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12152 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 1:08 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-29 1:09:11 AM  
The world is, basically, over.
2001-12-29 1:09:18 AM  
Well, apparently they're not counting my rentals of Girls Gone Wild and Ernest Goes To Jail
2001-12-29 1:09:24 AM  
Every one of these is obvious. They're the ones that put out the most advertising.
2001-12-29 1:09:54 AM  
2001-12-29 1:10:35 AM  
Hey now. The Score was pretty good, and...and...hey, did you see The Score?
2001-12-29 1:11:07 AM  
Ahh Reese Witherspoon, the thinking man's cupcake
2001-12-29 1:12:05 AM  
"I am Electro-Man!" goes to jail is my favorite ernest movie... did you guys know Jim Varney was from Kentucky? A mere two hour drive from Lexington...
2001-12-29 1:13:41 AM  
Well, number one was, oh, no it sucked. How about number 4, that was not too bad, oh, wrong again. Number 8, come on, who doesn't like Whos? I believe this past year to be a conspiracy of massive proportion perpetrated on the American public. Hollywood keeps putting out crap and we keep going to watch it. Baa Baa
2001-12-29 1:13:53 AM  
Kentucky makes the vast majority of the worlds bourbon. Mmmmm ... bourbon.
2001-12-29 1:14:34 AM  
My top 10:

1. Pi
2. Tombstone
3. American Beauty
4. Gummo
5. When They Were Kings
6. Koyanisquatsi
7. Babe: Pig In The City
8. Red (Kryslovki) (Sp?)
9. Silverado
10. Hannibal
2001-12-29 1:15:21 AM  
I 'rented' Rush Hour 2... actually, I just saw that Blockbuster was all out of copies so I snaged one of those freebie coupons. It's now in my home... I might watch it.
2001-12-29 1:16:54 AM  
Quick1 is right. Big Dave is right, too. Come to think of it, Big Peeler and Shemp Mo-din are also right. Damn.
Time to go play the Big Al Game
2001-12-29 1:17:48 AM  
Cestes, that was true, with the exception of Shrek, until this month. Have you seen Ocean's Eleven? That one was pretty good. And, of course, LOTR.

Am I really the first one to mention LOTR in a movie thread? Woo hoo!
2001-12-29 1:18:16 AM  
Random comments:

The ending to Pi sucked, reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. I liked the blond chick in Gummo, course I was much younger when I saw it. Hannibal was trying to be scarry like Silence of the Lambs but gore != scarry. American Beauty was empty headed trash, the only good thing about it was Kevin Spacey and the nipples on Mena Suvari.
2001-12-29 1:19:36 AM  
Those movies are not that bad

Moulin Rouge was great
Rush Hour 2 was good
Planet of the Apes was ok
2001-12-29 1:20:56 AM  
lord of the rings was just awful

on a more frightening note, I saw on the news that 2001 was one of the best years for Hollywood - they made a ton of dirty, dirty money off this crap. Four films grossed more than 400mil each.

And we have even more asstacular fliks to look forward too, like another sequel to Austin Powers, and Men in Black.

Kill me now!
2001-12-29 1:24:16 AM  
Besides Gummo, one of the most surreal, most ethereal movies I have seen in a long time is Babe: Pig In The City. I kid you not. Sober or stoned, this flick transports you. Some of the scenes will blow you away. Gene Siskal actually had it as his 'Movie Of The Year' back in 1997 or 1998. Try it.
2001-12-29 1:25:32 AM  
Happy birthday Jesus. Hope you like crap!
2001-12-29 1:25:35 AM  
Bigpeeler: You have validated me.

I like cherries.
I hate wabbits! Fockin wabbits are queeews.
2001-12-29 1:31:19 AM  
Four films grossed more than 400mil each.

I was impressed by these numbers until this afternoon, when I realized that in a lot of places it costs about ten bucks for one person to go see a movie.

400mil with tickets costing five bucks would be more impressive.
2001-12-29 1:31:21 AM  
Well garsh. I've never validated anyone before. I've infuriated some. Alienated others. Even masturbated a couple. But never validated.
2001-12-29 1:31:23 AM  
I liked Legally Blonde... that Reese Witherspoon is such a fox... woof woof! I'd lick industrial waste off of her body :/
2001-12-29 1:32:20 AM  
All those movies are the top rentals because they suck so bad nobody wants to actually own them , just see them once because they heard "they sucked".

