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(Yahoo)   Taj Mahal covered in case of attack. Blackjack tables still open however   ( divider line
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3514 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 3:17 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-29 3:28:39 PM  

anyone ever hear of GPS?
2001-12-29 3:30:03 PM  
Like, if they hide it under a blanket, no one will know where it is...
2001-12-29 3:32:59 PM  
might as well paint a bulleye on it...
2001-12-29 3:58:41 PM  

I sent the same news to fark but on a different URL... oh well, my 15 seconds of fame in proxy.

up next - ostrich plants head in mud and thinks everything is OK.
2001-12-29 3:58:47 PM  
I don't quite get what India intends to do. I know they want pakastan to arrest a bunch of suspected terrorists, but if they don't, does India intend to take over the whole country, or just blow the crap out of them until they comply?
2001-12-29 4:00:20 PM  
They should calling David Copperfield.
2001-12-29 4:03:51 PM  
According to this article, India does NOT want to wage a war with Pakistan. So let's see what happens...
2001-12-29 4:05:07 PM  
I hope they will be able to find it again after the war. Sounds like they're really gonna hide it good.
2001-12-29 4:12:42 PM  
Oh I see. THey are using the method of stealth employed by small children. Hide under blanket.

Now planes will just accidentally crash into the big invisible building.
2001-12-29 4:18:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 4:30:35 PM  
Why dont they hide the whole of India under a blanket then no one can bomb them.

But seriously this is stupid. Why would a muslim country like Pakistan, bomb a muslim shrine. Hiding it only increases the chances of hitting it accidently.
2001-12-29 4:54:02 PM  
It's not a muslim shrine. Its a mausoleum constructed by a king in memory of his dead wife or something.
2001-12-29 5:07:51 PM  
And its shaped like a giant titty.
2001-12-29 5:15:07 PM  
Korzeniowski, the king who made it was Muslim...
and I'd guess her wife was Muslim too :-P
2001-12-29 5:32:02 PM  
2001-12-29 5:37:21 PM  
2001-12-29 6:22:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-29 8:07:55 PM  
...and superman
2001-12-29 8:40:20 PM  
"Well, we can't find the Taj Mahal, so let's just bomb that giant bush instead..."
2001-12-29 9:25:13 PM  
Damn. This is so stupid no one can even make fun of it effectivly(sp).
2001-12-29 9:46:41 PM  
The Taj Majal is surrounded by open sewers.
2001-12-29 10:04:11 PM  
"the king who made it was Muslim... and I'd guess her wife was Muslim too :-P"

The king who made it was a Hindu.

2001-12-29 10:30:16 PM  
Hell yeah, that's a great idea! After all, nothing protects against a nuclear fireball like BLANKETS!
2001-12-29 10:44:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 10:46:37 PM  
Korzeniowski: Nope, you are wrong. The king was Muslim. Next time try a Google search.

Here are some links from a Google search with the query "History Taj Mahal":
2001-12-29 10:52:00 PM  
I don't give a crap who the built the Taj Majal. All I see is a guy like Apu behing "the button".

2001-12-29 11:08:24 PM  
Korzeniowski, uh, of course they were muslim, you dumb fark. the king was the leader of the mughal empire :p
2001-12-29 11:34:42 PM  
Given that we accidentially bombed the Chinese Embassy while it was there in broad daylight, I dont think a disguise will change anything.

Of course, this could make for a heck of a tradition... every year they could have a contest to see who can come up with the best thing to disguise the Taj Mahal as.

I'm betting anyone who submits "titty" will win hands down. (apologies to Korzeniowski).
2001-12-29 11:52:13 PM  
Come on you guys, haven't you ever seen that Pauly Shore movie In the Army Now (or whatever it was). That blanket the bad guys had over the scuds worked until they lasered it. duh.
2001-12-30 12:13:36 AM  
"and two smaller red sandstone buildings balance the postcard-perfect image on the banks of the Yamuna river, which flows into the sacred Ganges." haven't the people who wrote this seen these rivers? Hytes Xian is right, open sewers.
2001-12-30 12:34:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Artist's representation of camoflagued Taj Mahal.

(Hope this works, first photoshop)
2001-12-30 1:44:30 AM  
... Well. The image was there ten minutes ago, then turned into a red X. Piece of crap.
2001-12-30 2:42:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-30 2:44:29 AM  
swiped from the
2001-12-30 3:26:45 AM  

~ Pinky ~
2001-12-30 3:33:28 AM  
What's this crap the author says about the Taj Mahal having "the distinction of being among the seven wonders of the world?"


The hell it is, the only surviving "Wonder of the World" is the Egyptian pyramids. Now, the Taj Mahal may for all I know be one of the "Seven Modern Wonders of the World" or be in one of the other "Wonders of the World" categories, but it is definitely NOT one of THE "Seven Wonders of the World."
2001-12-30 4:03:52 AM  
"The most valuable evidence of all that Tejo Mahalaya is not an Islamic building is in the Badshahnama which contains the history of the first twenty years of Shah Jahan's reign. The writer Abdul Hamid has stated that Taj Mahal is a temple-palace taken from Jaipur's Maharaja Jaisigh and the building was known as Raja Mansingh's palace. This by itself is enough proof to state that Tejo Mahalaya is a Hindu structure captured, plundered and converted to a mausoleum by Shah Jahan and his henchmen."

doot dooot de doot
2001-12-30 7:27:35 AM  
List of sites that need covering with blankets...

Get them knitting needles out!
2001-12-30 2:22:34 PM  
Piece of crap. Is there an image hosting site that doesn't suck anywhere?
2001-12-30 8:42:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Artist's representation of camoflaged Taj Mahal.

(Hopefully one that works for once!)
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