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(Globe and Mail)   Legless man steals pants, other items from The Gap   ( divider line
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2001-12-28 11:07:29 AM  
Ok, Im going to admit a sad truth from my past -- I once worked for Thom McAn (a shoe store for those of you who dont know). As you can imagine, management for these stores only required a heartbeat and an ability to count (although, not very high). Anyway, I was working in a mall store when a man with one leg came in. I dont remember which shoe we put on display (I think it was always lefts, we could never put out rights). This guy only had a left foot, and the manager said to me, and he was SERIOUS.. "Keep an eye on the display shoes, make sure he doesnt walk off with one."

2001-12-28 11:08:56 AM  
That's not an article, that's a BIOGRAPHY. If I want to read a biography(and I don't), I'll go to the library.
2001-12-28 11:09:29 AM  
IS it me or did I miss the article? I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling but no legless man. Did I miss it?
2001-12-28 11:10:18 AM  
The search for the article is soooooooooo not worth it.

Sometimes its not what you steal, its the idea of it. Also, this dude will probably just sell them.
2001-12-28 11:10:29 AM  
I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.
2001-12-28 11:10:30 AM  
I don't have enough patience to scroll through the whole thing to find this story but I like to comment anyway. So...... how's about that weather?
2001-12-28 11:10:35 AM  
I know it doesn't fit here but I thought all the bat boy fans would want to know.
2001-12-28 11:11:20 AM  
Note for further submissions: less scrolling
2001-12-28 11:11:35 AM  
The article is way at the bottom.
2001-12-28 11:14:13 AM  
I wonder if they showed his butt-crack..

2001-12-28 11:15:14 AM  
"I Love Pants!"
2001-12-28 11:16:01 AM  
shiat! the article is 185 pages long if you printed it out
2001-12-28 11:17:20 AM  
I was walking past a GAP one day when all of a sudden a petty thief comes running out with a stack of jeans as tall as a Dagwood Bumstead sandwich.
Dude is running towards the getaway car when the whole stack falls on the car's hood.
Meanwhile he is getting chased by GAP employees about 20 yards behind so the driver takes off with pants all over the car's hood and windshield without letting his buddy in the car. The thief grabs on the bumper to get away and is getting dragged.They almost got away but they ran into a Chicago cop car. So the two thieves run in opposite directions and the cops pursue on foot, leaving the wreck.
Then a bunch of people started looting the pants.
So funny if you saw it.
2001-12-28 11:18:18 AM  
Legless man? Huh?
Color me confused.
2001-12-28 11:18:46 AM  
SLAYERSWINE - Unfortunately, your story was more entertaining than the article THAT WAS SUBMITTED!
2001-12-28 11:20:53 AM  
Cut off his ARMS!
2001-12-28 11:23:29 AM  
I must agree, SLAYERSWINE was much more interesting and easier to get to. ;)
2001-12-28 11:25:41 AM  
This article makes the cut, yet me article about a veteran amputee who gets his wheelchair repossessed gets tossed.
2001-12-28 11:33:44 AM  
Slayerswine saved this comments page. Thank you.

That's some funny shiat!
2001-12-28 11:35:02 AM  
i cried because i had no pants, until i met a man who had no legs.

so i took his pants.
2001-12-28 11:37:43 AM  
I cried when I had no shoes, until I remembered that I left them by the sofa. Then I was pretty happy.
2001-12-28 11:42:16 AM  
I'm brewing up a ball stew.

(thanks for the laugh Rebug)
2001-12-28 11:49:05 AM  

There's a proverb in there somewhere...
2001-12-28 11:49:12 AM  
I cried when I had no shoes, so I got drunk and forgot about it.
2001-12-28 11:53:03 AM  
ctl f works great....type in 'legless' and it takes you right there.
2001-12-28 12:00:26 PM  
I read your link and that vet got screwed,dude.
2001-12-28 12:19:11 PM  
Note to self: Canadian Gaps do not lock up their leather jackets.
2001-12-28 12:28:27 PM  
I guess that guy really does "fall into the Gap" ... oh c'mon you guys remember their old radio ads, right?
2001-12-28 12:32:31 PM  
Legless man flees with stolen clothes

Friday, December 28, 2001 - Page A13

West Vancouver, B.C. -- Police are looking for a legless man who stole $2,600 worth of clothing from a mall store, then fled in his wheelchair to a getaway vehicle.

Sergeant Robert Fontaine said yesterday that a wheelchair-bound man was seen going into a Gap store in Park Royal Mall, then taking 10 pairs of pants worth $800 and six leather jackets worth $1,800.

The man then wheeled away to a midsized grey vehicle that had a licence plate reported stolen from another vehicle in Vancouver, Sgt. Fontaine said. The man fled with an accomplice.

Several witnesses got a good look at the man in the wheelchair and are confident he had no legs, Sgt. Fontaine said.
2001-12-28 12:33:11 PM  
Damn Cananadans
2001-12-28 12:37:58 PM  
i searched for "gap" to get to the article. it's remarkable how many times that word is used in the previous articles.
2001-12-28 12:50:06 PM
2001-12-28 12:56:34 PM  
Carmen Electra has a nice "gap"
2001-12-28 3:16:40 PM  
The pants were probably for his third, uh, only leg.
2001-12-28 3:18:03 PM  
And if you kept "going down".... Two articles below....
Mr. Hatt, originally from the Bridgewater, N.S., area, is described as bald with short, dark hair with some grey on the sides and back of his head.

He wears tinted eyeglasses and had a goatee. He was last seen wearing a black coat and blue jeans......
Mr. Hatt is on the loose and it seems he's tossed the striped hat donned a disguised and removed (disarmed) the kindergarten teacher protruding from his...

....And if you can't catch a guy in a wheelchair carrying a load....
2001-12-28 4:04:02 PM  
That was some article! Sounded like it ended up okay for the guy, but one of the lines really caught me...

"Hoveround officials assumed Medicare would pay for the $5,000 wheelchair because it had done so in other cases. But Medicare declined to pay for Carter's wheelchair and it was repossessed on Christmas Eve."

repossessed on Christmas Eve


As for this guy, cut off his hands.
2001-12-28 7:16:27 PM  
A pic of the man getting away with his accomplice:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 12:11:21 AM  
Could be worse. He could have been stealing condoms.
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