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(ESPN)   Satan allowed to play in olympic game   ( divider line
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6469 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2001 at 5:15 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-26 5:18:18 PM  
Lemme guess, hurdles, right?
2001-12-26 5:21:07 PM  
No, throwing the javelin.
2001-12-26 5:21:20 PM  
Hail SANTA oops I mean SATAN!
2001-12-26 5:23:08 PM  
I haven't read the article, but I imagine it's about the guy on the Sabres.
Stupid people thinking they're clever.
2001-12-26 5:23:29 PM  
Only the people of Buffalo could dictate what SATAN can or can't do.
2001-12-26 5:23:30 PM  
and they reported that with a straight face
2001-12-26 5:24:56 PM  
I just wish the announcer would say it say-ten instead of suh-tan just once!
2001-12-26 5:28:46 PM  
All hail Satan, especially when he scores a hat trick.
2001-12-26 5:35:44 PM  
I wish Buffalo would trade him to New Jersey already...
2001-12-26 5:43:32 PM  
Jesus saves. Satan gets the rebound and -- SCORES!!!
2001-12-26 5:43:48 PM  
I knew Buffalo was full of Satan worshippers.
2001-12-26 5:49:35 PM  
Big deal. I've never heard of the guy or the team because I have a real life and don't know or want to know zip about any sport, particluarly when they have their own personal fanatics who don't have a real life.
2001-12-26 5:51:27 PM  
Buffalo won't allow Satan to play in Slovakia's other preliminary games
Is Satan just a symbol for Rudolph in this story, or is it the other way around, maybe?
2001-12-26 6:00:48 PM  
I have been waiting for him to get traded to the devils....... I want a jersey!!!
2001-12-26 6:14:16 PM  
"It's a nice Christmas present," - Satan

I love it!
2001-12-26 6:29:23 PM  
Maybe a hip check from Scott Stevens to your pelvic area would show you that hockey is for real.
What if some drunken hockey fan threw you over a balcony, after a bad penalty is called against the home team, so you cracked your head open and your one brain cell escaped? Would that prove to you how real and vital sports is, especially in America ?
And yes I am a sports fan. Diehard Chicago Bears & Blackhawks fan. And some of the things I learned about while watching these athletes thru the years have shown me how hard work, dedication, determination, and other attributes they displayed helped them achieve their dreams, whatever they might of been.
You ever hear of Walter Payton, Lance Armstrong,or Arthur Ashe ? Incredible stories of inspiration, something you sorely lack it seems in your "real life".
But what do I know? I'm just some sport zealot chump, right?
2001-12-26 6:38:28 PM  
careful, he's probably working on blocking your spell. ;)
2001-12-26 6:42:30 PM  
wtf are you talking about walkman? part of having a real life is absorbing the great quantity of things that are happening in real life. and whether or not you choose to participate in every facet of life doesn't make you better than anyone else, but to limit your knowledge and then boast about it is quite assinine. and i'm sure the things you are into (everquest, linux, simpsons, PDA's, etc.) do not also have their own version of fanatics.

2001-12-26 6:44:48 PM  
Funny, look at his stats LINK URL ...
2001-12-26 6:49:42 PM  
i used to hate my last name.. now i don't
2001-12-26 6:53:16 PM  
"It's a nice Christmas present" - Satan
2001-12-26 6:53:46 PM  
Gusfo0: Somebody at ESPN must have a sense of humor. That can't be a coincidence.
2001-12-26 6:54:03 PM  
Never heard of them either. But I do know who Robert Perry was. Do you know who Stapleton was? How about Hugh Glass? John Coulter? Remember Air Florida Flt 90? Hit the 14th Street Bridge when crashing on takeoff on 1/13/1982. Remember the "average" guy who passed off the rescue collar to others before finally slipping under the water to die? I did ocean SAR in the Atlantic while in the Coast Guard and watched rescuers dive into freezing 30' and 40' seas to try and save someone. I even saw a guy try to climb on-board a sinking ship to grab someone too injured to reach a rescue device and watched them both go under and die. THESE are the people I find my inspiration in. The ones who do things in the real world, not in some arena for the amusment of others who have too much time on their hands.
2001-12-26 7:17:32 PM  
So, will his skates melt the ice, or stick to them.
2001-12-26 7:17:51 PM  
As a matter of fact I do !
I watch the Discovery channel, too.

And if I'm not mistaken, Robert Perry is William 'The Fridge' Perry's brother.

Stapleton, we are talking Maureen 'Edith' Stapleton, right ?

Hugh Glass is Philip Glass' cousin, yes?

It must suck to live in a helicopter all your life. Hell, I bet half the people you save in your 'real life' jump out of the helicopter because you scream at them asking "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
Someone needs prozac, A.S.A.P. !
2001-12-26 7:19:34 PM  
Woah, Mitch Buchannan up theres having a bad day...

chill out Walkman its just sport...
at christmas time no less!!!

were it not christmas time id point out the mind bending irony of you taking shots at Sport Fans for having no life... on an Internet News Site Comments Forum... the Pormised Land of the life-less
but it is christmas
so i wont
2001-12-26 7:25:41 PM  
You know this guy might really be the "Satan". Gusfo0 showed some pretty strong evidence. I'm gonna keep an eye on this Satan and quit watching the one that lives down the street.
2001-12-26 7:27:46 PM  

Why my piggy!? I loveded you piggy?

