 AM  
Your beef is with the fine citizens of Texas.

2004-04-15 07:25:38 AM  
GraphicAddiction:By the way, if you can get the lottery numbers on that crystal ball of yours, let me know.

Don't need a crystal ball, just go and talk to ANY Arab or even non-Arab Muslim - assuming you've ever met one.
2004-04-15 07:25:45 AM  

It's not just Israel--Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Cold War. Look at the history of the Middle East for the past 200 years: it's Britain, France, Russia, and the US tearing through either for imperial reasons, or to tie up loose ends resulting from imperial endeavors. And Middle Eastern countries fight each other too over land disputes, despite having cultures that are relatively similar. If someone parked their Pinto on your lawn without your permission, would you really care if it was registered to your next door neighbor, or (somehow) some guy who lives halfway around the world? It might be easier to settle the matter if it were your neighbor, but either way you'd want it off as soon as possible.

I think it's careless or misguided to think, oh, we might as well not bother cleaning up Israel and/or finding an alternative source of fuel and pulling out of there, because even if we do the Arabs are gonna come after us anyway. Sure it won't be instantaneous, and there'll be some lingering bad blood that takes years to disappear, but it sure can get things on the right track if we get the hell out.
2004-04-15 07:26:49 AM  
proper distribution of wealth...

What the hell does this mean?
2004-04-15 07:27:08 AM  
Its really amazing that some of the occurances that I have mentioned are not common knowlege. Insurgents firing behind women and children or the killing hundreds of pilgrims a month or two ago has all been in the news. Look it up.

Guantanamo? What the fark does that have to do with this war?

Why is the US near mosques? Guys are shooting at them from inside. Duh.

I'm not taking the time to argue opinion anymore....its too late for that.

I suggest looking up a few blogs posted from Iraq. HealingIraq is one of them. Good inside view from an Iraqi Dentist. Good source outside mainstream media. Links to other blogs, too.
2004-04-15 07:27:50 AM  
yaganoosh - what, he didn't flick the switch himself? Damn, I've been led astray by the liberal media, probably Michael Moore (he mentioned this when I saw him live a couple of years ago - fat barsteward was probably lying about the whole 'not allowed to take leaf-blowers onto flights as hand luggage any more' thing too).

Well, thanks for clearing that one up. I shall amend my "Bush kills his own" comments to something along the lines of "goddamn friendly fire", but I doubt it'll have the same impact. I sit corrected.
2004-04-15 07:28:12 AM  
It's a fictitious truse ;)... Jokes aside: the Bush government's fabricated evidence of WMD in Iraq is pretty much why Europe joined the US in their oil-crusade (Of course, it helped that Powell did a good recruiting campaign promising a swift victory and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

Now that coalition inspectors found nothing of the sort, Europe should admit its mistakes and withdraw, but doing so would make them look like they jumped a bandwagon (which is of course what they did). So Europe will fulfill its obligations, but it never forget who got them into this mess in the first place, and the next time America cries "wolf!", I'll bet you a shiny new Euro that no European country will be part of a US led coalition force.

Oh, and Ann Coulter is an ignorant fascist.
2004-04-15 07:28:19 AM  
Dear Mr. Bin Laden.

1) Never bring a knife to a gun fight.
2) Here's my truce. Pick two. 9mm or 10mm.

We're coming to get you, and your whole farking clan. What we don't get there. We'll get here.

Signed the people you've really pissed off you coward...
2004-04-15 07:28:40 AM  

You want to give me a what?
FNG [TotalFark]
2004-04-15 07:29:04 AM  
ok, this is my last post in this thread.

I believe in the rest of the world. I believe that America should not have become the world police. But when genocide is occuring, someone has to do something about it.

Saddam used to use WMD, that's why he should have been taken out in 91. When we went back in, Saddam was still committing genocide. He was warned to stop and disarm. Saddam had years to work with the UN, was given countless warnings, was given time and everything else to show compliance, and all he did was thumb his nose.

Again, the US does not like to be the world police, but unless someone else steps up, who else is going to keep thousands upon thousands from being killed on the basis of ethnic origin, or whatever else they care to kill you for? Would Holland have been better off if Americans and her allies didn't show up? France? Poland? Italy?

