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(Something Awful)   SA reviews various garage band demos and, wow, do they suck   ( divider line
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18724 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2004 at 4:42 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-12 04:44:40 PM  
hmm.. that article is no longer available?
2004-04-12 04:44:56 PM  
2004-04-12 04:44:59 PM  
Click thru for wacky, sarcastic commentary(tm)!
2004-04-12 04:45:02 PM  
You've been served!
2004-04-12 04:46:15 PM  
2004-04-12 04:46:30 PM  
You've been served, biatch!
2004-04-12 04:47:16 PM  
o.O That's odd.
2004-04-12 04:47:25 PM  
You've been serviced, biatch!

/Doesn't know what that means.
2004-04-12 04:48:13 PM  
zmbabwe, It's on
2004-04-12 04:48:22 PM  
OWWWW MY HEAD HURTS... see this is why there should be captial punishment for bad musicians
2004-04-12 04:48:25 PM  
Hey, how come they forgot to list the band Darkness ? Oh wait, they already have.
2004-04-12 04:48:36 PM  
your girlfriend serviced me last night. Three times.

/knows exactly what that means.
2004-04-12 04:48:42 PM  
Ah, it's back now. J Kyle's sample about a third of the way down the page is hilarious.
2004-04-12 04:49:05 PM  
Actual article contains Mark E. Smith reference. I'm officially cancelling TotalFark and giving my money to SA now.

/how many farkers even know who the hell he is?
2004-04-12 04:49:12 PM  
Ya- Here it is

"i don't do html"
2004-04-12 04:53:28 PM  
Well, he blows his credibility in the first paragraph by ripping on The Shaggs. No point reading the rest of it.
2004-04-12 04:53:29 PM  
And they didn't bother when they had Fark on the Weekend Web last week.
2004-04-12 04:55:27 PM  
Mark E Smith can't dance and Mark E Smith can't sing, but the Fall are the cool group and Mark E Smith is the Hip Priest
2004-04-12 04:55:34 PM  
Well, they do suck.
2004-04-12 04:55:39 PM  
SA has been doing "Your Band Sucks" since the dawn of time when Al Gore invented the Internet.
2004-04-12 04:56:27 PM  
How zany.
2004-04-12 04:57:56 PM  
Long_Finger :

Bring it!
2004-04-12 04:58:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-12 04:59:08 PM  
That site sure is something awful
2004-04-12 04:59:13 PM  
Genital Hercules, what a great band name!
2004-04-12 05:01:03 PM  
Genital Hercules, what a great band name!

I was just about to say the same thing! Too bad their music sucks.
2004-04-12 05:01:55 PM  
i wouldnt drop your money on SA, they tend to ban for people who disagree with them
2004-04-12 05:02:10 PM  
Was Mark E. Smith never big in America then?
2004-04-12 05:02:16 PM  
SA's okay. They update nearly everyday and their "Cliff Jablonski Hates You" section has caused a few threatening lawsuits, which are never taken seriously, no matter what attorney sends the letter. It's hilarious how many horrible, horrible pictures people put on their family websites and think no one can use them anywhere else.
Funny movie reviews, though not in the same league as I

I love how people complain because it's HTML. farking java is where your pop-ups come from. I know, I know, stop surfing porn!
2004-04-12 05:02:34 PM  

Darkness may be a joke, but if you can get past the unitards and castrati vocals -- I realize that's hard to do -- they can write a hella good song. I don't like much of that CD, but there are some decent songs.

If you are into heavier, catchy rock, imagine a less annoying guy singing "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" or "Growing on Me." Good shiat. The band isn't all that bad, but the singer blows it all to hell.

Then again, if you hate that sort of stuff to begin with, then yeah, Darkness sucks.

/There's more than one path to musical heaven
2004-04-12 05:03:58 PM  
AlgertMan: and that's different from Fark how?

</not a moderator>
2004-04-12 05:08:49 PM  

Darkness = Too straight to be Queen and too gay to be AC/DC!

One tune on The Darkness album that rocks is Love On The Rocks With No Ice!
2004-04-12 05:09:34 PM  
The Darkness sucks .
2004-04-12 05:10:27 PM  
I had to check our Psyatica to see if it was that bad. Yep, sure was
2004-04-12 05:14:32 PM  
You gotta give all these bands one thing, they are not some pre-packaged crap like N-STINK or Ruben Crud-erd.
2004-04-12 05:15:08 PM  
I'm sure these bands would suck, but since the article is no longer available, I'd have to say the article referrer sucks.
2004-04-12 05:15:13 PM  
Haha. They put my song on there. ::Unleashes my poor vocals on the world::
2004-04-12 05:15:26 PM  

Ha. That's an excellent description of the band. Oddly, and even though it wasn't your intention, it raises my respect for the Darkness just a little bit.
2004-04-12 05:17:04 PM  
I clicked a half-dozen of the music clips and all of those sucked. The reviewer did a good job elucidating the different ways they sucked.

(Aside: I just looked up "elucidate" to prevent misuse, and meanwhile I learned a new word. "Elflock: hair matted as if my elves -- usually plural." I would hyphenate it. ELF-LOCKS, not dreadlocks, wow.)

But about Something Awful. Did anyone see the article about secret societies and so on? I don't think the author new whether he was going for funny or informative, and consequently missed both angles.
2004-04-12 05:18:14 PM  
the article is still there, you just can't use the link.

2004-04-12 05:22:04 PM  
I think its unfair to rip on a band based on their demo. You can tell so much more about them based on their Album Cover.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-12 05:22:24 PM  
Dear God. I just listened to that band "Psyatika" and now I want to die by having a bus run over me.
2004-04-12 05:25:25 PM  
i wouldnt drop your money on SA, they tend to ban for people who disagree with them

Yeah I cant see paying for any forum when their are millions for free-
They got some funny Photoshop contests, but the rest of that site gets old after 3 minutes browsing. The political campaign PS had me spitting coffee all over my keyboard-
2004-04-12 05:30:29 PM  
Hmm I submitted this now where'd article go. Ah well.

Psyatika is the new hotness.
2004-04-12 05:35:50 PM  
The song by Psyatika reminds me of the time when my niece pulled my cat's tail.
2004-04-12 05:36:23 PM  
hell, i just shelled out $5 for the Melt Wizard album... seriously.

that shiat is hilarious

2004-04-12 05:41:42 PM  
" Mile Zero all the popular appeal of a Jar Jar Binks pez dispenser filled with compacted goat turds."

2004-04-12 05:43:47 PM  
Psychaesthetic and Zombiekill seemed to have potential. Same with Joe Hankin.

I think I would probably be a fan of Chargertron if they were less whiny and talked less about fascists. Boring! But they sound ok.

Chris Walker and the Chris Walker Experience and Psyatika made me laugh out loud, they were so bad. I want to download every MP3 by Chris Walker and the Chris Walker Experience so I can use them to harass people. Ahahahaha.
2004-04-12 05:50:04 PM

2004-04-12 05:50:24 PM  
The last sample loops perfectly.

I want to kill people now.
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