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(Washington Post)   Plane takes off without a pilot.   ( divider line
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2001-12-27 1:34:28 AM  
"Police suspect the plane has crashed, but hadn't found any evidence of it by Wednesday night."

I hope they started at the end of the runway and went from there...
2001-12-27 1:34:48 AM  
Fimunuh Pumnish.
2001-12-27 1:38:17 AM  
now I don't feel so bad for dropping my motorcycle while putting air in the tires!
2001-12-27 1:45:31 AM  
Damn gremlins
2001-12-27 1:51:09 AM  
the propeller's on, bu tno one's piloting
2001-12-27 1:52:12 AM  
that is "but no one's" hehe, damn beer
2001-12-27 1:54:54 AM  
"The plane had less than 15 gallons of fuel, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and would not likely have been able to stay in the air for long. "

how did the FAA know how much fuel it had in it?
2001-12-27 2:00:33 AM  
The owner probably told them.
2001-12-27 2:00:43 AM  
im suprised that thing didn't have F-14's all over it within a matter of minutes...
2001-12-27 2:02:15 AM  
Holy crap you guys, do you know how much those planes cost?
Lotsa lotsa lotsa cash. One of my friends is looking into an upgrade on his plane, and we are talking 6 figures.
I bet that guy feels like 'dumbass of the year'. Hope he had insurance.
Heh heh, but what pilot thinks to take out 'if the plane crashes' insurance?
2001-12-27 2:03:41 AM  
The FAA knows everything.

Even how much fuel is in your car.
2001-12-27 2:06:57 AM  
Do they know how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
2001-12-27 2:08:11 AM  
15 gals of fuel in a single engine plane should last about 150 miles.

That is farking hilarious!
2001-12-27 2:08:15 AM  
I just wanna know how angels dance. It's probably really freaky.
2001-12-27 2:08:48 AM  
The FAA knows everything.

except how to run airports, security measures, comsumer complaints, delays, etc. There the airline's representative in the Congress and you as the consumer come in dead last.
2001-12-27 2:16:54 AM  
Roffle. I saw this on the news and had a feeling it would end up on Fark.

"Um... We have breaking news of... an unmanned plane flying somewhere over Petaluma. The FAA is investigating whether the plane has ties to the Al Quaeda terrorist network, although no evidence has surfaced."
2001-12-27 2:21:34 AM  
Sweater Girl: Hope he had insurance.

Why else would you let the farking thing take off without a pilot...
2001-12-27 2:22:20 AM  
"... Authorities weren't sure where the Aeronaca Champion, a two-seat plane from the 1950s, was headed, or how it took off without a pilot. ..."

C H R I S T I N E !
2001-12-27 2:25:27 AM  
Some smart ass will surely post a picture of Herve Villechaize in his Fantasy Island suit pointing to the sky exclaiming "De Plane !"
Don't expect me to do it, when it comes to posting pictures on FARK I have the I.Q. of Mariah Carey's silicone boobies.
2001-12-27 2:32:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-27 2:34:00 AM  
Yeah, I work on all my planes while they're running. loser.
2001-12-27 2:36:15 AM  
In a related story, Amtrak officials announced today that an unmanned train got away from maintenance personnel late Wednesday evening, and so far, no sign of the missing train has been located.

"We were just refilling the cafeteria car with apple juice and chex mix, when - whoosh! - she took off!", said Otis Futbucker, chief of trackside operations at the Denver terminal.

Crews immediately began searching for the errant train, but could not locate it. State police Sargeant Joe Barfgill said an extensive search was launced to no avail: "We looked in the vincinity of the gift shop, ticket counter, and parking lot booth, but no dice - that train is just plain gone." The search was called off when it unexpectedly became dark at the onset of night.

Members of several Denver civic organizations are upset about the loss, pointing out that the missing train is the Spirit Of Denver. "What if people hear the Spirit of Denver is gone? It could really hurt attendance at this years John Denver Dance Festival", noted Oliver Grass, of the John Denver Interpretive Dance Troupe.

This has been a particularly bad week for Amtrak, as the westbound Sunset Limited was struck by an unknown train. When asked if the two incidents were related, railway officials said, "Hey! You know, they just might..."
2001-12-27 2:38:03 AM  
Sweater Girl: Hope he had insurance.

Why else would you let the farking thing take off without a pilot...

Well, I suppose you didn't read the article.
He didn't let it take off.
2001-12-27 2:49:27 AM  
Damn, I can't find any pictures of Otto the inflatable autopilot from Airplane.
2001-12-27 2:49:48 AM  
I stand corrected...

