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(Some Guy)   Paypal may die, send your beer money today!   ( divider line
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8059 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 12:33 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-29 12:34:07 AM  
Feh. I'l just give Drew my CC#.
2001-12-29 12:35:29 AM  
Holy Christ! Were they Islamic cows?
2001-12-29 12:45:49 AM  
Methinks you've got the wrong thread, General.
2001-12-29 12:47:16 AM  
I guess living off of the float for a few days just doesn't cut it in the new economy. Whatever the heck that is.
2001-12-29 12:55:47 AM  
I donated to the beer fund yesterday, and tried for half an hour to use Pay Pal, and I already had an account and have used them before.
Damn thing kept giving me error messages! Then it wanted to charge my CC &1.95, then wait for me to check my statement when it arrived and look for a 4-digit code, then go back to PayPal and enter the code to verify my CC, and then they'd refund my $1.95 and then I could donate...I said fark it and went to Amazon and Drew had my money in like 2 minutes, and I do not have a PayPal headache.
Poo on PayPal.
2001-12-29 12:58:56 AM  
Drew, re the Mussolini banner ad currently showing on this page:

Server says,
No such domain:

Methinks you added a hyphen of your own volition. Or the submitter doesn't know his own domain name.
2001-12-29 1:05:50 AM  
No! Not PayPal! Won't somebody please think of the children!

Damn, now I have to find some other way to keep Fark coming my way.

Sulks in sadness.
2001-12-29 1:09:08 AM  
All my porno sites still take paypal.
2001-12-29 1:19:58 AM  
if paypal goes away then the terrorists have already won
2001-12-29 1:22:06 AM  
What's worse? Fb- posting a response after me or the fact that he acknowledges his porn addiction in the same posting?

/me hides
2001-12-29 1:28:11 AM  
Well Fb- got it right. Porn can save PayPal.
2001-12-29 1:29:35 AM  
Quick1 - that won't work if he has not way to charge it.
2001-12-29 1:31:02 AM  
Porn can save us all!
2001-12-29 1:47:15 AM  
Hate to agree with Fb-, but porn usualy does save all. The money drawn in by Porn will keep any website alive for a long time.

Fark is ripe for tons of porn links :)
2001-12-29 1:58:16 AM  
paypal screwed me over twice .. but then it is an american company that is user-unfriendly to international customers ... hardly new .. so I don't care!!! hahahaha!
2001-12-29 2:13:38 AM  
if only i wasnt a broke ass college student going out of state, i would donate :(
2001-12-29 2:18:34 AM  
Note to self: Withdraw all funds from PayPal...
2001-12-29 2:51:38 AM  
Themadjuggler: You'd have to be stupid to keep any large amount "banked" with them.

So anyway, oddly enough today I got a PayPal ATM/Debit card. I was buying some Epson ink ( 30% off no minimum 4ink takes 30% off with no minimum required via coupon code "endofyear01". Offer ends December 31, 2001.) And 4ink uses PayPal. So while I was on PayPal's site I noticed that and got one.

Good deal on the ink though.
2001-12-29 3:00:31 AM  
man fark payin for porn.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica and ".repost are the only places you need for stockpiling quality porn.
newsgroups are where its at.
downloads are fast as all hell cuz its straight off the email/news servers at yer isp.

oh yea, paypal. if im buyin somethin off ebay the dude can wait the 3 days for my money order to get there and neither of us have to go through the hassle of 'virtual money' and fees and shiat.
2001-12-29 4:05:10 AM  
I had an on-line merchant ( jerk-face-douche-bag ) rip me off for $430 over the summer . Luckily I paid with PAYPALL . It took some time , but I got all my $ back . So they are OK with me !
2001-12-29 7:10:06 AM  
Misspelled my name the first time I used PayPal and started receiving junk mail with the same mis-spelling within a few days! From Planned Parenthood no less! Good riddance
2001-12-29 7:19:58 AM  
I hate paypal. I donate to the beer fund through Amazon.
2001-12-29 10:02:21 AM  
I bid on a laptop on eBay and paid straight with PayPal funds, no bank account or credit card. I got ripped off, and i'm $1230 in the hole. Yeah, it's my own dumb fault for not using a CC, but PayPal won't step forward and give me back my farkin money.

Where's your fraud protection, PayPal?
2001-12-29 10:39:28 AM  
anyone who pays for pr0n is a retahd...
2001-12-29 11:10:52 AM  
How in Gods name cannot they not be making money? Man there management/leadership must suck.
2001-12-29 12:03:01 PM  
I just finished writing an online store that used Paypal as it's payment i'm gonna have to rewrite the whole payment shiat...dammit dammit sonofabiatch...

Why don't you just send Drew beer in the mail like the girls over at do???
2001-12-29 12:09:07 PM  
Wow... my first link!

