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(Fredericksburg)'s real top 2001 stories, based solely on pageview popularity   ( divider line
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2001-12-28 2:57:04 PM  
Their top stories of the year are pretty much a typical day's worth of links on Fark.

God bless Fark.
2001-12-28 2:58:03 PM  
In general, you flock to crime stories, news involving sex or various forms of nakedness, and the truly bizarre.

Gee, why am I not surprised??
2001-12-28 2:58:35 PM  
Mods: could you please do something about the nudie photo in the Detroit story comments?
2001-12-28 3:01:19 PM  
Thank you!
2001-12-28 3:01:31 PM  
Geez, i wonder how many of those were linked on Fark. tee hee :)
2001-12-28 3:04:04 PM  
geez, san francisco's pretty tame compared to the freaks in virginia.
2001-12-28 3:05:09 PM  
Crime, sex or various forms of nakedness, and the truly bizarre

Sounds like a fairly normal weekend for me.
2001-12-28 3:05:47 PM  
I live on the New Hampshire/Mass. border and I've never seen that many instances of much for Cow Hampshire's bad rep
2001-12-28 3:07:58 PM  
If you want to see fark's top 25 stories of 2001, click on Top Boobies on the left sidebar there
2001-12-28 3:09:55 PM  
Thanks for telling me what I read this past year. I really wanted to know. I hope someone posts an article about people's favorite ice cream or favorite color next.

2001-12-28 3:14:10 PM  
I am pretty familiar with Caroline Co. and it is a speck on the map where the rednecks from deliverence would feel nervous. I heard about that guy doinking his dog a while back. In his defense the dog was pretty hot!
2001-12-28 3:15:00 PM  
Today, watching the banners change is more fun than reading the articles!
2001-12-28 3:17:27 PM  
check out the date on the article about the cow f.cker
2001-12-28 3:19:33 PM  
That Peter Pan guy made the list.
2001-12-28 3:23:04 PM  
Hey I thought I was the only farker here who surfed for stories (It's my local paper BTW). Who submitted this? Is there another farker who lives in the Fredericksburg area?
2001-12-28 3:23:27 PM  
The funniest thing about the cow farker story was that he was 80. You know the old coot has probably been been beefing the beef since he was 15 and is wondering what in the hell is the big deal:

"Well in my day we could pork all the pigs we wanted and nobody batted an eyelash."
2001-12-28 3:24:59 PM  
What gives with all the stories? Is there a hidden contingent of other MWC people lurking about Fark?

I escaped (with a degree) in 95/96.
2001-12-28 3:29:12 PM  
BTW I submitted these to fark. I'm sure fark is the reason for the popularity.

1. Man, 80, arrested on bestiality charge
(My first fark post)

3. Walker, aka 'What's Your Name?' intrigues passers-by
(I posted this just last week)

4. Wives strip naked to protect criminal husbands
(I submitted this 2-3 weeks ago)
2001-12-28 3:31:14 PM  
What, no kid in a pussy suit this time?
2001-12-28 3:31:18 PM  
Norton, %99 of the time I'm responsible for the articles. I have know Idea who posted this one though.
2001-12-28 3:36:35 PM  
'Balderson was intimate with at least three cows that day, England said.' Teehee...what a stud!
2001-12-28 3:38:27 PM  
Thirdrail... I'm from Fredericksburg as well. I moved to Arlington about two years ago though. I don't recall submitting any FLS stories to Fark, but I have submitted them to and to Specifically, I submitted the Dominatrix story to the Yahoo! club so it probably got a lot of links from there. I think Memepool might have put it up too.
2001-12-28 3:39:39 PM  
in that article about the idiot shooting an elk, it says "$3200 to replace the elk" or something along those lines
how the fark do you replace an elk?
are they man-made now?
2001-12-28 3:40:50 PM  
Shoulda' been an obvious tag
2001-12-28 3:43:37 PM  
Should I be proud or ashamed of being born in Frederiskburg?
2001-12-28 3:46:12 PM  
Come to think of it, I submitted the "Man has sex with beagle" to Cruel as well.
2001-12-28 3:47:59 PM  
That guy poking the cows was 80, and he did three of them? Maybe he O.D'd on Viagra and he ran out of the house to spare his wife's life.

