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(BBC)   5% of the net, 100 million hosts, is completely unreachable   ( divider line
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4737 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2001 at 10:13 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-27 10:16:38 AM  
Fark is a shining beacon of light in the darkness of lost net adresses.
2001-12-27 10:17:10 AM  
does this explain why i can't find any Chemmie the Racist fan sites?
2001-12-27 10:17:15 AM  
Why do I have the nagging feeling that we're not missing very much?
2001-12-27 10:19:30 AM  
Read this yesterday on /. I thought it couldn't be less interesting. I was wrong.
2001-12-27 10:20:22 AM  
But they're all just hacker routers! Why should we care?
2001-12-27 10:20:52 AM  
I hope they never find my secret base of operations!

Secret Agent Man.
Secret Agent Man.
Takin' away your name
and givin' you a number...

2001-12-27 10:22:01 AM  
Baby Plastic Jeebus is pissed about that I'm sure.
2001-12-27 10:24:14 AM  
SLAYERSWINE: I loved that sketch, with Plastic Baby Jeebus catterwauling for the 12 days of Christmas! I still laugh whenever I think about it!
2001-12-27 10:24:17 AM  
At least I can still get to the last page of the internet.
2001-12-27 10:27:37 AM  
I'm going to ask for a 5% pro-rated rebate from my ISP.
2001-12-27 10:30:49 AM  
This sounds like the plot for Star Trek 5.
2001-12-27 10:32:54 AM  
Now maybe if X10 ads would disappear into the Internet's "black hole" . . .
2001-12-27 10:34:28 AM  
not here
2001-12-27 10:36:18 AM  
5% of the web is unreachable
93% of the web is just plain hideous
2001-12-27 10:36:21 AM  
How is the soda pop business going? lol
That was good.It reminded me of that commercial when the guy's computer told him he has gone thru the whole internet and the guy is visibly shaken.
2001-12-27 10:39:16 AM  
SLAYERSWINE: another cup of coffee and I'll have a 12-pack ready to ship.
2001-12-27 10:39:47 AM  
is that why there are no updates on fark?
2001-12-27 10:40:13 AM  
No wonder '' wasn't getting any hits.
2001-12-27 10:40:25 AM  
... must be where all the good porn is.
2001-12-27 10:40:50 AM  
SLAYERSWINE: That "end of the Internet" commercial is a classic!
2001-12-27 10:47:29 AM  
Funny, geoshiatties accounts for exactly 5% of the internet...
2001-12-27 10:49:11 AM  
The grammar in the title.... woo hooo!!!! That is what attracted me...
2001-12-27 10:52:42 AM  
I'd like to see a stat on how many internet USERS are unreachable.
2001-12-27 10:56:46 AM  
I'm going to buy that Thinkgeek map of the internet thingy
2001-12-27 10:56:46 AM  
I can't believe that this got posted, but Florida's official apology for sucking so much did not. I now am forced to wonder if there is other really good stuff that doesn't show up here. Lame.
2001-12-27 10:56:58 AM  
Article submisser must learn to use the good grammars, just like what i do.
2001-12-27 10:58:06 AM  
should have read...

95% of the articles, 100 million posts, is completely unreadable

2001-12-27 11:01:48 AM  
100 million sites competely unnecessary. Hi Rabbito!
2001-12-27 11:03:49 AM  
100 million users completely unnecessary.
2001-12-27 11:04:03 AM  
Morticia: hello my dear!!!!

2001-12-27 11:04:10 AM  
How is this different than any other day??????
2001-12-27 11:05:16 AM  
And no one better people missed 2 hours of my boobies on my guys suck!
2001-12-27 11:09:50 AM  
For those of you grousing about grammar, please be advised that the grammar in the submitted headline is absolutely correct. When using percent as the subject of a sentence, the verb plurality should agree with the plurality of whatever the "percent" is referring to, in this case, "the net," which is singular. The singular verb is absolutely correct. Please visit

if you would like more information (see item 11)
2001-12-27 11:10:53 AM  
Sorry, here's the link (now with new improved HTML)
2001-12-27 11:10:54 AM  
The Computer Emergency Response Team?!?

I would love to see a yearbook photo of those guys...

I love my appositive phrases!
2001-12-27 11:13:10 AM  
100% of farkers who complain about article submissions are lame.
2001-12-27 11:13:27 AM  
The "100 million hosts" part was in an appositive phrase, which, if I remember correctly, means that it has no bearing on the verb.

So yeah, is == correct
2001-12-27 11:18:23 AM  
i think the links are sucking because drew is trying to make us all pay the $$ for the premium service to see all the links posted...

and morticia fair.. no one told me ur boobies were gonna be shown :-\ i coulda really used the pick me up after breakin me wrist... ne way i can get a private showing :-? :->
2001-12-27 11:21:26 AM  
Kind of fitting I'm getting a website not found message... I guess they're right.
2001-12-27 11:22:11 AM  
if they are unreachable, are they really a part of the internet?
2001-12-27 11:22:25 AM  
Dapharmer: You're not supposed to jerk it THAT hard...
2001-12-27 11:29:24 AM  
c'mon Morticia, you know you want to do it again

2001-12-27 11:31:06 AM  
No way, I have the flu and I am going to bed now. Too bad so sad you missed it. I am disappointed now. I bared my boobies for no one.
2001-12-27 11:33:57 AM  

2001-12-27 11:37:10 AM  
I was on for 2 HOURS. How is that teasing? Sheesh!
2001-12-27 11:38:38 AM  
morticia :-P ..didn't break it that way and that was just harsh... did u at least get some vidcaps u could maybe share ??

pwease :->
2001-12-27 11:41:03 AM  
It's teasing when you only tell us after.
2001-12-27 11:50:42 AM 100% of Morticia's boobies, 2 boobies, is unreachable.
2001-12-27 11:51:52 AM  
I love it. It's like a living creature.
2001-12-27 12:27:05 PM  
Morticia: Scoots is right.

Are we sure that that cam isn't part of the 5%, that would be a crying shame.
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