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(CNN)   That tiny brown thing floating around Uranus is not a moon according to scientists   ( divider line
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2001-12-29 3:21:51 PM  
That's horrible.
2001-12-29 3:22:24 PM  
no, it is not a moon, it is a "dingleberry"
2001-12-29 3:28:17 PM  
I just knew it was a
2001-12-29 3:30:42 PM  
"i got a real bad feeling about this..."

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 3:32:11 PM  
That's not a moon, it's a space station!!!
2001-12-29 3:32:28 PM  
2001-12-29 3:33:48 PM  
Its funny because it says anus. Now everybody laugh: Haw Haw Haw
2001-12-29 3:38:35 PM  
2001-12-29 3:40:26 PM  
dat funny word.....



2001-12-29 3:43:11 PM  
Uranus is usually pronounced like Yer-in-us. Which is worse, the way it looks like it should be pronounced, or the accepted pronouciation that sounds like a group sex scene in a pron flick.

Anyway the stupid ice ball already has 20 moons.
2001-12-29 3:43:35 PM  
I wonder how long before GWB 2 adds it to the target list?
2001-12-29 3:48:21 PM  
one of the better headlines in recent memory....
2001-12-29 3:50:14 PM  
Harmonia, bite me. George Bush is targeting countries that harbor or fund terrorists or tried to blow up his daddy's car. That's fair enough.
2001-12-29 3:57:19 PM  
America plans 'world's biggest ever mourning event'
Billions will participate in first anniversary of WTC attacks - or else
by Kieren McCarthy
Plans are already being drawn up for what organisers say will be "the world's biggest ever mourning event" to commemorate the first anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

Taking place 365 days after the events that changed the world forever and always, people from all over the United States are being asked to submit their funereal ideas to the government. The most patriotic will be staged using a $100 million federal fund.

Coca-Cola has already pledged a further $20 million to the fund and will sponsor the official grieving parade from Central Park to Ground Zero in the early morning of 11 September 2002. CNN - which has been granted exclusive rights to the event - has said it will donate 12 per cent of its expected $3 billion profit from overseas licensing deals to the Mourning for America Fund.

What's more, a special eight-hour TV special, featuring some of America's richest and most famous people talking about how the event changed their lives personally, will be broadcast on all channels in the evening. Warner Brothers cinemas will be showing Independence Day free of charge for the duration of the day and a special Web site - - will list events in your area.

The event will officially begin at 8.46am - the exact time, sort of, that the first plane struck the Twin Towers. A lone fireman will play the first three notes of the National Anthem, whereupon the whole of America, and the rest of the world, will remain silent for six hours and six minutes - one minute for every day that has passed and another so the numbers are the same - in reflection of that terrible day and the appalling loss of life and the bravery of a few and the strength of many and the suffering of us all.

Then, at precisely 2.52pm, President George W Bush will tell the whole universe why it is only a democracy that is entitled to kill innocent people.

The organisers hope the day-long event will unite the world in an outpouring of grief and loss. It rejects suggestions though that it is going over the top. "Sure, there will be monthly official mournings across America every eleventh day of the month, with big ones at the three-month, half-year and nine-month anniversaries in January, April and July," a spokeswoman told us. "But we feel confident that people will hold back some extra special tears for the year anniversary - it's the biggy."

An expert told us that Americans are more prone to mourning than any other race in history. "If you combine the elements of introspection encouraged in American society, the cultural reliance on a few symbols of special significance, the blinkered ideology that money is what underpins society and the outright refusal to accept that other races' views may be as valid as their own - then when something on the scale of the 11 September attacks happens, Americans will, perversely, mourn more as time goes on."

On the tenth anniversary, he told us, America will stand silent for just over two-and-a-half days. "Any country that refuses to shut down in sympathy is likely to be visited by B52 bombers later that week," he told us.
2001-12-29 3:57:41 PM  
How in the hell did this anus thread turn into some sort of war thread?????
I thought it was pretty humorous actually..
but seriously who gives a "shiat"...lmao
2001-12-29 4:01:08 PM  
Just having a laugh ozzie..

Pleased about the cricket?
2001-12-29 4:01:22 PM  
Are you serious about that last post????
the bit about the threat of being bombed if a country does not shut down at that time????
That all sounds like hogwash to me?
2001-12-29 4:02:09 PM  
hey I was just having a laugh too ;)
2001-12-29 4:02:37 PM  
Satire Ozzie, copied it from here,
2001-12-29 4:04:30 PM  
I posted that comment about shiat the same time you posted but you beat me by seconds so it looked like I was commenting on your post...but I wasn't.

