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(Boston Globe)   Days Inn hotel fined for overcharging stranded travelers on Sept. 11   ( divider line
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2001-12-27 9:39:31 AM  
And this is Asinine why?
2001-12-27 9:41:24 AM  
All hotels raise their rates during "peak" times. It's the law of supply and demand.
2001-12-27 9:44:21 AM  
Well, I guess they needed someplace to crash.
2001-12-27 9:50:16 AM  
Tom Foolery: Crash?! BOO-HISS!!

I know people who couldn't sell their firstborn to get a rental car, train ticket, or other means of transportation that day. Supply-and-demand is cool, but what Days Inn did was a little ridiculous.
2001-12-27 9:52:29 AM  
Thenk yew!

I agree. Anyone who tries to make personal gain out the tragedy, be it for money, or humor or...wait... uhm...

I'll pass.
2001-12-27 9:53:02 AM  
Grrrrrr.. unity and mercy means only so much to hearts of greed.

Oops.. got carried away sorry.
2001-12-27 9:53:34 AM  
Apex : I'm guessing it's asinine because they did it to the stranded passengers.

Jeff : Middle of September is a peak time?
2001-12-27 9:54:06 AM  
They shant be receiving my business for exactly one year
staaartiiing NOW!
2001-12-27 9:54:17 AM  
''As soon as we understood the magnitude of the situation, our prices were lowered.''

should read:

"As soon as we realized we were snagged, we took the excess profits and bought some beer and enlisted the services of a few working gals."
2001-12-27 9:56:52 AM  
If they filled every room, then they weren't charging too much. And why should no one benefit from tragedy? So if I get offered a sweet job at some Twin Towers brokerage firm, I should say "hell no" because somebody died? Don't think so.
2001-12-27 9:58:30 AM  
i don't understand hotel is in business to make money, right?

well, if people need a place to stay, they will pay the price or find somewhere else to stay.

don't get me wrong, i would be pissed too...but if there are a ton of people trying to get into a limited number of rooms than the price goes up...and that is what we call "supply and demand" Sethor A peak is ANYTIME there is allot of business, that's may be cause by one thing or another, but it's still a peak time which calls for peak prices.
2001-12-27 9:59:40 AM  
Shrug.. It isn't Days Inn's fault, it was the management of that particular hotel that was in error... If they refunded the money the same day, once they "realised the severity", I accept that and forgive them, otherwise, they were being unlawfully opportunistic (as per state of emergency laws), and regardless of one's feelings of free market and supply and demand, the law was still broken.
2001-12-27 9:59:49 AM  
I read it as "Asinine" in that whoever submitted it felt it was asinine for Days Inn to be fined.
2001-12-27 10:00:17 AM  
oh and Fark Admins is this all the freaking news think we could get this ball rolling or what?! I'm sitting at work, bored as me out!!!
2001-12-27 10:01:18 AM  
Dali Lama, it's also called "price gouging" and it's illegal.
2001-12-27 10:03:23 AM  
Dalai Lama Amen! I got nuthin to do and all do to fark around. Help me out here! They took off the good articles and left the crappy ones
2001-12-27 10:09:00 AM  
For $399.00 a night the room had best come with a complementery hooker.
2001-12-27 10:10:17 AM  
The general manager of this hotel has a brother that is the manager of a Starbucks coffee shop a short distance from the world trade center.....
2001-12-27 10:10:58 AM  
Lets burn down all their property.
2001-12-27 10:11:38 AM  
What do you expect from "Hicksville, NY?" LOL
2001-12-27 10:13:36 AM  
Days Inn - bleccch
last time I stayed in one the TV didn't work - how was I supposed to watch porn?
2001-12-27 10:14:55 AM  
Remember on 9/11 when gas stations were price gouging?
Plenty of people were screaming over that.
Why would this be any different?
2001-12-27 10:18:43 AM's against the law...great reasoning.

fark the law, how about we debate the reasoning behind the law?

simply put, i believe since the value of the room has increased, the owner of that room should be compensated properly.
2001-12-27 10:19:59 AM  
12-27-01 10:11:38 AM Tinabombs
What do you expect from "Hicksville, NY?" LOL

Actually, Hicksville is a rather large town in Nassau County on Long Island. Hardly the sticks.

For a more indepth article, goto and read it there. I don't know how to post a link here.
2001-12-27 10:24:52 AM  
How else can they pay Martin Mulls million dollar ransom like salary demands?
We are talking "Fernwood Tonight" alumni here people !
2001-12-27 10:26:37 AM  
it's different Squinth because there weren't people lining up to get gas after the attack. no one said, "shiat, planes hit a building in New York...I better go get some gas." The gas people were taking advantage of the attack. BUT, in the airports DID shut down and there were allot of people lining up for rooms. The hotel managers were reacting to people lining up at their doors, they were not reacting to the attack.