(Good thing the bull didn't see him)
2001-12-28 3:51:22 PM  
Be very ashamed of being born in Fredricksburg. I once got pulled over there by Barney Fife for not wearing a helmet on my bike and spent the farking night in jail. No kidding, I argued with him that if I just left the farking town and never looked back he wouldn' t have to worry about me loitering around town until I could find a helmet. Thus the night in their lovely accomodations. Farking hillbillies.
2001-12-28 3:52:04 PM  
Smoothvirus, don't you think it's so funny that fark has completely scewed's numbers.

I pretty sure I submitted these also.

Teen shot by neighbor over mailbox
Stafford man charged with indecent exposure
2001-12-28 3:52:11 PM  
The guy who submitted this one was we­bm­ast­er[nospam-﹫-backwards]gru­b­s­kcirderf­*com. Apparently they've noticed the traffic
2001-12-28 3:56:49 PM  
Smoothvirus, I was wondering about that one because that was up there with the rest of them and I wasn't a Fark member when the Dog Farking story came out.

So that means the 4 most popular were posted on fark therefore fark made them popular. Very cool.
2001-12-28 3:57:34 PM  
I definatley remember seeing the mailbox story on Fark.

You guys mean to tell us this kind of stuff isn't normal? I always thought F'Burg was a pretty average place but maybe it's in some kind of Twilight Zone.

I guess we accept the reality with which we are presented. I just kind of assumed stuff like this happens everywhere... hmm
2001-12-28 3:58:01 PM  
Drew, thanks now I can close out of the e-mail I'm composing to him then.
2001-12-28 4:00:11 PM  
once you submit something to one of the "bizzare news" sites it kind of goes everywhere. I've submitted stuff to the Yahoo Cruel club and had it go to,,, and probably fark too.
2001-12-28 4:07:36 PM  
Wow Drew How does it feel to have all the power?

FARK rocks!
2001-12-28 4:26:18 PM  
Great, and I was scheduled to make a business trip to Fredericksburg, VA in May... After reading this, I may have to re-consider my plans... Geesh...
2001-12-28 4:56:22 PM  
Fredricksburg. Where the men are men and the cows run scared.
2001-12-28 4:59:12 PM  
Fredricksburg. Where the men are men and so are the women.
2001-12-28 5:26:30 PM  
I've heard of non-porn stars videoing their exploits for private viewing but videoing YOURSELF screwing your kid's beagle??? But they did find a large quantity of crack and pot. Maybe his defense is he was too farked up to tell the difference between the dog and his wife?
2001-12-28 5:28:17 PM  
ick ick ick
2001-12-28 6:03:27 PM  
One thing this paper isn't known for is taste. They once had a huge color picture of a dead body trapped in wrecked car on their front page. But typically, its your mid sized town paper with mediorce writing and mediorce stories.

Oh yeah, all the editors are super conversative bastards.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.
2001-12-28 7:08:29 PM  
I spent a night in Fredericksburg to save money and get an early start to Washington DC the next day. The burg has a HUGE Holiday Inn...but it's a dump.

But, then, MOST Holiday Inns suck like a Dustbuster!
2001-12-28 7:29:42 PM  
Wow, this one touches close to home. I live in the same county as the guy that farks cows.
2001-12-28 7:38:31 PM  
Was the beagle the bottom, or top?
2001-12-28 8:13:59 PM  
"JAKARTA, Indonesia - Illegal loggers are apparently evading arrest by getting their wives to strip naked and distract officials while they make a quick getaway with the valuable hardwood. "

2001-12-28 9:11:47 PM  

I'm from the south and we're not all rednecks.

Hate to say it but there's white trash EVERYWHERE. Including in your neck of the woods.

2001-12-28 9:12:57 PM  
Oh yeah YourMom

There's no white trash in NYC? Or is it all in Jersey?

Redneck = WhiteTrash
2001-12-28 9:16:08 PM  
Well F'Burg is out in nowhere's land but I resent grouping all people in one huge area and calling them idiots.

That's very faulty reasoning.
2001-12-28 9:23:09 PM  
Where is everybody?
2001-12-28 9:26:07 PM  
My bother lives in Stafford. He is always surprised when I email him these stories about his near-hometown. He is concerned that he might accidentally meet one of these animal lovers at a social function, shake hands with him, and "catch something." My brother's an endless source of amusement.

The only thing Freds. is actually famous for is that incident during the War of Yankee Agression. The idiot Burnside sent thousands of Yankees charging up that hill to get shot by Longstreet's boys, who were behind the famous stone wall at the top.
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