Hey I hate cricket it is as boring as shiat...even though the Aussies kick ass in it :)
2001-12-29 4:05:06 PM  
I like cricket cos England always lose.
2001-12-29 4:06:55 PM  
LMFAO @ are meant to be going for england in the you like to see them get flogged every time...haha
2001-12-29 4:08:05 PM  
Uranus is badly in need of some toilet paper.
2001-12-29 4:09:58 PM  
I'm really confused... but that's not unusual for me. Oh wait a minute... Uranus... Asshole... Harmonia... okay I get it now. It is all connected.
2001-12-29 4:10:34 PM  
gotta love the british press, where "band of the century" status is only one record and a fetching press packet away.
2001-12-29 4:13:32 PM  
Mr. Harmonia: Back to your ol ways I see. Blow it up Uranus. Heehee..joking of course.
BTW whatever happen to the sugar boat, Did they ever find the missing twenty tonnes of plastic explosives?
2001-12-29 4:20:30 PM  
Your-anus, Yer-in-us, matter how you pronounce it, it's always funny.
2001-12-29 4:26:11 PM  
No chance of getting it named Klingon, I guess. Damned humorless scientists..

And Uranus is pronounced the way people pronounce it, whatever that is. We're not ancient Romans. Or are we?
2001-12-29 4:28:46 PM  
I say if its a moon we call it mr hankey!!
2001-12-29 4:40:38 PM  
Vulture : I second that.
2001-12-29 4:46:26 PM  
I didn't read the article. I just like to post and see my name on Fark. Can I get a hug?
2001-12-29 4:47:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 4:48:25 PM  
Hope that will like a hug from your mom :)
2001-12-29 4:48:35 PM  
In the future don't they change the name of Uranus to Urectum?
2001-12-29 4:50:18 PM  
Wow Harmonia, that was funny. Of course, any inaccuracy makes me laugh. HAW HAW HAW
2001-12-29 4:51:58 PM  
and Venus to Penus?
2001-12-29 5:01:29 PM  
1 question ...

How's come we only get to have only one moon?

Okay, I'm sorry, 2 questions ...

And how's come that 1 moon of ours is always facing us the same old damned way? I mean, what a farking coincidence, don't ya think?

My apologies ... another spinoff question comes to mind ...

Do all or any of the other planet's moons always face their respective planets the same way as our moon always faces us?

Damned! Another question! ...

Does anyone have the answer to these questions?
2001-12-29 5:02:39 PM  
Thanks, Ozzie_Pride.<br><br>Mytwocents: You're probably gone already, but thanks for rooting for us.
2001-12-29 5:04:21 PM  
Oh, on a very still night, look to the moon.
You will find the answers to all of this and more.
2001-12-29 5:05:58 PM  
#%@$^* HTML enable button

1) How many more would you like?
2) not really coincidence. currently accepted theory says that moon formed from earth after large collision.
3) don't think so
4) yes, but they're not me
2001-12-29 5:22:30 PM  
1) Because we suck.
2) What ^he^ said.
3) Probably not.
4) I like cheese.

By the way, it IS NOT pronounced "Yer-ane-us" or "your-anus" like most idiots think. It's "yer-in-us".

By the way, where in the article does it even say the thing is brown?
2001-12-29 5:25:33 PM  
Looks like a certain moon is gonna go to work on Monday and shoot all his coworkers.
2001-12-29 5:27:38 PM  
I liked Warren Moon when he played for the Houston Oilers
2001-12-29 5:33:51 PM  
I hope y'all can forgive me for trolling today. It's halftime during the Tech/Iowa bowl game and I'm bored.
2001-12-29 5:34:15 PM  
Lousy greedy planets always wanting more moons! Serves it right!
2001-12-29 5:34:26 PM  
Warren: Go to a college campus (Ball State), you'll find plenty of mooning there.
2001-12-29 5:35:55 PM  
I love the title on the page. Tiny rock around Uranus denied moon status. Like I was looking to get it engraved or something.
2001-12-29 5:46:10 PM  




2001-12-29 5:50:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 5:59:51 PM  
corection, we have 91 known moons in our solar system.
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