Yeah, they're loaded down with seller protection, it seems... I never realized that they don't seem to have buyer protection at all! I've used PayPal quite a bit, and am in the middle of getting screwed right now for a purchase. (not for 1230 mind you, but it still pisses me off!)
2001-12-29 12:22:12 PM  
I used PayPal once and got ripped off for like $600. My bank chased it down and eventually got the money back, but I won't use PayPal anymore. I use Amazon to collect donations at my website. Works fine. Fark PayPal.
2001-12-29 12:29:36 PM  
Mgahs: Dude, for that much you should have used escrow.
2001-12-29 1:50:54 PM  
I just got my PayPal Mastercard yesterday - the author of that post is really missing the point of paypal. Sure lots of people use it for auction payments - but more and more people are using it for online transactions of every sort. Paypal rocks - they are so much more ahead of the game than any brick and mottar bank and ebay's billpoint is a flimsy immitator. With paypal I can keep a fee free semi-bank acount, use my mastercard whereever, do online billing and payment and pay for the occosional auction. And as for you people whinning about how you used paypal once and were ripped off by an auctioneer - paypal will refund your money and conduct an investigation - but you were probably too stupid to realize that. Read the fine print & buyer beware.
2001-12-29 2:33:39 PM  
I thought Paypal was great at first when, of course, they didn't charge transaction fees -- but I still think their service is more seamless and less intrusive than Ebay's new "Online Payment Services" (used to be called Billpoint).

Of course, between Ebay, Paypal, and shipping costs/supplies, everyone seems to be shaving off their "share" on auction sales these days.
2001-12-29 3:04:37 PM  
Ya just gotta love someone that calls other people stupid... PayPal will check up to 30 days, not guaranteeing any refund at all, but maybe you're too stupid to know that. The product I ordered should have been 6-8 weeks to deliver, so after that time, I'm now screwed.

THE WHOLE POINT OF THE ARTICLE wasn't necessarily about auction payments, but that they'd lost 264 million since it started, making it difficult for any business to stay open.

It is refreshing to know there's always a new dick around though.
2001-12-29 4:31:59 PM  
I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet. The article is kind of a fluff piece, with no hard numbers to show how bad PayPal is really doing. Just because it has lost $200+ million since its loss doesn't mean that it's going down the tubes.

This recent article in MIT tech review paints a different picture of PayPal. It illustrates how PayPal has survived for as long as it has, while other similar online services have gone the way of the dot-bomb.

I've been putting together a used PC parts business for the past couple of months, and I use PayPal almost exclusively. I've had zero problems with the service, and use it in 99% of my online transactions. The PayPal ATM is a godsend, too, as I don't have to constantly shuffle money between my PayPal account and my Brick & Mortar checking account anymore.

I move thousands of dollars through my PayPal account, and one little blurb on a website isn't going to make me use somebody else.

2001-12-29 5:01:25 PM  
Agreed, even with my small dispute I still use paypal regularly (and my wife uses it almost daily). I don't have a business using it, but I still love the convenience, and it is definitely the leader in the market.

I'm hoping it remains solvent, as it's certainly the best for the regular guy. I've even gotten payments from clients through it myself.
2001-12-29 8:58:55 PM  
A little company named made

interesting seeing as it was out the same time as paypal, I don't think that company had the funds to get it to the lucrative position paypal is at...

and they got bought out right after making it (I think)...


In other news, a friend got screwed out of $900 on paypal... they took it from his bank account.. He is fighting this right now.. but they are claiming everything was legal about the transaction...
2001-12-30 2:00:46 AM  
Paypal is cool. They give you free money when you sign up and am verified. I think i got something like $0.40
2001-12-30 4:08:36 AM  
I still use PayPal whenever I can for auctions. It is so much better than having to go down to the bank or post office to get a money order, and cheaper. Personal checks take time to clear and who uses checks these days anyway? I still have the first box of checks I had to get when I signed up for my current checking account 5 years ago, but that's just me.

I don't have any real fear about getting ripped off on Ebay as there are a number of things you can do to assure you don't. The first being to buy from a good seller. As for other transactions through PayPal I have some issues. I got ripped off for $30 from a guy who said he would send me some used CDs. I didn't think you could get ripped off as they always say they have fraud protection all over the place. So after about 3 weeks and the guy stoped emailing me I reported it to PayPal who said they would investigate and get back to me within 30 days. 30 days later, exactly, I get an email saying something like, "Congradulations, we have investigated your claim and found that you are correct in saying that the other party has commited fraud." So I was pretty happy at that point until I read on and it says, "but the user does not have any money currently in his account so we are not able to refund you your money. Sorry." At that point I realized that the seller has all the advantages in the world. Since I used my bank account I couldn't even dispute the charges like with a CC. Oh well, wasn't a lot of money and I learned really quick that if you want to make a fast buck just rip people off through PayPal as they don't care.
2001-12-30 7:53:44 AM  
PayPal is a great idea, owned and operated by morons. You'd be a fool to give them any money. Anyone ever read their disputed transaction policy ? You have no rights with your own account, no recourse if you do not like PayPal's decisions. If the service was run by a bank, I'd feel MUCH safer, Banks are Federally regulated and you'd have a STANDARD oversite body and dispute policy.
2001-12-30 8:59:23 AM  
Fark Paypal and use C2it ( instead. Its run by a real bank (Citibank) is is FDIC insured. Unlike that scam company Paypal.
2001-12-30 9:00:23 AM  
...and is FDIC insured. Fark my typing skills.
2001-12-30 8:51:05 PM  
Paypal provided no insurance for my delinquent transaction for a computer in early 2001. I had to fall back on Visa to get my money back. Had I not used Visa, I would have lost my A** on the deal. No thanks to Pay Pal. They gave me a notice stating that they had NO liability!
Piss on them.
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