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(Detroit Free Press)   How to get really drunk on New Years and not feel it in the morning   ( divider line
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2001-12-30 9:15:53 AM  
Woohoo !

That's cool although I'd rather get really drunk on New Years for free.
2001-12-30 9:21:50 AM  
Get drunk and not feel it in the morning?

Easy, sleep past noon.....duh.......
2001-12-30 9:25:02 AM  
According to a recent survey, one in 10 Americans older than 21 experiences a hangover after one or two drinks

Makes me wonder if I drink that much, or american drinks are that huge...
2001-12-30 9:34:06 AM  
The hell with all that stuff. How do you get out of the fat chick's house without her hearing you?
2001-12-30 9:43:17 AM  
Avoiding hangovers is simple: Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it causes your body to expell water (which is why beer makes you pee so much)

Drink TONS of water throughout the night. Drink at least as much water as you do alcohol, but preferably twice as much.

Drink a couple glasses of water before you go to bed so your body has plenty of water throughout the night. The reason you get a hangover in the morning is that your body has been dehydrated the whole night!

2001-12-30 9:43:47 AM  
Sniper 1
Screw leaving, just drink some more and deal with it.
2001-12-30 9:44:41 AM  
Actually, what you said, except with gatorade. It works even better than water.
2001-12-30 9:51:46 AM  
Heroin works well too.
2001-12-30 9:52:55 AM  
The whole water thing works, as does eating while you are drinking (well, not exactly at the same time but during drinks).
2001-12-30 9:55:22 AM  
Why get drunk?

Magic mushrooms

That's the ticket.
2001-12-30 10:04:49 AM  
I'm in agreement on the water solution, but the best way is to chug six glasses of water right before crashing

Get up in the middle of the night to take a pee? Drink more water & replace it. Works 98% of the time depending on the beverages consumed

Oh, and eat a banana if you can stand that in a drunken stupor..replaces potassium AND eliminates those pesky skid-marks on the bottom of the bowl the next morning
2001-12-30 10:24:16 AM  
"About one in 10 people older than 21 experiences a hangover after one or two drinks."

Goddamn...that is one BIG pile of lightweights
2001-12-30 10:30:44 AM  
Go to Denny's at 3 am and scarf down 3 Grand Slams...
2001-12-30 10:55:27 AM  
Heh... Greasy ass food the next day... You might have an episode as soon as you see it, but if you can choke it down you'll be fine...

Well, maybe.
2001-12-30 10:58:45 AM  
Got some for me?
I got the White Widow.
2001-12-30 11:01:37 AM  
I normally drink around a gallon of water per day, so I never get hangovers because I don't get dehydrated.
2001-12-30 11:03:39 AM  
When I'm out drinking heavily, I set my alarm to wake me up real early, then I get up and slam a bunch of water and take whatever pain pill is around, then go straight back to bed. When I wake up for real, I always feel fine. Advil Sinus tabs work real good, the pseudoepedrine is a good pick-me-up.
2001-12-30 11:06:11 AM  
To feel great the morning after drinking all you have to do is down a big bottle of gatorade when you get home and have a bacon egg and cheese for breakfest
2001-12-30 11:07:46 AM  
is it me or its this the weakest article ever?
One drink an hour?
Well no shiat i wont have a hangover.

This is similar to an article im writing on how to drive your car and never get in alife threatening accident EVER
first part of it explains
"never go over 5 miles per hour"

2001-12-30 11:14:54 AM  
Am I the only person who noticed and wondered why this article was in the "Business" section? Isn't this more of a "Lifestyle" type article?

Oh, and champagne leaves a really nasty hangover. I'll be regretting my actions in about 48 hours. Oh well, time to go make the champagne jello shots...
2001-12-30 11:20:12 AM  
Dyaammm *hick* fa-farkwoooman....yer looking *hick* mighty finethere. wanna come *belch* come back*falls on floor*
2001-12-30 11:25:08 AM  
This is why I don't drink...Dank Nugs are much better

SLAYER & Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel, I want to get in on the shroomin' action!
2001-12-30 11:38:21 AM  
after drinking, down three large glasses of water and put a bullet in your head.
2001-12-30 11:49:02 AM  
Whassa White Widow?
2001-12-30 11:58:35 AM  
Whoops. Never mind. Went to GIS and saw for myself. Those were the days.
2001-12-30 12:02:39 PM  
You know, alcoholism is a very serious problem.
It's not's not fun. It is neither funny or fun. Negative funny, negative fun.
2001-12-30 12:16:46 PM  
I think its funny the way they preface the article implying that this is the ONE TIME every year where some people wake up with a hangover.

"Its that time of the year folks- The only day where we get silly and drunk! Here's how to feel better the next day!" How pathetic.

Shee-it, I feel like that 2 days out of EVERY week.
This biatch knows nothing on how to cure a hangover.

