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1342 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 10:04 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-28 10:07:31 PM  
i am so drunk right now. goodnight. also *barf*
2001-12-28 10:09:32 PM  
Can I get GirlyGirl as my roommate?
2001-12-28 10:13:26 PM  
I call Mytwocents for roomate (hehe)...........and if Fb drinks all the Heineken, I'll stab him in the nuts!
2001-12-28 10:17:12 PM  
I want the room with Tick and Caboozy. I'll bring the video camera.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-12-28 10:21:23 PM  
2001-12-28 10:22:10 PM  
Have you guys seen this highly entertaining newsgroup post from Fb-?

2001-12-28 10:24:45 PM  
ahahahahahahahhaha *spits Coke on monitor...Fark!!
2001-12-28 10:29:13 PM  
Fb-s checkin out the teenfem newsgroups....
i knew he couldnt get any puss ;-)
2001-12-28 10:33:11 PM  

Try child pornography hehehe
2001-12-28 10:35:15 PM  
Looks at newsgroup post:

Well i meant to say I'm sure kiddie porn is or was there or will be there sooner or later if I know Fb-
2001-12-28 10:36:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 10:38:27 PM  
Yee haw- Mardi Gras, here I come!

(Trust me guys, I am not as lame in person.)

2001-12-28 10:42:52 PM  
That is the holy grail of troll killing.


You Rock.
2001-12-28 10:45:50 PM  

I wanna go..
2001-12-28 10:55:50 PM  
Bdk3clash be careful now, he's gonna call you horrible names.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Thank you my man.
2001-12-28 10:59:34 PM  
Crap crap crap
now I can't make it to Farkfest - as it was, I was going to have to leave early - I am in school, and I have to work - paid by the hour & can't afford to just skip a couple days of work - anyone wanna purchase my spot - pay the (optional)$50 upgrade & send me $25 - Or best offer - minimum bid 25 bucks & you can have my spot
2001-12-28 11:00:57 PM  
This is good news? I paid my money for a place to stay from the 8th to the 12th. Now I have a room for the 10th to the 12th and will be frowned upon if I don't pay more?! What the hell is the "glitch" that stole our rooms? I am a little annoyed with the situation, and I know a few others that will be pissed.

That being said, I may still pay the pittance and attend anyway.
2001-12-28 11:00:58 PM  
Using my psychic powers of prediction, I have confirmed the first line you will hear when trying to sleep: "boy, your mouth sure is pretty. almost like a woman..."
2001-12-28 11:02:16 PM  
I'm still thinking about taking my bike on down to N.O. from St.Louis if the weather cooperates. I'm not making reservations since I'm still tentative. I hope there are some Farkers in the 35+ age bracket otherwise I'm gonna get real bored, real fast.

I will be looking for some fellow Farkers who can handle their Tequila (my drink of choice). I know it's a fighting drink, but I cause no trouble with my compadres. I spent many a night bouncing in a local billiard hall, so I tend to hang back.

Anyone in here serious about going down?? Hope so.
2001-12-28 11:02:46 PM  
Yes, there does seem to be something wrong with a person (well, a guy at least) complaining that "... why is it all that I see is 25-30 year old WOMEN"

Oh, boo hoo hoo. Maybe while the rest of us are passing out beads, he can pass out candy at the grade schools...
2001-12-28 11:03:42 PM  
Bumjube I wish I could go too. But I, like you, am in a far away land: Alabama. Well, it starts with an 'A'.
2001-12-28 11:06:08 PM  
oh yeah - iam­sum­bu­dd­y[nospam-﹫-backwards]ma­pson*exci­t­e­*c­o­m or
*n­elson[nospam-﹫-backwards]mapso­n*exc­i­te*co­m or e­r­i­c­nelso­n­_7­2943[nospam-﹫-backwards]mapso­n*yaho­o*co­m
(remove the nospam)
or 501-518- yeah right like I am going to give out my phone number...
2001-12-28 11:08:47 PM  
what are you talking about?

context, we need context.
2001-12-28 11:10:29 PM  
Can I have FLA Chickie as my roommate?
2001-12-28 11:10:48 PM  
Fb- is really starting to worry me. Alot.
2001-12-28 11:11:42 PM  
SFOTW, Grenwulf posted above that he needs to sell his spot. I'm assuming that's his contact info for inquiring about said spot.
2001-12-28 11:13:18 PM  
Thank you Volksweasel
2001-12-28 11:16:14 PM  
Damn! Right on Lee Circle. Prime!
I might have to drag my sorry ass back to New Orleans for this one. Of course I will be staying with my uptown friends in a medium-sized mansion. *grins*

~ Pinky ~
2001-12-28 11:16:40 PM  
Bingo People's - Long Rodent (?) is a volksweasel like a ferret?

Yeah - that's why that info is posted Scraping - no way I can make it down to NO for the dates now (grrrr)
willing to take a hit on the bucks to support my fellow farkers...or some BS like that...actually, figure selling it would be less trouble than trying to get refund (and this way Drew keeps the moola)...
2001-12-28 11:17:53 PM  
In regard to the usenet posting--what proof do we have that this is our Fb-?
2001-12-28 11:21:52 PM  
I claim no ownership of fb, MojoGobo, you can keep him. Besides, who needs proof, this is the interweb thingy.
2001-12-28 11:23:00 PM  
MG I had the same question, so I compared Fb-'s Fark profile email address to the address on the posting. Bingo!
2001-12-28 11:26:23 PM  
so.. that's what FB stands for... Fishbulb.

but still... Jelloboy? what the fark?

who let him come to the party?

2001-12-28 11:27:57 PM  
Guess I'll have to have my own little party thingy...
2001-12-28 11:31:20 PM  
Volksweasel: Ok, I see where you're going with this, but it's incredibly easy to forge an e-mail address on a USENET posting. I'm eager to hear Fb-'s response to this.
2001-12-28 11:32:34 PM  
...doing Google search on "fish-bulb" now...
2001-12-28 11:33:41 PM  
Volsweasel, when did you check the email address on the profile?
2001-12-28 11:33:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 11:35:04 PM  
<img src=""?
2001-12-28 11:35:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 11:36:20 PM  
Mojo of course, you're right that it's easy to forge email, but it's not like this was a name someone would randomly come up with, and I don't see any reason why someone would set him up like this...
2001-12-28 11:36:21 PM  
So Fb- (sick) searches for child porn. Why does this not surprise me.
2001-12-28 11:37:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 11:37:39 PM  
Oh yes, don't forget your smokes. [image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 11:38:37 PM  
SFOTW oh, about half an hour ago, I guess...
2001-12-28 11:38:39 PM  
Interesting. The only 4 posts I could find in the Google archive using that e-mail address were all posted in a two-month period over two years ago.
2001-12-28 11:40:11 PM  
Yes MojoGobo, and did you also see the name Ryan in any of those four posts?
2001-12-28 11:42:21 PM  
For those who may be interested in purchasing my slot at FF in New Orleans - use the Yahoo! email address given above - excite is down (again)...

oh hell - e­ri­cn­elson­_72943[nospam-﹫-backwards]oo­hay*com
2001-12-28 11:43:44 PM  
Rage, Alabama is a hell of a lot closer than where I'm coming down from... and I'm making it there if it kills me, dammit!

This will be Year #4... it's become a tradition now.
2001-12-28 11:43:54 PM  
Lee faces North to watch for those damn yankees. I think Kentuckians are safe. *grins*

[image from too old to be available]
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