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(Yahoo)   Arab armed to the teeth is kicked off plane, says he's a victom of racial profiling.   ( divider line
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6762 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 10:04 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-28 10:07:51 PM  
2001-12-28 10:08:33 PM  
Should've shot him on the spot. Just for being a dumb fark.
2001-12-28 10:09:31 PM  
Arabs and planes don't mix well.
2001-12-28 10:10:17 PM  
shove whatever explosives hes got down his throaght and march him into a firing range...hey the troops can have some fun every now and again cant they?
2001-12-28 10:11:44 PM  
To the idiot who submitted this.

First, the word is "victim"
Second, he never said he was a victim of anything
The Council on American-Islamic Relations did say that
Third, You said it also... You referred to him as "Arab" left out the part about him being an AMERICAN and a SECRET SERVICE AGENT.

2001-12-28 10:13:12 PM  
Um, he was armed because he was a Secret Service agent, and the irony seems to be he was on his way to protect that piece of crap president of ours.

Who wrote this stupid headline? This is going to be a flamefest for sure.
2001-12-28 10:14:39 PM  
Zaago pretty much said everything i was going to...

Reading helps.
2001-12-28 10:15:02 PM  
Gotta admit - I was expecting a completely different story when I clicked the link.
2001-12-28 10:15:24 PM  
Jraxis, good call. I already let loose with the first round and am refilling the tanks with jet fuel.

Light a match for me, would you?
2001-12-28 10:16:10 PM  
Personally, I always play the role of the victom.
2001-12-28 10:17:14 PM  
The guy was kicked of the plane because he didnt have the proper papers. Get an update, already, would ya?
2001-12-28 10:17:38 PM  
Almost 3,000 people died on Sept. 11 when 19 men believed to be of Arab descent hijacked four commercial aircraft and crashed them into New York's World Trade Center, the Pentagon (news - web sites) outside Washington and a field in Pennsylvania.

Sweet jeebus...they have to start reminding the public what happened already???

That's just so pathetic.
2001-12-28 10:18:44 PM  
Scarneck... and your point is what, exactly?
2001-12-28 10:19:48 PM  
How much you want to bet that because he's an Arab and probably fluent in the languages that his job as a Sercret Service agent is to profile and determine Arabs/Muslims that might want to get close to to GWB.
"Discrepancies in filling out forms" is the problem, the pilot should be appalauded for his exactness. Would a non-Muslim/Arab be put through the same scrutiny, No, but then again they are not part of a mass murdering culture of fanataical, lying, theiving, killing Muslim and Arab evildoers bent out to destroy all Westerners by any means at their disposal. Simple as that.
Keep it up, the internment camps are next.
2001-12-28 10:22:04 PM  
If the farking moron had filled out his paper work properly he would not have had a problem. Captains discretion when letting people with guns on board, even law enforement types, and that idiot should have known better than anyone.
2001-12-28 10:22:21 PM  
I'm bailing out of this thread before it goes down in flames with me on board. I just thought I would point out that the idiot who submitted this article needs to be strung up by his balls for sheer stupidity, then I'd be on my merry way.
2001-12-28 10:22:34 PM  
Zaago - totally agree.
First of all this should have been a NEWS tag, and the farking idiot who submitted this should really read the article before writing the headline!
2001-12-28 10:22:46 PM  
He had the correct paperwork. The pilot just thought that there was "an inconsistency." Maybe he his middle initial on his paperwork, and it was spelled out on his ID.
2001-12-28 10:23:13 PM  
"they are not part of a mass murdering culture of fanataical, lying, theiving, killing Muslim and Arab evildoers bent out to destroy all Westerners by any means at their disposal."

Bha ha ha ha...

I mean, most of that post was stupid; like assuming the guy was anything more than a regular Secret Service Agent, but that part was especially asinine.

I vote the tag be changed to asinine.
2001-12-28 10:24:02 PM  
he had his middle initial... that is
2001-12-28 10:24:16 PM  
Zaago. My point is obvious. Racial profiling isnt an issue here. Farked up papers = get off plane.
2001-12-28 10:26:51 PM  
For you people saying that "he should have just filled out his paperwork properly.." Insert dumbassed comment here...

