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(   Marilyn Manson to appear in court for allegedly rubbing genitals on security guard's head and neck   ( divider line
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3915 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 9:13 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-28 9:15:08 AM  
This happened a while back. No new news here.
2001-12-28 9:15:47 AM  
This is over 5 months old.
2001-12-28 9:16:28 AM  
Unless the bow-legged missing link can get death for it I don't care.
2001-12-28 9:17:04 AM  
hey, 2 years out of my farking face is a wonderful start...
2001-12-28 9:17:35 AM  
2 years in prison!
from the picture I saw, it looked like the security guard enjoyed it.
2001-12-28 9:27:46 AM  
Tag should be "followup", we've already had this story on Fark at least twice...But then I suppose for at least 75% of Farkers, they weren't around the first two times.

2001-12-28 9:28:58 AM  
Marilyn Manson should get ball-and-cock torture as punishment.

Wait a minute, he'd probably like that . . .
2001-12-28 9:32:06 AM  
I hope the Michigan judge doesn't do like most judges do, and doesn't give him the "celebrity sentence" of community service. Two years in prison would be a wonderful experience for "it".
2001-12-28 9:37:14 AM  
M.M. has genitals? don't say. All thought he had was a no-talent rip-off ass that was already past his flash in the pan status.
2001-12-28 9:42:12 AM  
He'll get off rockstars don't go to jail only rap stars
2001-12-28 9:43:27 AM  
I am sitting here smiling, just imaging the wonderful things his fellow prisoners would do to him. They'd pass him around like an old joint.
2001-12-28 9:44:19 AM  
If an "Everyday Joe" did that he'd get his butt beat for assult. But because it's MM he'll get off. Again.
2001-12-28 9:47:33 AM  
But because it's MM he'll get off. Again.

Tinabombs: There's probably more truth to that than any of us want to know about.
2001-12-28 9:48:31 AM  
Bigpeeler- I think that's what MM is hoping for.
2001-12-28 9:54:31 AM  
2001-12-28 9:56:43 AM  
So which part is obvious? The fact that he rubbed his genitals on a security guard's head? Or the fact that he's appearing in court for it?
2001-12-28 9:58:43 AM  
Oh, and don't forget your...[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 10:00:38 AM  
"Manson allegedly spit on Keasler's head, then wrapped his legs around Keasler and rubbed his genital area on Keasler's head and neck."

How did he get my mating ritual? Just another Friday night.
2001-12-28 10:01:08 AM  
If MM gets convicted, I'm sure he'll be getting off in jail, if you understand my train of thought
2001-12-28 10:05:55 AM  
You need to keep your name in the news
at all costs when your celebrity career
is on the decline.
2001-12-28 10:06:02 AM  
Thank Fod for KY Jelly... No need for a prolapsed rectum I always say!
2001-12-28 10:10:20 AM  
I hope this sick fark is Clem's prom date in the gray bar no-tell hotel
2001-12-28 10:15:37 AM  
My friend's band opened for them in a small Providence club (Babyhead) in '94. No wild antics, scat tossing, genital play, etc. MM is a third-rate Lux Interior/Iggy Pop/Alice Cooper wannabe.
2001-12-28 10:16:06 AM  
Who's weider, Michael Jackson Or Marilyn Manson? At least Manson admits to being weird. They should marry each other and have baby he/she's. The family reunions would be cool.
2001-12-28 10:18:04 AM  
Scarneck, it's be some giant incest-fest. Nobody would know anybody's gender, and they'd all be hitting on whoever walks by.
2001-12-28 10:18:21 AM  
Even if this wasn't old news, I still wouldn't care about some has-been and his seemingly shocking antics in farking Michigan.
2001-12-28 10:43:43 AM  
So I'm wondering how he'll appear in court. Will he be dressed like a goddamn human being, or an angsty gothic high school sophomore who thinks he's shocking people (like usual)?
2001-12-28 10:50:05 AM  
Dumb Farker doesn't even know how to skull-fark someone right..
2001-12-28 11:08:43 AM  
ahhh lock the moron up and throw away the key...he is one sick fark anyways.
2001-12-28 11:11:49 AM  
I don't give a damn how he looks, that isn't the problem at hand. He rubbed his Cock&Balls on some guard and is getting in trouble for it, shows that Celebrities don't Always get away(Michael Jackson, OJ, Robert Downey)
2001-12-28 11:20:20 AM  
Clarkston, MI, isn't THAT close to Detroit, stupid journalist. It's a good 30-40 miles away and closer to Pontiac. I should know, I lived near Clarkston and I lived in Detroit.

