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(ESPN)   Kentucky fans gearing up to boo the hell out of Pitino   ( divider line
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1543 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 3:17 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-29 3:26:59 PM  

I live a block from Rupp, I bet I can hear the booing from here when he walks out on the floor. Actually, I wouldn't boo if I was at the game, I still like Rick.
2001-12-29 3:36:57 PM  
ashley judd is perty. hope she's at the game. perty.
2001-12-29 3:45:48 PM  
He's going to get shot at the game. Don't ask me how I know. I just know.
2001-12-29 3:48:20 PM  
This oughta be good...
2001-12-29 4:51:40 PM  
That's what you get for not coaching at Michigan when you had the opportunity.
2001-12-29 6:18:02 PM  
This whole thing is rather I know Kentucky is so basketball-rabid, but people, you need to grow up. It's not like he left UK and went straight to Louisville!!! Sheesh.
2001-12-29 7:25:48 PM  
It figures that the most vocal UK fans would have the least amount of class. At least show "some" respect for a coach that brought home an NCAA championship.
2001-12-29 7:46:46 PM  
No first he went to Boston and sucked for a while then he want to Louisville and is sucking some more. You can take Rick out of Kentucky but you can't take the sUcK out of Rick.

Arkansas beat Elon College today! ha! We rule!
2001-12-29 8:41:37 PM  
Pitino doesn't have much to work with.
2001-12-29 9:04:10 PM  
But he's got great hair.
2001-12-29 9:42:22 PM  
2001-12-29 11:29:16 PM  
Well he got there... and he got spanked by 20 points. Here is the story
2001-12-29 11:33:26 PM  
It's damned sad people are booing him. Here's one of our best coaches ever getting booed because he left to go to an NBA team, and the job he found afterwards happened to be a rival team. I seriously doubt Pitino was thinking "Gee, I'll really piss off UK fans and go to Louisville"

He had to turn Kentucky around before they won, he'll have to do the same at Louisville. Those of you booing him need to go pick up your toys and do your chores before bedtime.
2001-12-30 1:40:10 AM  
This is the very reason I like golf better. The dumbasses in my state, avg. IQ of 80, wouldn't understand a good thing if they had it. Hell there is not a thing wrong with ol' Tubby. He got rid of a punk like Stone, instead of letting him be a typical ghetto byproduct. And then there is Denny Crum. After Houston left he would just shrug his shoulders and go get a steak at John E's if he had a problem child. Pitino will get it right eventually, he is better at college because he won't have to deal with a bunch of over-paid "professionals".
2001-12-30 7:08:37 PM  
I want to have RP's children.
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