Except for Moulin Rouge. Can't figure that one out. THAT one was a damn good movie. Maybe peopel were unsure because it's a musical. ::shrugg::
2001-12-29 1:33:50 AM  
Smookyfufu: You have very strange tastes. I couldn't disagree with you more.

Honey, whipped cream, or jam, sure. Industrial waste? Hmm ... think about the condition that her skin would be in if it was coated in industrial waste.

I think I just ruined my own appetite. Hate it when I do that.
2001-12-29 1:34:14 AM  
I liked Rush Hour 2, but the other movies were pretty crappy of the ones I saw. Shemp Mo-Din Ernest movies are great. They are unbelievably stupid, but they have some good one-liners. KnowWhatIMean?
2001-12-29 1:34:19 AM  
Submitter: Top 10 video rentals, I have lost faith in humanity.

Exactly which top 10 were you expecting for the week ending Dec. 23? This is a current weekly chart, not an all-time best. Humanity will live to see another week.

I think.
2001-12-29 1:35:52 AM  
When I was working in the "video rental industry," I used to get really upset about this, every week. You see what people are renting, and that Blockbuster has 50+ copies of it, and it stars the Olsen Twins, while they only have one copy of any film that actually has artistic value, and those films have been edited, week-after-week, it starts to drive a person insane. People used to ask me why I don't like movies, because I complained about all the garbage at Blockbuster, and I'd have to explain, it's Blockbuster Video that hates movies.

There's a new Blockbuster, just opened here, and they have no foreign section. Not only that, but they have no foreign films. Not a subtitled movie in the place, just hundreds of Mary Kate and Ashley movies. They have a dubbed copy of The Killer. Not like any of these morons are gonna rent the thing, but if they happen to run into someone who knows movies and rent it on a recommendation, they're gonna think John Woo and Chow Yun Fat only did the type of garbage you see on the Super Station at 4am. Dub any foreign film into English and you end up with comical shiat like the Power Connection series. ... Last time I worked at a video store, I made it my mission to turn everyone away from renting the dubbed Crouching Tiger, told them to drive their sorry asses across the bridge to a real video store, and watch the film as it was intended.

See, nearby there's an area where a lot of fags live, and apparantly Blockbuster thinks they rent more subtitled and independent movies. In reality, that's just the only corporate video store within thirty miles that has any kind of selection, so of course more people rent those types of titles there. Blockbuster and Hollywood pull that shiat pretty blatantly.
2001-12-29 1:36:03 AM  
I wanna see how their porn equivalents fared against one another.

Do you think Barely Legally Blondes outgrossed Moulin Splooge?
2001-12-29 1:41:27 AM  
Note: Wild and Wooly is the only authentic video store in Kentucky, if you're like the record store geeks in High Fidelity. In the example above, I sent people to another Blockbuster location because 1) Wild and Wooly only has one or two copies of Crouching Tiger, and 2) I don't want those farks ruining my store.
2001-12-29 1:44:04 AM  
I only saw two of these films.I feel pretty good about myself.
My top 10:
1.Run Lola Run
3.Terminator 2:Judgement Day
4.It's Pat,The Movie
5.Stuart Saves His Family(I can relate to it,coming from a somewhat dysfunctional family background myself).
7.The Road Warrior
8.Perfect Blue (a psychological thriller anime)
9.Big Trouble In Little China
2001-12-29 1:45:39 AM  
Dutch: See, nearby there's an area where a lot of fags live, and apparantly Blockbuster thinks they rent more subtitled and independent movies.

farkin fags!
2001-12-29 1:48:17 AM  
ROTFLMAO Thanks Hytes
2001-12-29 1:48:49 AM  
Oh yeah, I forgot this movie: [image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 1:49:12 AM  
Dutch: it's Blockbuster Video that hates movies.

