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(USA Today)   Navy sonar causes whales to beach, Oprah and Rosie reported safe   ( divider line
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2051 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2001 at 3:07 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-27 3:09:17 PM  
Thar she blows.........
2001-12-27 3:10:18 PM  
Yes, it is sad.
Beached whales make Plastic Baby Jeebus sad.
2001-12-27 3:12:50 PM  
No word was mentioned about Babs Streisand's nose.
2001-12-27 3:17:15 PM  
Beached whales are so Twentieth Century.
2001-12-27 3:19:54 PM  
I like dolphin meat in my tuna.
2001-12-27 3:20:20 PM  
When Rosie and Oprah survive a beaching it can only mean that the terrorists have won
2001-12-27 3:22:38 PM  
"Each of the whales had hemorrhaged near its ears, said the 66-page report. It said the wounds would not be fatal but could have led the animals to become disoriented and swim on shore."

So this thing blasts eardrums? While that's a bad thing for the whales, can we use it to blast the eardrums of opposing forces in subs?

"In the Bahamas, many of the whales were beached in front of the Abaco Island home of Ken Balcomb, research director of the Washington-based Center for Whale Research.

He made sure the corpses were well preserved for study."

That must be some jar of formaldehyde!
2001-12-27 3:23:05 PM  
Tuna is brain food because there's so much dolphin in it...
2001-12-27 3:41:37 PM  
Is this sad because whales are beaching, or because oprah and rosie are reported safe. I choose the latter.
2001-12-27 3:50:20 PM  
Oh boy! Maybe they will blow up another whale! SWEEEET! I will not rest until I see houses coated in whale goo!
2001-12-27 4:04:49 PM  
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dis is so sad. I'm cwying uncontwollably! mean bad navy guys! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!
2001-12-27 4:41:04 PM  
March 15 - 16, hmmm.... when was Mariah's last album released?
2001-12-27 5:16:54 PM  
Your jokes are funny, but the whales are sad.
2001-12-27 5:19:46 PM  
"Navy sonar causes whales to beach, Oprah and Rosie reported safe"

Wow.. someone definitely took a page from the 'Jay Leno's Craptacular Monologue How-To Guide'
2001-12-27 6:09:22 PM  
I've always wondered exactly what environmentalists want to do to solve this problem. For the last 7-8 years this has been a regular issue, and the Navy has never denied it. How else are they supposed to find shiznit to blow up? Besides, I can't think of a better way to kill ex-military assasin dolphins!
2001-12-28 9:57:23 AM  
what were the killer dolphins supposed to do? help the autistic children out of their misery?
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