2001-12-26 7:28:53 PM  
2001-12-26 7:30:27 PM  
I wonder how difficult life has been for him with a moniker like that. To be the butt of the same joke...eternally encountering people who chuckle and sneer and don't take you seriously. He must be in hell. Oh, wait...
2001-12-26 7:48:53 PM  

You made me cry. I'm getting a life now because as a sports fan I need one. Thank you for showing me the way rightous one!
2001-12-26 7:56:33 PM  
Kentucky Bob: Care to share about the one down the street?
2001-12-26 7:57:43 PM  
Hockey fans know who Satan is. He's been around the league for about 6 or 7 years now. If I'm not mistaken he started out in Edmonton and then moved to Buffalo after a year or so and has been there ever since. Solid player. Great name.
2001-12-26 8:09:47 PM  
All of the other demons
Used to laugh and call him names
They wouldn't let poor Satan
Join in any Olympic Games.
Then one foggy Xmas eve
Gordie Howe came to say,
"Satan with your puck so bright,
(it was one of those illuminated ones)
Won't you score one for Slovakia tonight?"
Then how the underworld loved him
And they shouted out with glee
Satan the broken-in-several-places nose hockey player
You'll go down on Wayne Gretsky

*runs fast before the rotten tomatoes come flyin'*
2001-12-26 8:28:35 PM  
Jesus Saves...

Satan gets the rebound, he shoots, he scores!
2001-12-26 8:36:09 PM  
Smoke crack and worship The Great Satan!
2001-12-26 8:48:26 PM  
no you guys...
Jesus saves
Gretsky scores!
no hockey fans here i see
2001-12-26 9:32:54 PM  
Jesus saves coupons
2001-12-26 9:35:53 PM  
"Hockey fans know who Satan is"

Dominick Hasek. farking bastard had to go to Detroit...
2001-12-26 9:49:37 PM  
My favorite player?

Well, Nikolai Khabibulin (pronounced Ha-vey-BOOL-in), of course!
2001-12-26 10:04:44 PM  
FYI: His name's pronounced "sha-tan"
2001-12-26 11:33:15 PM  
Guess he has a lot of time on his hands since he sold Evil to Microsoft....
2001-12-26 11:52:03 PM  
insider news: his name is actually pronounced liked you would think (SAY-tin), but having it pronounced like that would probably piss off the same people who are offended by charcoal drawings of bare-breasted women, so they changed the pronounciation to avoid having a protest that would have most likely sent this phenom back to czech-land.

thank you, good day.
2001-12-27 12:08:40 AM  
the Red Wings, Detroits only saving grace..
Dominick Hasek. farking bastard had to go to Detroit...

The Dominator!

Fedorov is still my fave, though. His stats so far kick ass.
2001-12-27 12:10:22 AM  
Okay, not to double post (as I double post) but is anyone else getting the UNCF banner at the top? The kid who wants to be a dentist kids love going to? That picture creeps me out..
2001-12-27 12:55:07 AM  
Gee, you sports guys were way too easy for trolling but that was part of the point. Look at how upset and pissed off you got over nothing. No, I don't care for sports because I don't understand the appeal. (And what was that "What's the frequency Kenneth" thing? Although I know what a PDA and linux is because I work with computer geeks but what is/are simpsons and everquest?) The rest of the point was that the average people around you are far more impressive than sports figures if you'd just look at who they are and not what they do.
2001-12-27 1:25:24 AM  
Walkman, keep in mind that you're the one who took the time and effort to post your comment. I could honestly care less what you do or have done with your life. I'm too busy living my own to bother people because of the way they choose to spend their free time.

Besides, didn't you say something about *others* having too much time on their hands?

<ring, ring>

K: Hello?
P: Hey, this is Pot.
K: Why Pot, it's been ages since we last spoke.
P: Yes Kettle, it's been a while.
K: So what's new in your life?
P: Oh, nothing much. I was just calling to let you know that you're black.
2001-12-27 3:44:39 AM  
Besides, none of us are actually ignorant enough to believe you have no idea what the Simpsons are. You went a little overboard in your whole 'I choose to ignore pop culture' argument.
2001-12-27 10:48:22 AM  
The sports trolling was because I was a little bored yesterday at work. As for The Simpsons, I know what it is only because I've heard people talking about it but have never seen it. The way it was tossed in with the other things and in lower case made me think it must be something to do with computers and I only use a computer and electronic stuff at work. As a rule I don't watch TV unless something big happens like 9/11. Otherwise I shovel horseshiat and work outside. Freetime is riding horses or hiking/backpacking with my dogs. Vacations are multiday backpacking trips without even a watch. In other words I'm mostly ignorant of the modern world and like it that way.
2001-12-27 12:43:15 PM  
Correction. I'm mostly ignorant of those things that have no real bearing on me like pop stars, TV in general, sports, movie stars. I do try and keep up with what the government is doing, the current terrorism scare and what affects my job but very little else.

StD? Sure I was trolling but I caught you... ;-)
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