Well, you can justify your paranoia, profiling and prejudice any way you like... when you are detained after being stopped on the streets because "your paperwork is not in order" (where have we heard that before), well I pity you.

I am outta here. Gonna go find Jraxis and buy him a Guinness.
2001-12-28 10:29:29 PM  
No wait, that just slams my nads...

Scarneck, your point is lame. It IS about profiling.

You people do not understand liberty and are not entitled to it.
2001-12-28 10:30:28 PM  
A pilot finds errors in the documents from a passenger of Arab descent who claims to be a Secret Service Agent and is armed with a gun. What would you do?
2001-12-28 10:30:44 PM  
Well seems Zaago can't justify his point so he is running away. Farking moron.
2001-12-28 10:31:03 PM  
Was the guy really surprised?

Besides, since when is racial profiling bad? If a cop pulls you over "just cause you're an arab" but you got a dead body in the trunk, you should probably go to jail. If you did nothing you'll be on your way.
2001-12-28 10:31:41 PM  
best headline yet.
2001-12-28 10:31:57 PM  
Zaago is simply saying he's not gonna dabble in it any longer. He isn't a coward, you're a flame-monger.
2001-12-28 10:32:59 PM  
Great debating with you Zaago. You made absolutely no point. I guess the next time I get pulled over, Ill accuse the cop of racial profiling (after all, I have a race), and everyone will come to my defense.
2001-12-28 10:33:42 PM The first four posts did not read the article!

The agent was an American of Arab descent, I'm sure he knows all about racial profiling, get over it!
2001-12-28 10:34:05 PM  
Walking casually.

I am a moron who understands that saying your reasons are other than what they are does not make it so. That is all. It is not simply that the paperwork was unusual in any way. To suggest it would be naive. I already did justify my opinion. So, as for my leaving... well, I say all that is necessary, if you do not understand, and think I should stick around and explain some more, then I suppose you might be the moron.

2001-12-28 10:34:06 PM  
Wow. Zaago, Topperoff, Jraxis: thank you for being voices of reason in an otherwise ridiculously racist and ill-informed discussion. It seems that fark's message boards just get more and more right-wing every day (no to mention the headline for the article that would be laughable if it weren't so deplorable), as evidenced by Flatulent Bastard's repulsively xenophobic comment. I can only hope it was a very bad joke. And again, whoever wrote the tagline should be super-glued to 10 kilos of C4 and a fake beard and sent through security at Washington's Dulles airport. It really injures the credibility of fark when the tags are so utterly antitheticalto the very article about which they're written, as they have been in ever increasing numbers lately.
2001-12-28 10:35:27 PM  
Zaago, et al:,

So what they he got profiled, I don't give a shiat. In fact I would'nt want to be on any plane with some Arab/Muslim cocksucker if there was a slightest doubt.
Unfair, Maybe, life isn't.
Paranoid? Maybe, but I don't care.
Racial Profiling, Maybe, I don't care.
Prejudiced, Maybe, I don't care.

Its called America and the Muslims and Arabs are going through a well deserved intitiation. If they pass, "Welcome to the club", e.g. Irish, German, Japanese, etc..
If not, secretly try and convict them and if need be, execute them as I don't care.
All you apologists, welcome to the first war of the 21st century.
2001-12-28 10:37:11 PM  

I haven't posted one racist statement.
2001-12-28 10:37:26 PM  
Did anyone even read the article? The guy was a SECRET SERVICE AGENT.
2001-12-28 10:37:30 PM  
Scarneck, you are a victim, sweetie.
I think you are an idiot attempting to justify the actions of other idiots, instead of speaking out against the stupidity to which we have raised ourselves.
So I am guity of profiling you as an idiot.

I apologize.

Madcat: I DIG it!
2001-12-28 10:39:33 PM  
and yeah, I cannot type "guilty"
so sue me
2001-12-28 10:40:02 PM  
ZaagoHow simple can the point be. Inconsistant paper work, get off the plane and get it right next time. No one to blame but hinself. I will agree with one thing you said though. Methinks I will also go and have a few beers. Nothing else to debate here.
2001-12-28 10:40:13 PM  
OH. Zaago is clear now. If we believe the paperwork was the problem we are naive. So he knows things that aren't in the article. Well why didnt he say so. Its all so clear now.
2001-12-28 10:41:23 PM  
Unfair, Maybe, life isn't.
Paranoid? Maybe, but I don't care.
Racial Profiling, Maybe, I don't care.
Prejudiced, Maybe, I don't care.

