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(ABC News)   California to dispense morning after abortion pills without prescription   ( divider line
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2090 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 12:26 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-29 12:27:09 AM  
Let the good times roll!!!!
2001-12-29 12:27:19 AM  
In other news, right-to-lifers go absolutely bugfark.
2001-12-29 12:28:36 AM  
Pro-Lifers can go to their perfect little world where all is good for all I care.
2001-12-29 12:29:03 AM  
I think that's swell. As to an embryo being a life form why don't we go further and name all a woman's periods?

Gotta love George Carlin for suggesting that.
2001-12-29 12:29:33 AM  
As long as it's cheap I'm all for it. I'm tired of sending my Asian Whores to "the doctor"
2001-12-29 12:29:48 AM  
Fb- can stock up!
2001-12-29 12:30:03 AM  
What about sperm? Shouldn't the pro-lifers be throwing conniption fits over spermicides?
2001-12-29 12:30:03 AM  
its not an abortion if its the morning after
2001-12-29 12:30:07 AM  
Morning after pills are NOT abortion pills. They simply stop ovulation...the egg is never released and there is no pregnancy. This misconception is why right to lifers are so apeshiat over this.
2001-12-29 12:31:02 AM  
I'm semi pro-life myself but only when pregnancy is like in its third Trimester. But what I don't get is why these pro-lifers want to give their life for you when you havent been born yet and then when you are they won't give a shiat about you.
2001-12-29 12:31:18 AM  
I'm moving to Canada! Now, who wants to give me some?
2001-12-29 12:31:42 AM  
Fb- is no longer the father.
2001-12-29 12:31:53 AM  
Because they're hypocrites, Valk.
2001-12-29 12:32:38 AM  
Yeah let's give names to all the little spermies and all the little eggs.

Give me a break.
2001-12-29 12:33:29 AM  
I wouldn't want to be associated with pro-lifers who don't want to give morning-after pills to rape victims, either. Too embarassing.
2001-12-29 12:33:43 AM  
Why would pro life people be upset over this? They aren't abortion pills.... they know this... Silly wabbits.
2001-12-29 12:33:58 AM  

Damn straight.
2001-12-29 12:35:26 AM  
Think about it.
2001-12-29 12:36:34 AM  

I don't know, I just jumped on the bandwagon myself.

w00t w00t
2001-12-29 12:38:59 AM  
spermicide is homicide the homicide of love, spermicide, if inside, crucify for love.
2001-12-29 12:39:53 AM  
W00t, time to move to California and start sowing the wild oats with out fear of any little bastards coming back to haunt me.
2001-12-29 12:40:03 AM  
Damn... I was hoping the story was gonna be about a pill that would make you forget what you did the night before....
2001-12-29 12:40:05 AM  
...... õ_Ô
2001-12-29 12:42:21 AM  
I am surprised that some right-to-lifers don't go bug shiat over all the teen age boys jerking off all the time. "You just killed 1,000,000 possible babies when you spooged on that hankie... MURDERER!!!"
2001-12-29 12:43:57 AM  
Sheesh, they gave morning-after pills to my girlfriend a couple years ago, and she didn't have a prescription (it was the morning after, after all). What's the big deal now?
2001-12-29 12:46:15 AM  
Cool. Less tree hugging, terrorist loving, pot smoking, hippie, liberal Californians is always a good thing.
2001-12-29 12:48:31 AM  
This doesn't help me in anyway considering I couldn't get any if I paid for it.

in any case, I think it's a great thing!

and it's not an abortion if it's the morning after, it just prevents ovulation so they don't have to get an abortion, those pro-lifers don't know what's good for them
2001-12-29 12:48:35 AM  
hmmm...naming the sperm and eggs...That's a great concept. I better not suggest that to my girl friend. She already has this bad habit of not swallowing and when she goes to spit she has this other bad habit of saying "I just took care of the kids" Oy vey...
2001-12-29 12:49:13 AM  
What about those millions of sperm that die whenever a sperm is impregnated? How come no one cares about them???

Sure, we all think little Petey is cute? But what about Sammy the Sperm?
2001-12-29 12:49:53 AM  
The mean mental age in this thread must hover somewhere around 12 to 13 years old. Amazing. You morons sound like a bunch of grade school, pre-pubescent cock jerkers.

None of you are the least bit educated on this subject, yet you all weigh in with your hedonistic viewpoint.

And to the mental giant who espoused George Carlin as a intellectual mentor, nothing more needs to be said. You'll go real far in life, I can tell.
2001-12-29 12:51:05 AM  

I thought this place was a haven from self-righteous shovers-of-their-own-ways types... Guess not.
2001-12-29 12:51:49 AM  
shovers-of-their-own-ways-down-others-throats, even....
2001-12-29 12:52:23 AM  
Wow. Told off by a dot.
2001-12-29 12:52:31 AM  
Farker "." is living up to his name. Come back when you're off the rag and more emotionally stable, mmkay? thanks.
2001-12-29 12:52:32 AM  
California: Leading the way in persoanl responsibility since 1849!
2001-12-29 12:53:37 AM  
or personal even!
2001-12-29 12:54:07 AM  
uh uh uh ...
whoops there went Chet and Wendy and Bill and Dick and Jake and Lonni and Lori and Jeff and Suzy and John and Chris and Steve and Rory and Jean and Louis and Carol and Lynn and Cory and ....

this is a lot of work naming all these swimming little pukes... STAND STILL

and June and Reggie and Walker and Howie and Candy and...
2001-12-29 12:54:43 AM  
Thank you Lord Watson, for making my argument. What's next? Neener neener??
2001-12-29 12:55:16 AM  
Jerseytim: I've wondered the same thing about those religious zealots too. I think they all have had negative experiences with: 8===D ~~~
2001-12-29 12:55:23 AM  
Don't worry, be happy! Oh yeah, take these pills, we don't want me or Fb- to be the father
2001-12-29 12:56:28 AM  
Your argument is moot. I squish you dot.

P.S. I am an expert on morning after pills. I was a frat boy. We dispensed them like candy at our house.
2001-12-29 12:57:17 AM  
Sure, dot. We'll start debating once you pull your head out of your ass. Calling us a bunch of 12 and 13-year olds isn't the way to show you are mentally superior.
2001-12-29 12:59:13 AM  
People, it is time to refer to Monty Python:

"Every sperm is sacred,
Every sperm is great,
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate."
2001-12-29 1:00:53 AM  
. = period.

That time of the month is it?
2001-12-29 1:01:23 AM  
Well Quick1, re-read some of the astute and profound statements above, then get back to me.

"Let the good times roll!!!!"

"As long as it's cheap I'm all for it."

"Yeah let's give names to all the little spermies and all the little eggs."

Head out of my ass, indeed. Such vitriol.
2001-12-29 1:02:15 AM  
Mental note: Must hit reload before commenting.
2001-12-29 1:02:34 AM  
Apparently Mr. (Ms?) That Time of The Month is unaware of the existence of Sarcasm.
2001-12-29 1:04:24 AM  
"You got your .
Ain't you happy ?
Thank God !
I sure was worried (in parentheses)"
2001-12-29 1:04:56 AM  
I was unaware that it was capitalized. Never knew that.
2001-12-29 1:05:14 AM  
Feh. This is Fark for god's sake. Silliness is what it's all about. If you want a real debate, then ignore the posts you deem to idiotic to respond to. There have been good points made by people above.
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