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3084 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2001 at 8:32 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-27 8:38:07 PM  
exploding shoes. what's enxt, hijacking commercial flights and crashing them into skyscrapers! oh, brother!
2001-12-27 8:41:51 PM  
I say we put that bastard in a pair of cement shoes!
2001-12-27 8:42:42 PM  
Who is going to post a picture of Maxwell Smart talking on his shoe phone?
2001-12-27 9:01:58 PM  
let's not forget the nitroglycerine soaked shoes in vertical limit
2001-12-27 9:09:53 PM  
"No, really!, there Dr. Scholl's Odor Eaters."
"You gotta believe me, Semtex and toe jam are two different things!."
2001-12-27 9:09:59 PM  
i wear shoes that are bombshelteresque anyway, i fear nothing
2001-12-27 9:43:15 PM  
If I remember correctly there was a story that the FBI said that the guy did not have enough of the explosive to cause the plane to go down... only enough to blow his feet off. I wonder why they don't report just how inept this guy was for a terrorist.
2001-12-27 9:46:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-27 10:07:15 PM  
seems high platform shoes affect the ability to steer also, see the last paragragh.
2001-12-27 10:14:37 PM  
Code_Archeologist: The story I heard said that there wasn't enough to blow the plane apart, but it would make a big hole and the wind would do the rest. I guess it depends on which "expert" you listen to. There seems to be an amazing number of terrorist experts these days.
2001-12-27 10:21:02 PM  
I have heard both stories, that it wasn't enough to do damage, that it would have blown the plane up. I guess it depends on how much, and where he was seated.

Anyway I don't know if it was mentioned before but could that other plane that blew-up for no reason several years ago, could that have been done by a shoe-bomb? I think they said it was a faulty sensor in the fuel tank, but could it have been a person with a shoe bomb?

(I am sorry if that was mentioned before but I have not had a chance to read through the archives)
2001-12-27 10:38:33 PM  
information overload, brain exploding
2001-12-27 10:48:46 PM  
I say we give this bastard a military trial and execute him
2001-12-27 10:51:52 PM  
The only thing this dumbass would have accomplished would have been to blow his own damn feet off......idiot!
2001-12-27 11:11:32 PM  
He had enough to pop a hole in the side of the plane. All the people rushing to bust up his face interrupted him just in time.
2001-12-28 10:28:26 AM  
I was waiting for one of the people interviewed from the flight to describe the scene and then say they all took turns Rouchambeau'ing his ass till he coughed up blood and passed out.
2001-12-28 11:07:42 AM  
Gullibles travels. This link explains it:
2001-12-28 2:13:53 PM  
Women and their stupid shoes.
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