High demand + Low supply = HIGH PRICES
2001-12-27 10:32:37 AM  
I submitted a better article from the boston globe. "Bozo goes bonkers when pigs try to snatch his porkers."
2001-12-27 10:37:19 AM  
C'mon people, we're all grown ups here, well, most of us are anyway. It's always about the money. Days Inn were being greedy farks and cashing in on an opportunity to make some bucks. I think the fine was a mere slap on the wrist and they should be penalized monetarily at a far higher cost.
2001-12-27 10:40:50 AM  
Those laws are put in place to keep us from slipping into Third World looter/inflation status the minute of some national 9/11. Anyone who was thinking of making money on September 11 is just one cold, greedy bastard. Especially because Hicksville isn't that far from NYC. I stayed there a couple of months ago (not in the Days Inn). There were still cars left sitting at the parking garage at the train station from the morning commute into NY on 9/11...those people in Hicksville never made it back home to claim them.
2001-12-27 10:41:13 AM  
Discriminating against Fb- and his "Bozo goes bonkers when pigs try to snatch his porkers" news flash makes Plastic Baby Jeebus cry !
2001-12-27 10:44:15 AM  

It was a good article. Some mentally handicapped guy that lives out in the boonies went apeshiat on two police officers when they tried to come and take his pigs away.
2001-12-27 10:45:10 AM  
hey wanna live in a capatalistic society, youve gots to pay up!
2001-12-27 10:47:40 AM  
Dalai Lama that's a fair enough assessment.

My daughter was stranded in Florida due to the attacks, and the car rental companies were definitely price gouging down there. It was disgusting. There was plenty of price gouging in several sectors, after 9/11.
2001-12-27 10:47:50 AM  
So maybe they should have given the rooms to the people with the biggest sob stories?

Get a business dictionary, it's not price gouging.
2001-12-27 10:49:17 AM  
Link Farked
2001-12-27 10:49:52 AM  
The real hero's are the starbucks managers that refused to give water to the firefighters, police and rescue workers. They offered to sell it though.
2001-12-27 10:50:29 AM  
simply put, i believe since the value of the room has increased, the owner of that room should be compensated properly

I'll give you a reason why price gouging is wrong. I live in the south, and here we have hurricanes. Everytime there is a hurricane everyone buys lots of water and canned goods. The stores that sell these goods could easily sell a bottles of water for $20. But we have a lot of poor people here in N.O. that would not be able to afford these prices. Do you see where I am going with this. It is just to make it more difficult for people to take advantage of a bad situation.
2001-12-27 10:51:56 AM  
Once they realized the magnitude? Haha. I live in Ohio for crying out loud and I knew just how serious things were in NYC before noon that day!

If I ever pay $400 for a hotel room, the terrorists have won.
2001-12-27 10:52:20 AM  

I get it. I think what you are trying to say is..

<Helen Lovejoy>

Won't somebody pleeeaasssee think of the poor people.

</Helen Lovejoy>
2001-12-27 10:54:42 AM  
Man, most of you guys don't know the meaning of greed.
Every price has its purpose. In this instance, higher prices force people to make due with a relatively short supply of rooms, thus creating enough space for everyone. A family that may have bought one room for the adults and one for the kids under the normal prices will instead buy one room for everyone under the higher ones. Ta-da! More efficient use of a limited resource!
Hooray for capitalism!
2001-12-27 10:55:59 AM  
I see Fb remembered to take his farking asshole pills this morning
2001-12-27 10:58:15 AM  
*cleans coffee off her monitor*
2001-12-27 11:04:03 AM  
"A Days Inn hotel that overcharged stranded travelers for rooms after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks..."
Attacks? What attacks? Is it just me or is this some lousy reporting here? Facts, man, gimme the facts..
2001-12-27 11:04:10 AM  
The Simpsons > *
2001-12-27 11:06:41 AM  
I see what you're saying Walt_liqour.

You're saying there isnt as much demand for water as there is for booze in N.O.

Hurricanes are bad. Move.
2001-12-27 11:13:35 AM  

Find Fb-'s name listed here in the registry of past members of the ...
Fifth Mountain Division
2001-12-27 11:14:15 AM  
Yes LadyAlexa, the magnitude was known about 3 SECONDS after the first building went down. That line from them is total crap.
2001-12-27 11:17:01 AM  
DrDave:Those aren't pills. It's intravenous.
2001-12-27 11:25:14 AM  
That is rich Warren Pease!
2001-12-27 11:26:48 AM  
Warren Peese LMAO
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