I still submit that as much as you people claim to hate Americans, you'd really miss us if we decided to keep to ourselves for 50 years or so. On many levels.

I don't hate any of you, except the jerks who have just been trolling. I like healthy conversation, and I can't believe some of you cannot acknowledge how we've contributed to the free world. And we will not be attacked without crushing the attackers, period. Although the government may not always represent the American people (now), we support our kids when commitments have been made.

And that commitment was made when we were attacked on our own soil. That is cliche, but true.

To paraphrase the emperor of Japan, they woke a sleeping giant.

Your country wouldn't stand for it, and neither did we.

Good morning - best of the day to you.
2004-04-15 07:31:01 AM  
In the audio tape, the speaker threatens revenge on the United States for the death of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who was killed March 22 in an Israeli targeted helicopter attack in Gaza City.

Hmm, the Israeli's kill Yassin, and Osama blames the U.S.A. for it.

I got a deal for you Osama, get farked, and die.
2004-04-15 07:31:35 AM  
You want to give me a what?

2004-04-15 07:32:55 AM  
It's funny, americans are so shielded from the real news, he refers to how iraq is just a way of making cash for companies like Haliburton (He refers to them by name.) there's not a trace of anything refering to haliburton in the CNN article.

2004-04-15 07:33:49 AM  
Man, you just got to wonder how many of the lefty wackos believe what they are posting, and how many are just trolling. The level of hatred is just simply amazing.
2004-04-15 07:34:21 AM  
Yeah, the BBC is known to be unbiased. Right up there with The Guardian.
2004-04-15 07:34:33 AM  

I suggest looking up a few blogs posted from Iraq. HealingIraq is one of them. Good inside view from an Iraqi Dentist. Good source outside mainstream media. Links to other blogs, too.

Like this one:

"To lessen the feelings of anti-Americanism, might I make a few suggestions? Stop the collective punishment. When Mark Kimmett stutters through a press conference babbling about "precision weapons" and "military targets" in Falloojeh, who is he kidding? Falloojeh is a small city made up of low, simple houses, little shops and mosques. Is he implying that the 600 civilians who died during the bombing and the thousands injured and maimed were all "insurgents"? Are houses, shops and mosques now military targets?"
2004-04-15 07:35:18 AM  
[image from duke.usask.ca too old to be available] Sun Tzu said:

36. Too frequent rewards signify that the enemy is
at the end of his resources; too many punishments betray
a condition of dire distress.

38. When envoys are sent with compliments in their mouths,
it is a sign that the enemy wishes for a truce.

I'd say it's the time to go for the throat. Go get him Sanchez!!

[image from images.google.com too old to be available][image from images.google.com too old to be available]
2004-04-15 07:37:34 AM  
i don't think osama bin laden sent those planes to attack us because he hated our freedom. i think he did it because of our support for israel and our ties with the saudi family and all our military bases in saudi arabia.

you know why i think that?

/david cross
2004-04-15 07:39:40 AM  
An offer of truce... for 3 months.
Makes you wonder what he'll want them to do to extend that...

"An appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile, hoping it eats them last"
- Winston Churchill
2004-04-15 07:40:11 AM  
And what Osama says is fact, right?
Just like what Bush says is fact?

You know, disregarding all placement on the political spectrum, I'd trust Bush over Bin Laden.
2004-04-15 07:41:25 AM  
2004-04-15 07:34:33 AM binnster

Just one opinion out of many, my friend. I try to take a lot of them into consideration. It seems the US is taking heavy casualties from "low, simple houses......"

Somebody is shooting at them it would seem. During ceasefires also, I might add.
2004-04-15 07:41:29 AM  

then why hasn't he claimed our closing of our base in Saudi Arabia -9 months ago- as a sign of victory?

Osama is an extremist looking for /justifications/ for his hate.

taken from the Al Qaeda tape that took responsibility for Madrid:
"You love life, We love death."
quite a different message, no?
2004-04-15 07:43:25 AM  
GSC writes:

in return he gets sicily.
(i don't know why i said that)

Maybe because at one time when the Arab empire was at its height they occupied Sicily.

Takes on various subjects....