Blockbuster sucks ass in about a million different ways. They're also anti-widescreen-DVD as well. The Digital Bits has been ranting about that for a few weeks (need to scroll down to 12/13 and 12/14 if anyone's interested), and there's a petition online to protest. Digital Bits also came up with some nice logos demonstrating why widescreen is important.

Now let's see how many times I farked up the HTML here.
2001-12-29 1:49:56 AM  
I'm not listing my top ten. It's mostly Jackie Chan and Marx Brothers movies.
2001-12-29 1:58:48 AM  
Best movie of all time: The Usual Suspects
2001-12-29 2:06:12 AM  
Well, thats about all that the people who are too lazy to look at places other than the new release section are going to find that they havnt seen yet or want to see again.
2001-12-29 2:06:25 AM  
WilEKyoT: I am kicking myself in the butt right now for forgetting that. Good call. Great flick.
2001-12-29 2:06:35 AM  
the 2001 version of Planet of the Apes had a huge downer ending.

Plus, they pretty much gave away some of the surprises (like the Monkey's past).

But, it did take some thinking after seeing the downer ending. The movie was boring as hell though.
2001-12-29 2:07:05 AM  
WilEKyoT: Rock on. That was the first movie I watched twice in a single night. I need to add that one to my DVD collection, for sure.
MBK [TotalFark]
2001-12-29 2:12:58 AM  
:works at Blockbuster:
We have a foreign section, about 60 movies. we have a sundance section, about 60 more movies there. As for "anti- wide-screen dvd" crap, its not BBV's fault. Its the customers. I get calls everyday I work "oh,i didn't know this DVD was widescreen, can I get my money back and a free rental?" every dvd should be like the older dvd's, one side widescreen,one side full screen. I swear, I can go on and on about customers....and don't think you "1337 movie people" are any better..."oh, why do you only have one copy of ?" lets (vhs) usually cost 100+ bucks for some titles, especilly foreign ones. 2 customers renting it equals to about 5 bucks....95 dollar wouldn't do it if you were in there shoes....

on a side note, please, kill me now for defending blockbuster
2001-12-29 2:19:19 AM  
yeah dude, shut the fark up. blockbuster SUXORS.
2001-12-29 2:20:08 AM  


You like Philip Glass? I saw him play the music live with a big screen showing of Koyaanisqatsi. Lets just say...Kick Ass. And if you have a tape of it, can you hook a brotha up?
2001-12-29 2:34:44 AM  
I do not have the tape nor the DVD. It can be founf on e-bay for about 25.00. Philip Glass rocks. Great film to watch either straight or baked. Love it.
2001-12-29 2:44:24 AM  
You couldn't pay me to watch ANY of those movies.
2001-12-29 2:52:59 AM  
I just watched the DVD of Rush Hour 2, it was on sale at Best Buy so I bought it (saw it in theaters as well)

I thought it was great... Funny, and a good action flick... The total contrast between Chan and Tucker makes for some funny scenes. And, some great acrobatics and stunts by Chan.
2001-12-29 3:07:49 AM  
we all know the best movie is osmosis jones, i mean come on, that is the shiat its so l33t, no seriously, its cool
2001-12-29 3:12:58 AM  
Enter the Dragon and Conan the Barbarian were just on TV tonight. Who needs to rent movies?
2001-12-29 3:16:25 AM  
I'm sitting here watching Friday the 13th, part 2. I tuned in way late, but it's not like that matters.

So there's this lady, and she's going into a cabin, and all she's got on is a sweatshirt and panties. I'm guessing she doesn't know what happens to ladies who go into the woods in their panties. So she gets inside the cabin, and I guess she forgot something, because she goes back out to the car, and you hear the "chu chu chu chu" sound that means Jason is about to get his slash on, but for some reason he doesn't.

Then I started typing that, and next thing it's a scene with two teens doing the matress mambo, and you just know they're gonna die, and sure enough, Jason jabs a spear though both of em.

I was typing that, then the panties lady went to check on the mambo couple, and Jason got her with a butcher knife, and now he's dragging bodies around the house.

You really ought to see this movie sometime, it's pretty awful. Yeah, I'm pretty stoned, in case you were wondering.
2001-12-29 3:21:59 AM  
That is the most beautiful thing I've ever read!
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