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(CNN)   Was star of Bethlehem a double eclipse of Jupiter?   ( divider line
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3130 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2001 at 3:07 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-27 3:13:47 PM  
My dad said this ten years ago.
2001-12-27 3:18:12 PM  
2001-12-27 3:27:13 PM  
The Discovery Channel had a story on this about five years ago. Some astronomer took the orbits of the planets, put them into a computer, and "ran the solar system back 2000 years." He did find that it could have been a large eclipse of Jupiter. He also said that the eclipse would have occurred in what is now the month of April, which seems to match up with the findings of other scholars and astronomers.
2001-12-27 3:27:23 PM  
what the hell would a double eclipse of Jupiter be?

Isn't Jupiter a vaguely starlike looking object in the night sky when it can be seen?

This just doesn't seem to make any sense...
2001-12-27 3:29:37 PM  
I am with you NaTaX.

Double eclipse?!?!

Sounds like a virgin birth to me.
2001-12-27 3:37:23 PM  
I kinda think that "double eclipse" sounds like a mixed drink.
2001-12-27 3:51:07 PM  
Perhaps the article is dumbed down by CNN editors on purpose because they think their readership is stupid. When two or more stars of planets meet in the same degree, it's called a conjunction. It's not necessarily an eclipse or occultation.

This amazing new theory is at least 100 years old. There was no convenient supernova to blame, so the "star" could have been any of several unlikely astrological or astronomical events. Needs sappy tag, because they dust this story off every year along with radar sightings of Santa Claus.
2001-12-27 4:08:02 PM  
Does this account for the myth which the Star of Bethlehem myth was stolen from? (Specifically that Mithra was supposed to have been born under similar circumstances.)
2001-12-27 4:11:28 PM  
Silly "scientific" speculation ... the "Star of Bethlehem" was the name of the Inn that turned away Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve. Supposedly, this Inn around Christmas time (which was then a Roman/pagan holiday) attracted customers by highly decorating their establishment. One decoration being a huge flaming torch directly high above the apex of their Inn. Mystery solved.
2001-12-27 4:20:36 PM  
1) not a double eclipse, only single
2) that would be cool if the magi had actually visited "baby" jesus (see snopes article yesterday)
2001-12-27 4:38:18 PM  
But the Baby Jebus wasn't born on dec 25th.
2001-12-27 4:41:43 PM  
It was Santa lighting Rudolph's gas
2001-12-27 4:51:46 PM  
Old theory.
2001-12-27 5:00:17 PM  
OK, this is what the scientific community has put on the table, thus far:

1. Eclipse of Jupiter
2. Halley's Comet
3. Super Nova
4. Our Alien Overlord Creators' Space Ship

Of course, the real answer is "there was no 'star of Bethlaham'"
2001-12-27 5:25:47 PM  
It may've been a Total Eclipse of the Heart paired with the P-Funk Mothership Connection.
2001-12-27 7:21:20 PM  
Was star of Bethlehem really Vader's Death Star?
2001-12-27 7:25:32 PM  
a double eclipse is when 2 different astronomical bodies are perfectly lined up in front of jupiter.. that kind of thing happens like once every few thousand years (side note.. next one i believe is actually happening around 2006)but i think it may be more then 2 this time around
2001-12-27 7:30:27 PM  
2001-12-27 7:31:56 PM  

corrected link
2001-12-27 7:57:48 PM  
what a waste of a scientist
2001-12-27 8:03:15 PM  
hey, korzeniowski, who cares? jesus, if he even existed, is nothing more that david coresh without media.
2001-12-27 8:25:45 PM  
Who cares? Well, there certainly seem to be a great number of deluded people out there who actually believe this mythology as historical fact, and make important decisions based on this, and these decisions affect the rest of us. One of these people is the President of the US, and frankly that bothers me quite a lot.

As to the nature of jesus, if he existed, I think you're likely correct. And very constipated, too, because if the bible is to be taken literally, he never had a crap.
2001-12-27 10:53:08 PM  
And this is supposed to 'prove' something?
2001-12-27 11:09:31 PM  
It was Jesus' extraterrestrial "father", hovering above in his flying saucer, watching over the recently-released abductee Mary and her alien-hybrid child. They've got their theories, I've got mine. I like mine better.
2001-12-28 8:23:13 PM  
God is my favorite fictional character.
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