Thats fine and dandy. You might not care if YOU are unfair and prejudiced but large corporations and the government are not allowed to be. Welcome to American!
2001-12-28 10:45:43 PM  
A.) Learn to spell;

B.) Enough with these misleading headlines.
2001-12-28 10:46:09 PM  
Some say Fb- is short for flatulent bastard,

by the way,

Mad props to Bdk3clash

Have you guys seen this highly entertaining newsgroup post from Fb-?

2001-12-28 10:48:30 PM  
Oh and btw almost all of you are biased.

Some are assuming that the paperwork had glaring mistakes, when you don't even know what the inconsistency is (and it was only ONE inconsistency according to the article, not farked up paperwork as some put it.) You must be assuming that he had One name on his ID and another on the paperwork (which I would consider enough to draw suspicion).

Others are assuming that the inconsistency was something simple, when you too dont know what the mistake was. You must be assuming that the inconsistency was so simple (like my example of a missing middle initial) that the pilot had to be biased.

Come on y'all find the middle ground here. The fact is NEITHER of you know which one was true. I would wait to find out what that single inconsistency was.
2001-12-28 10:49:57 PM  
Is anyone else disturbed that the aptly named Flatulent Bastard knows how to use a computer? Since when did your kind develop opposable thumbs?

Arabs and Muslims have been here as long as anyone else, including the Irish and Germans. This is a country, not a fraternity, and as such, there is no "initiation". The SECRET SERVICE AGENT was born here and is a citizen and certainly is not subject to "well deserved" racial profiling. Climb back into the primordial ooze from whence you came, you changeling.
2001-12-28 10:50:10 PM  
Some shi*thole Arab/Muslim advocacy groups screams "profiling". What gives them the right when their mosques all over the worls spill their hatred and venomous sermons because of their mostly self inflicted inadequacies of governments and choices. Too bad, life isn't fair or equal.
Falweii, Robertson fart too loud and everybody's all over them like a cheap suit and yet I've never heard them advocate the outright destruction of a single human being on the level that Islam has. Yet I hear all this claptrap about Islam being a religion of peace and love horseshi*t. And its only very lately that I heard the slightest peep from any Muslim group that demouces this perversion that the left does on the Christian Right. Talk to me about tolerance, be a non-Muslim and try to visit Mecca or Medina because you don't know the secret handshake. And you call me xenophobic?
Hell, start building the interment camps right now as you'll get no peep from me. Hell, raise my taxes and tell me where to buy the camp bonds. Fark em.
2001-12-28 10:50:51 PM  
Are we being racially prejudiced against changelings now?

J/k.... :)
2001-12-28 10:51:52 PM  
I will try this once; I made a few too many assumptions before.

If the paperwork were the ONLY issue, would this be news?
Ah ha! Yes it would still be news, so that must be the only thing that is important. A Secret Service agent getting kicked off a flight for suspicious paperwork. That is still news. The man being Arab had nothing to do with it!

Ok, show me where that is happening.

Show me one instance of it.

My oridinal objection was to how the person who sumitted the article presented the man involved. He did not mention the fact that it was a secret service agent, he did not mention that it was an american, he said "Arab". That is all.

This is so very much an issue of profiling...

And what people should be most afraid of is the history of nations when threatened. When you start letting your paranoia get ahold of you and sacrifice the freedoms of others so that you can feel safer, sooner than later, you will find yourself fumbling for your "papers" on some night while out for a walk with a policeman shining a light in your face saying "these do not appear to be in order".

That is how stupid this can get.

2001-12-28 10:52:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 10:52:53 PM  
Ektar: One inconsistancy is more than enough. Nothing wrong with what was done. Off to the bar for me.
2001-12-28 10:54:43 PM  

Is that thing spraypainted on her/him/it?

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