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(Guardian)   London Mayor Ken Livingston: "I just long for the day I wake up and find that the Saudi royal family are swinging from lampposts and they've got a proper government that represents the people of Saudi Arabia"   ( politics.guardian.co.uk) divider line
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2004-04-08 12:11:19 PM  
Eventually the oil is going to dry up, and the world has already got enough sand and religion.

Patience, dear Ken, patience.
2004-04-08 12:24:34 PM  
amen, my brother!
2004-04-08 12:29:10 PM  
This is the same guy that basically tried to ruin GW's state visit to England. His politics notwithstanding, I long for the day Londoners wake up and realize they have an ape masquerading as their mayor.
2004-04-08 12:40:58 PM  
2004-04-08 01:00:07 PM  
2004-04-08 01:30:32 PM  
Attaboy, Ken. Wise words from Britain's favourite former-marxist-leninist newt-wrangler.

[image from db.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2004-04-08 01:36:37 PM  
I almost never agree with KL, but I'm glad there's an honest politician out there who speaks his mind freely.
2004-04-08 01:38:31 PM  
Go Kenny!
2004-04-08 01:46:46 PM  
Maybe he meant swinging like Tarzan?
2004-04-08 02:07:56 PM  
This is the same guy that basically tried to ruin GW's state visit to England. His politics notwithstanding, I long for the day Londoners wake up and realize they have an ape masquerading as their mayor.

Well being as they elected him, and he really hasn't changed his outspoken manner, I'm quite sure the people of London know exactly what kind of a mayor they have.

And as for GW's visit: who gives a fark?
2004-04-08 03:36:27 PM  
[image from tfp.killbots.com too old to be available]
2004-04-08 04:33:23 PM  
The House of Bush will not let that happen to their good buddies.
2004-04-08 04:33:31 PM  
In other remarks, he warned Londoners not to become paranoid about terrorist attacks, pointing out that they were far more likely to become the victims of road traffic collisions in the capital.

I wish we could import some of this kind of common sense into the US . . .
2004-04-08 06:52:44 PM  
I've swung from a lamppost before, but it wasnt in Saudi Arabia. Oh, that reminds me, does anyone here remember that place, Lamppost Pizza? Mmmmmm, that was good stuff.
2004-04-08 06:55:10 PM  
Eventually the oil is going to dry up, and the world has already got enough sand and religion.

Honestly, I don't think anyone is going to top that. Bravo.
2004-04-08 06:55:31 PM  
[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]
2004-04-08 06:55:57 PM  
Livingstone is an asshat... He should have taken a hint years ago and swung himself from a lamppost. He's trying to draw attention to himself (as usual). The fact that he was elected mayor of London just goes to show what asshats a majority of Londoners are.
2004-04-08 06:56:10 PM  
Well, I'll at least give him credit for being honest.
2004-04-08 06:56:18 PM  
He means like this, right?

[image from pw1.netcom.com too old to be available]
2004-04-08 06:56:26 PM  
why are the brits so cool. i hate this crappy country
2004-04-08 06:56:34 PM  
BTW.. While I agree with his comment, he's still an asshat.
2004-04-08 06:56:54 PM  
He means like this, right?
2004-04-08 06:59:57 PM  
farking A. This guy is such a hardass that most Farkers can't even handle it.
2004-04-08 07:00:40 PM  
As much as this guy sounds like a raving nut, I agree with him about those back-stabbing, oil hoarding Saudis.
2004-04-08 07:01:07 PM  
I think a bridge would be more appropriate...
2004-04-08 07:01:24 PM  
And when Red Ken says "represent the people", he does mean a "Peoples Republic".
2004-04-08 07:02:13 PM  
Finally, someone in public office has the guts to point out the Saudi government's culpability in terrorist actions.

/Too bad it's not someone on this side of the pond...
2004-04-08 07:02:36 PM  
This is quite possibly the first non-stupid thing this man has ever said.

anti - Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
2004-04-08 07:02:57 PM  
I'm not going to comment on his comments, but I'd really like to a North American politican try and get away those kind of remarks...
2004-04-08 07:04:38 PM  
Eventually the oil is going to dry up, and the world has already got enough sand and religion.

True that, Rumblemintz. Hey, you ever had Rumplemintz with Jagermeister? It tastes like peppermint licorice.

