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(The Sacramento Bee)   Fake town repeatedly appears on MapQuest, other map sites, in two different locations   ( divider line
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7736 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Dec 2001 at 2:55 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-30 3:04:30 PM  
damn filters :)
2001-12-30 3:06:22 PM  
"We could annex Home Depot (in Yuba City) and swap it for South Yuba City. We could meet in the middle of the 10th Street bridge and exchange prisoners," McNamara said.

"We could row out to a midnight meeting in the middle of the river and exchange tax revenues ... but I'd only take the money if it came from Al Amaro," Kroon cracked.

These guys would either be really fun at parties or damn irritating. Makes for a fun read, though.
2001-12-30 3:06:40 PM  
And do these fake towns have fake people?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-30 3:08:05 PM  
I once had an amazing night with a cocktail waitress from South Yuba City.
2001-12-30 3:18:22 PM  
Damn Ashcroft is at it again.
2001-12-30 3:19:15 PM  
You have now entered....The Twilight Zone
2001-12-30 3:31:33 PM  
Anyone else here think Mapquest bites? I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten lost using it.
2001-12-30 3:36:14 PM  
It's pretty common for map companies to just create extra streets or cities. It's hard to uphold a copyright on a map, for obvious reasons, so mapping companies just throw in an extra street somewhere, and when some other map company rips them off, they can say "Look, Jabroni street doesn't actually exist! These a-holes stole our map!" and then they win.

They all do it, it's just that MapQuest got found out, and some news dude decided it would be worth a story.

Oh, and Sweater Girl, I usually run MapQuest backwards, putting in my destination as the starting point, because I already know how to get on the freeway from my house. It almost always works out pretty well, unless there's a lot of one-way streets near your destination. Then it's a total bummer.
2001-12-30 3:41:20 PM  
I cannot believe I actually started reading an article about a fake town being mislocated on various online maps.

Fortunately, I caught myself and stopped reading before all of the words entered my brain and ate it out.

This is, truly, a slow news day.

Plus no Photoshops!!!!!
2001-12-30 3:44:51 PM  
Anyone else out there been reduced to wall-to-wall Leave it to Beaver this weekend? Nothing else is on!

I could swear the announcer is starting to say, "...And Jerry Mathers HAS the Beaver..."
2001-12-30 3:48:56 PM  
Regardless, Yuba City, CA is a shiathole.

-he who stacks pork
2001-12-30 3:51:37 PM  
Webfiend: I'd have to go with damn irritating, which is exactly what I was thinking when I was reading the end of the article. I started to lapse into a fantasy about the city officials hootin and hollerin about the article, cooking up schemes for humorous t-shirts and South Yuba City coffee mugs, then I remembered there were a couple of other new Farkticles posted. *Whew*
2001-12-30 4:09:03 PM  
Some companies put fake information in their products to detect other people poaching their work. Maybe this is a case of that.
2001-12-30 4:10:14 PM  
2001-12-30 4:18:43 PM  
Dare I say it?

Then the terrorists have already one

Now that's out of my system...
2001-12-30 4:18:56 PM  
Once again, Cecil Adams eradicates ignorance. Here we have his discourse on these map "copyright traps":
2001-12-30 4:21:54 PM  
South Yuba City EXISTS!" But there is nothing there.
2001-12-30 4:32:17 PM  
Don't you love how MapQuest gives you two different sets of directions if you request from your house, then from the destination? And how they always are the LONG way around, besides being absolutely contradictory of each other?

Or am I the only one that has that problem? *L* Fark it, Handspring GPS unit for Christmas 2002.
2001-12-30 5:02:43 PM  
Once again, Cecil Adams eradicates ignorance. Here we have his discourse on these map "copyright traps":

You'll notice that the only one denying copyright traps was Rand McNally. Thomas Brothers admitted to it. So there's no reason not to suspect it here as well, although I'm more a fan of incompetence than conspiracy.
2001-12-30 5:47:56 PM  
South Yuba City, but still no Farkistan. What gives.
2001-12-30 5:50:37 PM  
It's done in a lot of businesses, not just maps. It's called "seeding".
2001-12-30 6:09:57 PM  
Wasn't George O'Leary the Mayor of South Yuba City back in the 80s? I'm pretty sure that I saw that on his Notre Dame resume.
2001-12-30 6:10:44 PM  
PuckFitt: Yeah, "Yuba City" exists too, but there's nothing there...

(I live me, it sucks.)
2001-12-30 6:16:59 PM  
and here is a map of Springfield
2001-12-30 7:52:06 PM  
Clscjones: "Anyone else out there been reduced to wall-to-wall Leave it to Beaver this weekend? Nothing else is on!

I haven't turned my TV on in months. I've been reduced to wall-to-wall Tropico!
2001-12-30 8:29:31 PM  
My friend lives in a small south coast town in Australia called Narooma, she's quite used to living in a place that shouldn't exist
2001-12-30 10:16:28 PM  
Hey, did anyone notice that the preferred nickname for the Sacremento Bee is the "Sacbee"? I bet that if they host any fieldtrips from the local elementary school, they can't stop the kids from laughing once they see the front gates. I, on the other hand, am far too mature to laugh at such an occurance. It takes something like the Butte Pirates of Montana to make me titter like a schoolgirl...
2001-12-30 10:33:57 PM  
I used to live 1/2 mile from a little place called "Goosepimple Junction"

No real relevance... just thought I'd share.
2001-12-31 7:18:21 AM  
Again, not strictly relevant....
With such UK place names as Six Mile Bottom, Elmers End and Wookey Hole, other places I'd rather not live in are...

Paradox, New York
Crapo, Maryland
Boogertown, North Carolina
Spasticville, Kansas
Hellhole, Idaho
Purgatory, Maine

What would Freud say about...

Climax, Michigan
Spread Eagle, Wisconsin
Needmore, Arkansas (Clinton's Home Town?)
Hardup, Utah
Big Bogue Homo, Mississippi
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Hornytown, North Carolina
Conception Junction, Missouri

and it doesn't surprise me that there is a...

Rudeville, New Jersey
Boring, Oregon
Hell, Michigan
Hooker, California
Virgin, Utah
Dulls Corner, Maryland
Bowlegs, Oklahoma
Volcano, Hawaii
Beersville, Pennsylvania
Fleatown, Ohio
Burnt Corn, Alabama
Two Guns, Arizona
Toad Suck, Arkansas

Pennsylvania's Lancaster county (of Intercourse fame) also offers Blue Ball, Bird in Hand, and Paradise.
Hopefully they are unrelated....
Happy New Year, all....
2001-12-31 10:04:35 AM  
and don't forget about..

Blue Ball, PA
2001-12-31 10:43:36 AM  
LAFCO? LAFCO is a government agency in Yuba City? LAFCO??
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