Ann Coulter: I see Democrat reactions to her similar to the ones Republicans often accused females reporters of having over Bill Clinton--that is if you really like him/her you must want to fark him/her. Truth be told she's a *total* wildcat in bed, but irregardless, she has an annoying (annoying to Liberals) way of expressing opinions that at least makes you think about them.

Capturing Bin Laden: As has been demonstrated here, President GW Bush could personally take down Bin Laden with a Barrett Light 50 at 1,500 meters, machinegun every other Moslem extremist from Morroco to Indonesia, and then appear live on TV from Jerusalem to announce that the Palestinians and Israelis have agreed to live peacefully together forever, and Democrats would complain bitterly about his showboating in an election year and somehow try to spin that he must have been lying about the nature of the extremist Moslem threat all along so he could establish a dictatorship. In short, I have accepted that nothing GW ever does will ever satisfy any partisan whack job in the Democrat Party.

A Personal Note to Bin Laden: You offer a "truce" to the Europeans. But why do so? Surely if your cause is just Allah will allow you to triumph over any and all enemies no matter how numerous? Perhaps you find the strain of combat too much now. Oh wait, that's right, you never actually *fight*, your subordinates do. You pose with rifles, you pay the cash and demand other people die, but you yourself never seem to find your way to the front. You do not command vast armies, and I'm sure your underlings could use an extra set of hands setting explosives, engaging in fire fights, etc. Some how though, you manage to remain "above" it all. Perhaps it's because you fancy yourself to be Allah, or at the very least the next Mohammed. If so, may you die a thousand deaths, heretic. May your women be raped by your enemies and become barren, may your children be brutualized before your eyes and die a worthless death, may all that you know and love be destroyed. It is already happening. Your training bases are gone, your followers have died by the thousands, you have to run in fear of the vengence of the US at every turn. Surely nothing but death awaits you and the fires of Hell will consume you in turn. Repent now. Your enemies are the ones truly on the side of Allah, heretic. The children of your enemies will live to rejoice the day you pass from this Earth.

2004-04-15 07:45:21 AM  
Sun Tzu also said:

It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with the evils of war that can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on.
2004-04-15 07:45:56 AM  
"A Personal Note to Bin Laden:"

What, he posts here? Who'd have thunk it?

OK, which one of you is it? Own up... RobW - c'mere and let me take a closer look at that beard...
2004-04-15 07:46:22 AM  

AAARRRGHHH!!! NO! Just no. No, no, no, no, no. NO.
2004-04-15 07:46:25 AM  
What the liberal media isn't reporting, is at the end he slipped in a little "Go Kerry! W00t!"

[image from pitt.edu too old to be available]
2004-04-15 07:46:40 AM  
2004-04-15 07:10:23 AM Gargoylemann

"Kidnapping and slaughtering hostages is evil and desperate, I don't recall the US using that method of persuasion."
-Cough...Guantanamo Bay...Cough

Did I read this right? Are you saying that the US military is slaughtering prisoners held at Guantanamo? WTF?
2004-04-15 07:48:11 AM  
Cohen the Barbarian said:

"Never enter an arse-kicking contest with a porcupine"
2004-04-15 07:49:52 AM  

I read a lot of those blogs as well. Whether what they say is true or not, it gives a reflection of the effect the crisis is having on your average Iraqi. From the Healingiraq blog you mentioned:

"The body count in Fallujah till now is 518 Iraqis dead (160 of them women, and about 50 children) and 1250 badly injured. Doctors from Fallujah mentioned that a large number of the dead women and children were shot in the head and that they were saving the extracted bullets to prove that they were being targetted by Marines snipers in the city."

How can you win in Iraq if this is what the people are hearing?
2004-04-15 07:51:05 AM  
Bin Laden: I offer truce to you.

Unrealistic Europe: Screw you monkey-boy, we're comin' to getcha
2004-04-15 07:53:42 AM  
You're late, barjockey, all the good flames have been taken :o)
2004-04-15 07:53:57 AM  
AAARRRGHHH!!! NO! Just no. No, no, no, no, no. NO.

I actually said irregardless in a meeting the other day. I meant to say 'irrespective', but it came out 'irregardless'. I wanted to kick my own ass.