Anyway, the government knows all about the Saudis. But as long as we get oil from them, and we can use their airspace to launch attacks on Mid East countries, we will look the other way.

/sad but true
2004-04-08 07:05:04 PM  

The thing is, if politicians here did say what they meant, and refused to back down, we'd get used to it and take it in stride.

Hmmm... Kerry called the Bush campaign a bunch of crooks, refused to apologize for it, and then people got over it. Hmmm...
2004-04-08 07:10:41 PM  
Come on, people, that was an obvious attempt to insert presidential politics into this thread.

/Where're my flames?
2004-04-08 07:12:00 PM  
...just like a left-wing socialist liberal.

Why are they so hateful? First it was Scalia, now they hate brown people!
2004-04-08 07:13:01 PM  
Wow...and the freakin Guardian printed this?
2004-04-08 07:13:41 PM  
Gotcha Calmamity. ;)


"House of Bush, House of Saud: The
Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties."
2004-04-08 07:13:58 PM  
Scalia, the Hispanic, LittleCamel? That one?
2004-04-08 07:14:09 PM  

Nice one. I guess I just wasn't inflammatory enough.
2004-04-08 07:16:46 PM  
GoodDamon: for context, check out LittleCamel's run in the Scalia thread...
2004-04-08 07:17:41 PM  
I just hate everybody. I'm an equal opportunity asshat :
2004-04-08 07:21:05 PM  
Wow, what a philosopher this guy is. And after a few meaningless UN resolutions, some conferences among the diplomats in Geneva, and a round table discussion or two at Cambridge University I'm really sure... it ain't gonna happen. To paraphrase Will Rogers, everyone complains about totalitarianism, but nobody does anything about it.

And those who do try to do something about totalitarianism, like Bush and Blair, are opposed by the likes of this very mayor who mindlessly and rhetorically carp phrases like, "What are we going to do, remove all the brutal dictators of the world?" They can't fathom that there are some who have the courage to respond, "Eventually!"
2004-04-08 07:21:37 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-04-08 07:22:11 PM  
I'd vote for him.....
2004-04-08 07:22:20 PM  

Whoa, you're right. I definitely needed to check the Scalia thread. He's hilarious.
2004-04-08 07:22:56 PM  
Shouldn't this be OBVIOUS rather than AMUSING?
2004-04-08 07:24:15 PM  
2004-04-08 07:12:00 PM LittleCamel

...just like a left-wing socialist liberal.

Why are they so hateful? First it was Scalia, now they hate brown people!

Stop it! Oh GOD MY SIDES!! Stop it you sadistic bastard! Have you no decency!?

[gasp] Um, uh but Scalia IS a brown person, right? HAHAHAHHHAAHAHAHAHA!
2004-04-08 07:25:18 PM  
One thing just about all farkers can agree on.

Nevermind how long the U.S. government--Democrat and Republican--has been sleeping with these bastards. We shouldn't be bombing Iraq, we should be bombing Saudi Arabia and Israel.
2004-04-08 07:26:19 PM  
This just jogged my memory...As I lay in bed one Sunday morning a few months ago I was listing to The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio 1 and they had David Frum as a guest, one of the "Axis of Evil" speech writers...

Not too get too off topic, he had some interesting things to say about Saudi Arabia, like after the US took care of Iraq and Saddam the West wouldn't be so dependant on Saudi oil and could address the Saudi gov't's lack of democracy and human rights abuses.

It's a long interview but I thought it was interesting, the Sun. Ed. audio page is
here and the direct link to the interview is here, uses Real player
2004-04-08 07:27:13 PM  
I am surprised people aren't more for this or at least for ousting them and putting in a proper pro-US puppet government ;). Last time I checked the Saudi's were responsible for 10 of the 12 9/11 terrorists, funded Osama, oppresed woman and children, imported what effectively amount to slaves from other Islamic countries and on top of that they play freaking king of the world with their oil. Not to mention the fact that they constantly bad mouth the US and our Allies.
2004-04-08 07:28:17 PM  
Representative government and Islam can or cannot co-exist.


/Show your work.
2004-04-08 07:29:01 PM  
[image from wchstv.com too old to be available]

Ken, meet Ron.
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