And yeah, lock the farker up.
2001-12-28 11:24:02 AM  
Too bad they didn't get him in jail before the big prison Christmas talent show.
You ever been in a mosh pit in prison?
2001-12-28 11:28:21 AM
2001-12-28 11:39:34 AM  
2001-12-28 11:45:36 AM  
What a sad little child.
2001-12-28 11:53:53 AM  
lay off the manson freak. I admit he is a bit off color but I went tot his concert 2 yrs ago and it ws the best concert I have been to. By the way I have been to many concerts including areosmith,guns and roses, etc... MM was by far the best entertainer of them all.
2001-12-28 12:23:10 PM  
If Marilyn Manson can't rub his nads on security guards, the terrorists have already won.
2001-12-28 12:25:08 PM  
Here is the photo
2001-12-28 12:26:29 PM
2001-12-28 12:34:30 PM  
What kind of security guard was that? If some freak tried to pull that crap on me he'd be singing a few octaves higher for the rest of his life!
2001-12-28 12:37:23 PM  
I agree. MM is an incredible front man. The mosh pit at the MM show was as brutal as any I've ever seen.
A cousin of mine has a son who wanted to go see him a couple of years ago. My cousin was being a dick and didn't want to let him go. I stuck up for my cousin's son by reminding him that he and I went to see Alice Cooper with Megadeth opening 15 years earlier and that he was acting like some goddamn Anita Bryant disciple.
He let him go....cousin's kid had a great time
2001-12-28 12:44:38 PM  
I should file suit against Courtney Love. She went a crowd-surfing in DC at a concert I was at ( WHFStival) and I happened to be down in front and got a face-full of her ass. Is there a statute of limitations on this?

I remember seeing that pic a while back of MM and wondering why the guard didn't give him the old English soccer celebration (weener bite).
2001-12-28 12:45:51 PM  
Sorry fellas, but a prerequisite to being a good concert is having decent music. His shows, his popularity, and his wealth, is all because he is a freak that likes to shock people. To bad we've seen it all before. Bye bye MM 'career'. Bye Bye Eminem 'career'. Bye bye Lil Kim 'career'. Bye bye Tom Green 'career'.

2001-12-28 12:54:45 PM  
I think MM is a farking genius. He's a millionaire because parents are too uptight. If no one gave a shiat about him he'd be a poor talentless loser. He knows how to play society.
2001-12-28 1:00:25 PM  
Scarneck: I don't disagree with you. However, they are getting rich and I'm not.
2001-12-28 1:10:33 PM  
scarneck i do disagree... I went to a Jewel concert and she can sing(wife made me go) and it was great music but I was bored to death, saw billy joel again great music..great lyrics but so-so show. The folks who make money entertain the people. Madonna is not a singer by far but she makes money, brtney is going that route .. or may i say already is there.. saw her on dec 16th in Miami. what a hottie. MM music may not be on my list of top 20 favorites but when i go to a concert I want to do more than hold up a lighter and sing along. I can dig great music and great lyrics but if I am blowing $160 bucks a ticket they better wow me with something.
2001-12-28 1:28:40 PM  

Prolapsed rectum?

Damn near killed 'em!!
2001-12-28 2:50:12 PM  
Another rich sick fark. Feh.
2001-12-28 3:20:24 PM  
> for allegedly rubbing genitals on security guard's head and neck

Funny place to have genitals
Doo dah doo dah

2001-12-28 3:44:57 PM  
Keasler described the alleged incident in court Friday, saying that his head and neck were completely engulfed in Warner's groin area.

Completely engulfed? Ick!
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