Next week in the Detroit Free Press: "How to feel better after a cocaine Overdose" as told by Pat Robertson
2001-12-30 12:26:14 PM  
Billy_Crystal: It's fun, but it's not funny.
2001-12-30 12:26:35 PM  
Most of that stuff works well enough. Pacing yourself is definitely the best trick for me, though. Avoiding hangovers was always very important. For some reason, I would get them during the night _while_ I was still drunk. What a way to bring the night down! So I started learning these tricks pretty early on.
2001-12-30 12:29:00 PM  
I find it helps to put roofies in girl's drinks. That way they don't get hangovers and I can dump them in an alley after sex and they don't remember a thing. Its a win-win situation.
2001-12-30 12:32:26 PM  
From the moment you arrive, pace yourself. Have no more than one drink per hour. Sip instead of gulp. Avoid red wine, which triggers more headaches than white wine. Mix fruit juice into your cocktail.

It takes 300 words of describing a hangover, then repeating itself, to tell you don't get drunk??? The fark kind of advice is that? I was hoping for something like "two cups of orange juice and alka selzter before you go to bed."
2001-12-30 12:37:11 PM  
Dutch: You can still get very drunk when that one drink an hour has five shots in it!

"See, I'm pacing myself. This is only my third drnik ... dirnk ... dkirn - screw it, I'm drunk."
2001-12-30 12:43:21 PM  
Hell yeah. I'll take the refillable Big Gulp drink.
2001-12-30 12:48:41 PM  
What really slowed down my drinking was another curse. I have a nearly photographic memory of every stupid thing that I've ever done while drunk. In fact, my memories of being drunk are much clearer than my sober memories.

I still hang my head in shame at things I did, or tried to do, while drunk.

Yup, that'll slow down the old drinking. You betcha.
2001-12-30 12:58:51 PM  
Water and a headache medicine before bedtime is a given. But don't forget the antacid if you are drinking really cheap booze, your stomach will thank you.
2001-12-30 1:05:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-30 1:15:04 PM  
like many have already said, its all about the water/gatorade before you crash. Also, if you have a lot to drink and decide to smoke a joint, mixing weed and booze can sometimes be a bad idea...but it can also be a good one.

Happy New Year
2001-12-30 1:29:13 PM  
Lots of water, and drink High quality liquor, like Grey Goose Vodka. Drink it straight, It's nice and pure, so very little impurities to give you a hangover. Followed by lots of water, and your all set.
2001-12-30 1:52:21 PM  
I would just like to add that a dose of Pepto while drinking all the water before bed is really good. Washing it down with more water makes the stomach sit well. My two cents, anyhoo...
2001-12-30 2:18:31 PM  
I definately agree with drinking a ton of water before bed.
Also, it helps me if i don't pass out or fall asleep all spinny. If you can make it, try to stay awake thru your bodies realization that you are really wasted.

Also, if you know you are gonna smoke pot after you go out drinking, you could be in trouble like Biledriver says. If you can, catch a little buzz and hour or 2 before you start drinking- dont get really high, just give your body a warning.
2001-12-30 2:51:30 PM  
If I find I've made it to the morning and screwed up all of the prevention crap, as I always do, nothing gives a hangover a nip in the bud like a dip into the bud. Again, just a dab 'll do ya'.

Barring that, Grand Slam and a Ceasar.
2001-12-30 2:54:34 PM  
Those who do not recover are people who cannot or will not completely give themselves to this simple program.
2001-12-30 3:10:13 PM  
Hytes: True, plus they're a lot of fun to taunt. After all, they can't move very quick with some gnome hammering on their skull, can they?
2001-12-30 3:37:29 PM  
My tips:
Wake up real early when you're still half cut and go for a 3 mile run, you will sweat the toxins right out and if you blow chunks half way through all the better. Then go back to bed.
If you're still really ill pop some gravol, it will settle your gut and put you back to sleep.
Eat pickled herring for breakfast.
2001-12-30 4:00:54 PM  
Heavy's ideas all work, but he forgot a couple:

1) Have all your friends punch you hard in the stomach in turns.

2) Before retiring to bed, wrap a large plastic bag around your face.
2001-12-30 4:34:15 PM  
So their advice for "getting drunk and not feeling it in the morning" is "don't get so drunk." Hm.

If a classic hangover occurs the next day, don't reach for the hair of the dog.
If that's a figure of speech, I've never heard it. O_o;;
2001-12-30 5:34:23 PM  
Know your boundaries for drinking, and learn
from mistakes.

Yeah, right.

Mmmmm beer.
Beer good.
Homer not function well beer without.
2001-12-30 5:40:52 PM  

If you're sober enough to remember, take two Tylenol with two BIG cold glass of milk before crashing for the night. One of two things will occur - Either you'll perform the technicolor yawn right away, in which case you get rid of the remaining alcohol in your stomach before bed, or the milk will soothe the stomach, provide that necessary liquid to combat the dehydration, and the Tylenol will keep the headaches and heebie-jeebies away!

Or, if you're like me after drinking two large glasses of milk, the horrible diarrhea and nausea coming on within an hour or two will keep you up all night and you'll be cycling so many fluids through your body that the hangover will either be prevented or forgotten.
2001-12-30 8:25:40 PM  
Get Baked, It works!
2001-12-30 11:49:50 PM  
The ONLY way to get rid of a hangover is to drink 16oz of HOT WAX before you go to bed. It may burn a bit, but quite your crying and gulp it down!!!
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