I was interested to here this news story this morning. The truce applies to European countires that stop 'attacking Muslims'. I know it's been asked before, but where's the outcry from the sensible Muslim community? Are they glad bin Laden is representing them on the world stage?
2004-04-15 07:55:14 AM  
Barjockey's here - that completes the set. HOUSE!
2004-04-15 07:55:22 AM  
I think the truce would also apply to European countries.
2004-04-15 07:55:24 AM  
You're late, barjockey, all the good flames have been taken :o)

2004-04-15 07:58:49 AM  
kinda slow for a flame war... is it just too early?
2004-04-15 07:59:07 AM  
God forbid the mighty European Union should ever have such a spokesman as yourself, barjockey.

I tried...they wouldn't have me with my silly "yank" accent and all. I said, "I ain't no yank bastages, I'm from Alabama!"
2004-04-15 07:59:27 AM  
Oh no! Emmanuel Goldstein is at it again!
2004-04-15 08:01:22 AM  

A lot of what we hear has spin or is rumor. Until I see proof that the boys of the US are purposely shooting babies, I will doubt any preliminary reports coming from the residents of F-aloha that claims this to be so.

Iraqis may choose to believe these reports before they are verified. Nothing can be done about the other side's propaganda machine except wait until its over.
2004-04-15 08:01:56 AM  
i want to see bush and bin laden have an old school, western style duel. or at least a fist-fight. that would be cool. heh heh. yeah beavis.
2004-04-15 08:03:04 AM  
Frankly, I think (and hang on, I may just be wrong) that this 'truce' may just have been a cynical plot to drive a wedge between the US and Europe (UK)

So, whether you agree with me or not. I just want you all to know:

I love you guys.
2004-04-15 08:04:09 AM  
First off... if you're too close minded to make an attempt to look at a subject from more then one side, please stop reading this post.

Europe, save yourselves...

The U.S. government has declared war. Regardless of the fact that many Americans were opposed to this war for various reasons, we were unable to stop our leader from sending us into a long and quite possibly unwinable war. I, for one, am sorry I personally couldn't do more to stop my government from committing acts of war, murder, and terror (I believe the Iraqi people are quite terrified of the U.S. at this point. Our bombs and our other various weapons of war have killed roughly three times the number of people who were killed in the 9/11 attacks on our country. The worst part is that those people we killed didn't even have anything to do with the attacks on us.

Bin Laden has offered to not kill people from Europe, and all he asks in return is that they stop killing muslims. Sounds pretty fair to me. I would personally not think less of you for backing out of the mess that we have made.

Bin Laden has also said that he will not offer this truce to America, that... unfortunately I also understand. The majority of the people the U.S. has been slaughtering are Iraqi, but many of them are also Muslim. So although they may not be Bin Laden's countrymen, they are people of his faith. I know that if thousands upon thousands of my people were being slaughtered, I would be equally upset.

Personally, I wish we would pull our troops out and turn over control of Iraq to the Iraqi people and ask the U.N. to try and help them through this horrible time in their country. If the U.S. stopped waging war on these people and took our troops out, we could probably afford to help pay for some of the damages we've caused... without stealing their greatest assets (their lives and their oil).

I really hate the idea of "Eye for an eye"... It does nothing but bring more pain and suffering to people. Seems the U.S. and Al Queda have made it very clear that this is exactly how they wish to do business with eachother. I also don't think it can be avoided at this point. More Americans are going to be killed, and the U.S. Government is going to kill more people in retaliation. That cycle is going to go on for a long time I think.

I agree with Jesus on this matter (I'm not affiliated with any religion in case you think I am)... According to what I know of Jesus, he would forgive people for their mistakes and most likely offer love and understanding as well. Not an easy task for people so very angry with each other, I know... but a very noble task it would be.

To sum up my thoughts, I simply wish the killing would stop all together, but if it can't stop entirely, at least it can stop in some places.

"If God is truly just, I tremble for the fate of my country." - Thomas Jefferson
2004-04-15 08:04:23 AM  
i say lets take bush and bin laden (those twins) in an arena and watch them fight to the death.
and kill the survivor then

the world would be safer without those 2 religious nuts
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