(the)"unmanned aircraft somehow broke from its moorings as its owner worked on it"

I assume that 'it' was the 6 figure insurance payout or a way to chopshop it and move the parts on the black market.
2001-12-27 3:01:32 AM  
Ode and a Prayer for the New Fark Thread

There once was a plane from Petaluma
In the sky where there's whole lots of rooma
It flew on its own in a bit of a flash
While everyone wonders on where it will crash

The pilot wonders the fate of the plane
which flew off on a wee tank of gas
The FAA will be searching all over in vain
and insurance pays out the hard cash.

Working late in the nite like a dutiful sop
No boobies just weeners are up at the top
Just one old discussion, the mods are not rushin
and two lonely and lame Photshops

2:00 AM
2001-12-27 3:12:41 AM  
obviously this is a conspiracy, The tip of The Iceberg!
2001-12-27 3:14:37 AM  
Closest I could come, Trapezoid.
[image from too old to be available]
I don't know what the hell the Ketchup in this gif is all about...
2001-12-27 3:18:23 AM  
This day in history.....

"Herbie the love bug died a tragic death in an automobile accident at the age of 57 three years ago today. That lovable volkswagon Herbie is missed by loved ones and fans of his hit movies "Herbie the Love Bug" and merchandise. It's a little known fact that Herbie was a devout Hindu and believed in re-incarnation. It is said that as he was dying he vowed to return in another form in exactly 3 years....."
2001-12-27 3:22:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
The wind took it up into the air...
Yeah, that's the ticket...
2001-12-27 3:27:04 AM  
Thanks buddy !
2001-12-27 3:29:11 AM  
Generally when planes aren't ready for takeoff, they are tethered to the tiedowns on the ground and those tire block things keep the wheels from rotating. This guy must feel like a complete dumbshiat.

-he who stacks pork
2001-12-27 3:32:13 AM  
Jefferson Davis:
Your poetry, so beautiful, almost melts my cold, hard, heart.
Your poetry, so beautiful, almost brings tears to my dry, bloodshot eyes.
2001-12-27 3:37:42 AM  
with my luck the friggin' thing will crash right into my house.
2001-12-27 3:41:29 AM  
Maybe we could lasso it.
2001-12-27 3:55:46 AM  
The funny thing is, this happens every now and then. Usually the plane doesn't make it off the ground though. The ironic (or Aeronic) thing is that a few of these were also Aeronicas.

The NTSB database has some pretty weird ones in there too:
2001-12-27 4:01:42 AM  
Fellow Farkers! This story is SPECIAL to me as I lived in Petaluma and now live sligtly (about 4 miles) North of it in Santa Rosa, and heard this on the radio as I was driving about town. Apperently they last saw the sucker heading towrds the Sonoma mountans, funny shiat for all!
2001-12-27 4:23:51 AM  
Here's the problem...

[image from too old to be available]

He had it set to autopilot... dumbass!
2001-12-27 4:48:33 AM  
I dont see how he could have the throttle high enough for it to fly, yet low enough for it to be comfortably worked upon.
2001-12-27 5:16:32 AM  
Aeronca Champion
[image from too old to be available]

I heard a story like this once before. A guy was prop starting his plane and it got away from him and took off. Landed in another state after it ran out of fuel.
2001-12-27 5:24:22 AM  
good thing it didnt crash into a buiulding or anything.
2001-12-27 6:48:02 AM  
I suppose this is why they always used to use "chocks" under the wheels of older planes. Seems like its something that used to happen a fair bit in the old days? I think I read something somewhere about that.
2001-12-27 6:55:06 AM  
2 photoshops, 1 weeners, and one article I have no interest in.

2001-12-27 7:28:12 AM  
Any pilots out there? How feasible is this?
2001-12-27 7:31:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-27 8:10:32 AM  

Look at those URLs I posted a few comments back.

From what I gathered from reading the reports, the Aeronica doesn't have an electric starter, so you have to turn the magnetos on, and then go out and spin the prop yourself. If you're not paying attention and don't have the throttle at idle, it'll fire up and the engine will turn as fast as it can suck fuel, if it's spinning fast enough, the plane will start rolling.

It's the same thing as antique cars that required a crank to start, except you can't put a plane in neutral.
2001-12-27 8:13:51 AM  
I hate when that happens........
And it does say to unplug it before you work on it.
2001-12-27 8:16:24 AM  
Ya gotta watch that breed of plane, they have been known to turn on their owners.
2001-12-27 8:19:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

found this under 'otto+pilot'
2001-12-27 8:30:39 AM  
sounds suspicious, it was prolly stolen, this is what happens when a carjakker grows up, they become planejakkers.
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