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3359 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 1:02 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-28 1:02:53 AM  
2001-12-28 1:03:24 AM  
mmm, leafy...
2001-12-28 1:05:19 AM  
Oh yes. God in his infinite wisdom just couldn't have created that. Nope. It obviously came about from an accidental amalgam of cells. An idiot could see that!! Shaaaww.
2001-12-28 1:06:58 AM  
Next on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom...
2001-12-28 1:08:42 AM  
Oh good, we've started the creationism vs. evolutionism debate already.

Hypothetically of course, if it's so impossible to believe that a bunch of cells decided to become life, why is it so much easier to simply accept that a God decided to make life?
2001-12-28 1:12:41 AM  
And god created......
[image from too old to be available]
moss man!
2001-12-28 1:13:54 AM  
Anyone remember "Sigmund and The Sea Monsters" by Sid and Marty Croft?
2001-12-28 1:14:49 AM  
The Seattle Aquarium has one of these in its own big fancy special display area. Worth seeing, especially if you bring along the ankle biting farkers.
2001-12-28 1:15:39 AM  
They also beat leafy dragons regularly in Scooby-Doo lookalike contests.

First the Mango/Fleetwood Mac fan-fic, now this. At least this guy could get a job writing for SPIN magazine. The editors there love this type of misdirected swill.
2001-12-28 1:20:54 AM  
Looks to be a long nite.
2001-12-28 1:24:48 AM  
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.
Jesus Christ.
Wasn't Jody in that?
Buffy's brother?
2001-12-28 2:00:10 AM  
Hytes Xian,
Correct, Johnny Whittaker was in that show.
I guess he is a child star manager now.
2001-12-28 2:07:10 AM  
I've got the tune to Family Affair in my head.
Why did Buffy have to die?
Where is Uncle Bill?
Where have all the children gone?
2001-12-28 2:28:31 AM  
damn x-e is unfunny now.
2001-12-28 3:14:02 AM  
whelmed said what I was gonna say- I saw one at the Seattle Aquarium. yeah. It looks just like the picture, only it moves. wow. glad I got that out.
2001-12-28 4:15:45 AM  
That was amusing to me, but then I like critters. I guess if you don't like something instead of passing it by its required that you come and whine to everyone here about how much it sucks, the site sucks, god sucks, people who don't believe in god suck. Lots of sucking going on. You'd think guys wouldnt pay for blow jobs with all the suckage going on here. *shrug*
2001-12-28 5:33:33 AM  
I don't pay for BJ's, Tori....I get paid for them. See? Big diff.
2001-12-28 5:34:02 AM  
"Hey, I ain't no faggot....he was the one doing the sucking!"

2001-12-28 5:35:06 AM  
Oh, creationists are fakring hill-ari-us! Yeah, right...."God created man!" hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha



2001-12-28 6:15:27 AM  
And the article's pretty funny, too. heeeeeeeee-heeeeee!
2001-12-28 8:00:38 AM  
Looks like a floating spinnach salad.
2001-12-28 9:39:48 AM  
They are pretty tasty in a Seaweed wrap. All you can eat California Roll.
2001-12-28 10:25:26 AM  
wots a california roll?
2001-12-28 1:46:35 PM  
XE please stick to bashing chick and finding rare pokemon dolls.
2001-12-28 2:00:18 PM  
These things are especially cool dried out and on my keychain.
2001-12-28 5:26:20 PM  
X-E always mined a really small territory for comedy. It's nice to see Matt writing about his other interests.. don't listen to the hatahs..
2001-12-28 5:39:25 PM  
I *love* the leafy sea dragon. I saw one of them in San Francisco several years ago...I want to be reincarnated as a Leafy Sea Dragon!
2001-12-28 8:19:03 PM  
Theres nothing I love more than strange creatures (in both fiction AND real life) and am basically into biology first,everything else consider this the coolest addition to X-E in a while.
2001-12-28 8:30:25 PM  
They're farking cool, all right. The Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific (right across the street from where I work) not only has a display of them, but has the distinction of being the only aquarium where a male leafy sea dragon in captivity has successfully hatched a brood of babies (earlier this year).

They had another pregnant one last year but he croaked before the kids could be born. I think he died of embarrassment because the other guy sea dragons laughed at him so much.
2001-12-28 10:12:52 PM  
Thanx Gumbo - that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I've been doing X-E for two years, I think I've pretty much used up all the 'must-do' topics for what the site was intended for. Doing things like Animalia helps keep it fun for me, and hopefully, lets the site provide something extra aside from the usual toons and toys. I'm not sure that I'd say they're deserving of a Fark link, but since they're stuck in the upper right corner of X-E away from everything else, I don't see the harm. :)
2001-12-29 2:30:40 PM  
2001-12-29 8:29:56 PM  
2001-12-29 8:30:32 PM  
Hep Me!!
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