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(Chron)   NBC cancels Emeril and Inside Schwartz; both viewers complain.   ( chron.com) divider line
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2001-12-31 01:53:17 AM  
BAM! it's a schvants
2001-12-31 01:54:22 AM  
One viewer- Emeril
The other - that big nosed guy on schwartz
2001-12-31 01:55:37 AM  
HEY! Living in the same city Emeril came from (Fall River, MA), I take offense to that headline!

....wait a second, I just watched the show. Nevermind.

Heh, I HAD to post something about the 2nd most famous person to come from here.
2001-12-31 01:58:13 AM  
Only thing worth watching on T.V. is 24,Sports,Simpsons,Seinfeld re-runs,Sopranos,and porn.
2001-12-31 01:59:24 AM  
dear diary,
god has finally answered one of my prayers. now if he can just swing that lottery and britney spears thing....
2001-12-31 01:59:37 AM  
You forgot Family Guy.
2001-12-31 02:00:07 AM  
2001-12-31 02:00:23 AM  
Hey Emeril-----Bam!!
2001-12-31 02:00:50 AM  
Nobody's forgotten Family Guy. It'll get it's cancelation notice soon enough.
2001-12-31 02:01:29 AM  
Whaaat? Family Guy is great.
2001-12-31 02:01:37 AM  
"...britney spears thing...."

I think he did that. He just did it for someone else (read previous article). :)
2001-12-31 02:01:44 AM  
2... 2 posts in 2001. Ha ha ha.
[image from wwyk.com too old to be available]
2001-12-31 02:02:42 AM  
"Nobody's forgotten Family Guy. It'll get it's cancelation notice soon enough."

You mean again? It's been cancelled, what, three times before? Matt Groening needs to draw a wooden stake and have it animated impaling that show.
2001-12-31 02:03:46 AM  
family guy is so good i have quit watching friends...
or friends got so sucky, i started watching family guy
2001-12-31 02:05:02 AM  
I'm still pissed they cancelled Monty Python's Flying Circus.
2001-12-31 02:07:24 AM  
They did it to piss off the Yanks
2001-12-31 02:08:05 AM  
I'm pissed "Who's the Boss?" isn't on anymore.

Tony Danza's a dreamboat!
2001-12-31 02:08:42 AM  
And Family Guy is great... well, the first season was when Stuey plotted for world domination. I could relate to that!
2001-12-31 02:09:20 AM  
I'd watch "Futurama" more often, but they seem to have renamed the show "NFL on Fox" or "NBA on Fox" or somesuch...
2001-12-31 02:09:40 AM  
I don't understand.. Seinfeld gets.. how many years (hated it too much to count), and Emeril, kind of cutlery, gets canned this fast?

If Satanists were running the networks, things would be better.
2001-12-31 02:09:58 AM  
Bugh, Emeril sucked anyways... BAM!!!
2001-12-31 02:11:09 AM  
Yeah, Fox, like Sci Fi, has their head up their collective asses when it comes to "good" shows, and scheduels (btw, Invisible man is canceled.. again.. for you fans of the show. just like sci fi "couldn't talk pearson into making more first wave episodes".. they always have time for that farking show Viper, though!
2001-12-31 02:11:45 AM  
Futurama rocks. I wonder why is can't get a better timeslot. Maybe if they called it "That 3000's Show" they might show it every week.
2001-12-31 02:12:29 AM  
kind should be king.. sigh, damn insomnia.
2001-12-31 02:14:09 AM  
Boycott fox and NBC (heh, as if NBC had anything to watch)! Add on Sci Fi for good measure, and we may be on to something.

Damn, my fireplace burned out and im all out of copies of Bill O'Reily's new book! *sigh*
2001-12-31 02:15:55 AM  
Hey Grivas:

I farking love the Count, best muppet character ever.

[image from umich.edu too old to be available]

The Count sez: That Lordwatson guy over there is a serious troll
2001-12-31 02:16:29 AM  
Satanists are behind all mass media.
Didn't you know that?
God likes to go Underground.
2001-12-31 02:18:35 AM  
.....just look at Disney
2001-12-31 02:20:45 AM  
Satanists aren't behind mass media! They have too much self respect for that! They put themselves in upper management of law firms, where they can dominate lower level personnel.

