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(   Ho ho ho, hey, hey, hey, Fat Albert returns to the boob tube Monday night   ( divider line
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3624 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 12:06 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-28 12:07:27 AM  
I thought Fat Albert was going to the Mets
2001-12-28 12:07:46 AM  
Wait, give me a sec. Let me get excited. Nope, still not.
2001-12-28 12:09:15 AM  
one day, we was all hangin out in the junk~yard.
and i just picked up a radiator,
and started squeezin it like an accordion
2001-12-28 12:10:11 AM  
thats the only part i know ;-)
2001-12-28 12:10:13 AM  
that saturday night live behind the music on fat albert was the farkin bomb.
2001-12-28 12:13:03 AM  
Bill Cosby must have lost a bunch in the stock market.

If there's a nostalgia for very dated humor there, then I don't understand it.
2001-12-28 12:17:45 AM  
2001-12-28 12:18:09 AM  
Gee.....and it's on UPN...what a surprise.....
2001-12-28 12:22:28 AM  
MyTwoCents Like all the attention now?
2001-12-28 12:24:36 AM  
Mytwocents: You did not!
Actually, I missed the part where it said it was on UPN, but I WAS reminiscing and thinking about how Fat Albert and the Jeffersons back then were spawning, spawning, spawning.
2001-12-28 12:26:21 AM  
Oh Fat Albert.. you're the fattest!
2001-12-28 12:26:29 AM  
Fat Albert...Foo. 8th Man Yay.
2001-12-28 12:27:35 AM  
This came on on Monday, triwed to watch but I couldn't. Fat Albert is NOT cool.
2001-12-28 12:30:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 12:34:29 AM can that creative cartoon above us be topped? Hah? It can't.

Comedy gold, BP.
2001-12-28 12:40:36 AM  
Hmm, doesn't fat albert look a little like the late notorious big?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 12:44:34 AM  
Saw it,yawned,although I remember seeing Fat Albert back in the day...Transformers ruled,however.
-K2 "Optimus Prime was the best"
2001-12-28 12:44:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 12:45:29 AM  
Yes...I do like the attention all my internet dealings I never get to be popular....finally, I find my true calling...

And I left a post for you all over in the "Dog" link post thing...........
2001-12-28 12:54:40 AM  
I miss watching Fat Albert. I used to watch it all the time along with Picture Pages. Spider-Man rocked on The Electric Company.

Hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Albert...
2001-12-28 12:57:03 AM  
"Fat Albert, the movie"....A live action Fat Albert for the hip-hop generation. It's such a natural it's gotta happen. Imagine, Chris Rock as Russell, Jamie Foxx as Rudy, and Old Dirty Bastard as Mushmouth...How would Hollywood ruin this movie? Simple, They'll cast Will Smith as Bill and for Fat Albert, they'll put Martin Lawerence in a fat suit like he wears in every other damn movie he's in.
2001-12-28 12:58:13 AM  
now school house rocks
that was the sheit ;-)

oh, what about the "brown hornet"
on fat albert...
i cant belive no one has mentioned that-LOL
2001-12-28 1:11:22 AM  
Hey, hey, hey!
2001-12-28 1:43:38 AM  
First this, then disco.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 2:35:58 AM  
... Cosby : "... Yo maaann , why you wanna hit me upside the hade with a SlushBall for maaann !

yea, it's all coming back to me now
2001-12-28 3:01:42 AM  
i think that this was this LAST monday, seeing as its a christmas special. bad timing.
2001-12-28 6:39:47 AM  
yawn yawn yawn, another show I will never watch!
2001-12-28 7:42:41 AM  
Whyba the Farkba thisba isba interestingba nowba? Didba thisba showba last weekba? WTF'ba?
2001-12-28 7:53:28 AM  
This is cool?

The REAL Fat Al(bert):

[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-28 8:20:44 AM  
Or maybe he's just a fathead.
2001-12-28 8:21:17 AM  
It was on LAST Monday. Just a wee bit late with this post.
2001-12-28 8:32:22 AM  
I don't remember a character named Marshall. Was that Russell's pet duck?
2001-12-28 8:55:25 AM  
You guys are like a theoretically sound Communist society...NO CLASS!!!
2001-12-28 9:04:24 AM  
Hey Hey news
Did anyone hear about the plane that took off by it self?
2001-12-28 9:42:30 AM  
Na, na, na, gonna have a goood tiiiime!
Na, na, na, gonna have a goood tiiiime!
2001-12-28 9:56:38 AM  
Marshall. The deus ex machina of the Christmas Special. A one shot character. Basically, a family of three (mom, dad, little kid named Marshall) seek shelter in the junkyard shed used by the Fat Albert Kids as a clubhouse. The mom is very pregnant. Marshall overhears Mom & Dad talking about not being able to afford another mouth to feed, and so he does the typical Christmas Special act of running away from home... or from shed, as it were. Fat Albert Kids pursue, drama ensues.
2001-12-28 10:11:39 AM  
I'd like to see the junkyard torn down to make room for townhouses.

Hey , hey, hey, it's the Fat Albert Gentrification Special!
2001-12-28 5:19:44 PM  
Yeah-bu! I-bu saw-bu it-bu last-bu Monday-bu night-bu and-bu it-bu rocked-bu! I-bu miss-bu Fat-bu Albert-bu! :-(-bu
2001-12-28 6:59:07 PM  
The Brown Hornet was the sh!t!
2001-12-28 7:23:50 PM  
Undertoad: LMAO! Oh that brings back memories! Hey, WTF was that Donald dude always wearing on his head anyways? Never could figure that out!

Fat Albert is cool!
2001-12-28 9:16:08 PM  
It was already on on Christmas eve.
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