All hail the Great Satan!
2001-12-31 02:22:07 AM  
Disney movies were much better when they had the Nazi running the show.
2001-12-31 02:22:55 AM  
Big networks (NBC,any Disney, etc.)are the same as big law firms more or less.
2001-12-31 02:23:44 AM  
That black and white Count pic kinda creeps me out. Looks like Jack Ruby is about to shoot him, or maybe it is from Jeff D's undergrad days.
2001-12-31 02:24:08 AM  
Nah, if Satanists were at the helm, the opressive religious stuff wouldn't be on tv.. :/
2001-12-31 02:24:32 AM  
well, there may be a black mass.. just to piss people off, but that's it :P
2001-12-31 02:24:48 AM  
Ask the Baptists if satan is behind mass media. Damn we hate cable!!
2001-12-31 02:28:53 AM  
yeah Grivas, I was gonna caption it something about the Count trying to lure those kids into his car but figured that was too tacky. I saw your photoshop of the Crab Shack guy. It's the funniest one there. Very original. You got my vote.
2001-12-31 02:30:30 AM  
Knew this was coming.... I work at an NBC station, and a few weeks ago we got a fax from the production company that made "Emeril" - they decided to do an end-run around NBC and directly beg the affiliates to run extra promos for the show.
2001-12-31 02:31:57 AM  
Pork is pro-family guy. 8 O'clock, Thursdays. Watch. Now. No, Thursday. Start now. No food. Family Guy. Now on Thursday with free honey-garlic hot dogs.
2001-12-31 02:34:56 AM  
Shemp have you ever had the feeling that your boss (or maybe thier superiors) might indeed be the Prince of Darkness?
2001-12-31 02:36:26 AM  
To everyone who I didn't send my new years card, I either couldn't find your email, or I got tired of sending them out.

So you gotta look here
2001-12-31 02:44:41 AM  
DavCar, I have no doubt my bosses are the antichrist. As for NBC themselves, they're so far the best network I worked with. (Working in TV, you become quite the gypsy - I've worked at NBC, CBS, PBS, PAX, AFRTS and FOX stations)

Realistically, this season has been better than most, as far as cancelling shows goes. In recent years, Emeril and Inside Schwartz would've been gone in late October, early November at the latest. I work in the promotions department, and see the Nielsen numbers daily - Emeril in particular was stinking up the night. NBC and FOX (we actually own two stations here, an NBC and a FOX) have held off on dropping the axe much longer than usual.

On the plus side, anytime a show gets cancelled, the goodies we get from the network to promote it go up in value on eBay...
2001-12-31 02:47:03 AM  
The only reason to watch Emeril is because of Lisa ann Walter, since she has farking big boobies.
2001-12-31 02:48:02 AM  
Just like an old Nintendo in the box! hehe
2001-12-31 02:50:57 AM  
Thanks, Sfotw, now I'm crying! I never got a New Year's card before.
2001-12-31 02:56:42 AM  
"Nobody's forgotten Family Guy. It'll get it's cancelation notice soon enough."

Not soon enough for me.
2001-12-31 03:04:16 AM  
In Memoriam
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
Let's all observe a moment of Bam.
2001-12-31 03:35:03 AM  
Honestly, I hated Invisible Man, but I can see where you're coming from about Sci-Fi having their heads up their asses. Farscape is the only good show they have, and I think they've only been showing reruns recently, they probably cancelled that cause Sci-Fi sucks. The old Star Trek episodes and original movies they do like Dune are good though.

As for Fox, ech. Bunch of asses. 24 is cool. So is Family Guy, but they don't have the balls to show it even if it's hilarious. And the problem with Futurama is it's got that show King of the Hill in between that and Simpsons. King of the Hill is the plague and absolute crap. If Simpsons and Futurama were back to back I'd watch both. Hell, if they added Family Guy to that night I'd watch all three :O. Decadent.
2001-12-31 03:50:21 AM  
I think the whole idea of Emeril being on a sitcom was a bad one from the getgo. The guy is no comedian. He has like five phrases he uses over and over. He gets his jokes straight from the DEPARTMENT of REDUNDANCY DEPARTMENT.
And who does this guys eyebrows anyway? He looks like a stunt Muppet from the Dark Crystal.
Lastly, I believe Emeril is lucky to still be on television at all considering the buzz going around that he had cancelled appearances and new shows following the 9-11 attacks. Does he really consider himself that big of a target? If you want to be a smaller target, lay off the pork fat!
Other than that, I think he is great and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
P.S. I did this all without using Bam!
Ah @#$&%!
2001-12-31 03:52:47 AM  
I haven't watched any of the major networks in such a long time. I just stick to cartoon network and dvd's. And most of cartoon network is just re-re-re-re-runs. Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star are really good.
2001-12-31 05:00:30 AM  
I seen something about Emeril being canceled a couple of months ago... How did it manage to take so long for it to make the Fark Pages? The show would have made it if they would have had a real actor to play Emeril.

Emeril might be able to cook, But his acting leaves a bad taste.. If its not the Simpsons it shouldnt be on TV.

Sci Fi Channel has sucked since they started. Actually I take that back.. There were 2 weeks before they actually went on the air with an actual program. They had a cool screen saver playing for that 2 weeks then they opened with Star Wars so the first day was pretty good too. since then down hill.

Lord Watson: I disagree. Although the Count is cool. The best Muppet is and always will be Animal. Swedish Chef and Beaker are both right up there as well as Statler and Waldorf, Crazy Harry, And the Fish thrower I think the name is Lew Zealand.. Ah hell All the Muppets Rock.

Except the Following Muppets which annoy the hell out of me.

thats all.
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